CkeyiN Men’s Electric Hair Clipper Review

Review of CkeyiN Professional Digital Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Electric Hair Clipper Men’sA hair clipper is considered a modern device that can tidy up hair at home. In this review, I will try to take a closer look at the men’s electric hair clipper from the CkeyiN company.

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Professional Digital Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Electric Hair Clipper Men’s Cordless Haircut Adjustable Ceramic Blade RFC-688B 49

Brand name CkeyiN
Power 3 watts
Battery life 60 minutes
Maximum length of a haircut 28 mm
Number of attachments included 6 items
The size 18 x 4.5 x 4.5 centimeters
The weight 378 gram
Complete set

The hair clipper is delivered in a rather fragile cardboard package. Unfortunately, it was slightly crumpled, but the main thing is that the contents were not damaged. On the front side you can see the image of the machine itself, some technical characteristics and the brand name.

And on all other sides, that is, on the left, right and on the back side, there are technical characteristics of the device, what is included in the package with the machine and also a description (a kind of instruction).

By the way, what about the bundle? She is here, as it seemed to me quite solid. In addition to the machine itself, you can see in the box:

  • instructions;
  • plastic stand;
  • 7 attachments;
  • power cable;
  • mini brush;
  • hairbrush (which is not in the photo);

In general, the equipment is rich and there is everything you need for operation. It’s a pity, of course, that the box was damaged during transportation.


To begin with, the machine is sold in only one color scheme. Outwardly, this hair machine looks solid. It is pleasant to the touch and has a slight vibration during operation. On the front side there are: the brand name, adjustment (multi-stage), a button and also a display.

The digital display shows the length of the cut and the remaining battery level. It’s very cool and most importantly without any wires. According to the manufacturers, the case and adapter are not waterproof, so be careful. Don’t forget this. The attachments can be removed and washed. But after washing, let them dry before next use. By the way, at first, for some reason, I didn’t manage to quickly change the attachments, but over time you get used to it.

On the reverse side are the technical characteristics of the device. The body of the machine is made of ABS plastic and the steel used in the machine is stainless.

As mentioned above, there are only 7 nozzles in the complete set: (4-6 mm / 7-9 mm / 10-12 mm / 16-18 mm / 22-24 mm / 28-30 mm). Using the multi-step button on the front of the machine, you can adjust:


The car originally came to me charged. We tested it on the same day. How does she cut her hair? It cuts softly enough, leaving no shade. With the help of a large number of attachments and plus adjustment of the knives, you can achieve the desired result. What about the sound? Directly silent is difficult to call, but it surely works quietly. Personally, the sound did not annoy me in any way. The only thing that raises concern is that one of the knives is plastic.

With a normal haircut, the blades do not heat up, but if the haircut is delayed in time, get ready for a fearless heating, this is normal. Is she tugging at her hair? No, I checked it on my leg, it just cuts. The machine stands confidently on the stand. The stand itself is made entirely of plastic.

The connector is located on the bottom of the case. The manufacturer claims that the machine takes 90 minutes to charge, but I charge it faster, in about an hour. Base measures: 6.5 x 7.3 centimeters (L x H).


I was pleased with the purchase. The main thing is that the machine copes with its task and I will hope that it will live for a very long time. For example, my previous hair clipper was able to live for over five years. You can recommend for purchase, as it has an optimal ratio of price and quality / functionality

I hope you enjoyed this review and made your own conclusion. Thank you for your attention!

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