BlitzWolf Wireless Doorbell Review: Battery-Free

BlitzWolf is new again! The gadget is simple, but useful in the house. Today we will talk about a wireless call with volume control, a set of melodies and a wireless button that works without batteries. This version of the call makes life much easier, because you do not need wires, the batteries will never run out, will not freeze, and the receiver can be plugged into any outlet in the home and select the melody you like with the desired volume.

Practice has shown that the topic of wireless calls is of great interest, and the operation of a couple of pieces from other manufacturers for a long time did not reveal any negative aspects. Now BlitzWolf has such a product, which I propose to get acquainted with.

For starters, the characteristics:

Brand / Model: Blitzwolf BW-DB1

Receiver supply voltage: AC 100V ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz. Euro plug.

Power supply of the transmitter button: internal oscillator on a piezoelectric element

Communication type: wireless at 433 MHz

Volume levels: 4

Number of melodies: 38

Max. Number of buttons: 10

Max. Distance: 30m indoor, 100m outdoor

Protection level: IP54

Transmitter size 46 * 21 * 75mm

Receiver size 54 * 28 * 86mm

Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃


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The buyer receives a rather voluminous box made of thick cardboard, decorated in the BlitzWolf corporate style, with an indication of the product model.

On the reverse side is a brief specification.

Opening the package, it becomes clear why the box is quite large – the transmitter button and the receiver bell are fixed in a cardboard insert, which practically excludes the breakage of the receiver plug. The front sides of the button and the receiver are protected from abrasion with a transport film. There we also find a warranty card and instructions in several languages.

It would seem that it is a simple call, an ordinary thing, but the designers put their hand and rounded the edges of the cases, they received neat and rather attractive devices. Neither the button nor the bell will definitely look foreign at the door and in the socket in the apartment.

The front panels of the button and the bell are glossy, the back ones are matte. On the front side of the button, the name of the manufacturer is indicated, and the icon with a bell and the inscription Ring indicates where to press to see the owners.

Side view.

The button is attached to the wall, door, gate, etc. using double-sided tape and installation should not cause problems.

As you can see, there are no battery compartments. Hidden inside is a mechanism based on a piezoelectric element. We press the button until it clicks, the impulse skips, is converted into a potential sufficient for the transmitter to work, and the digital, personal code of the button is broadcast on the air. Conversations about the fact that if a neighbor has the same call, then when they call you, and the neighbors leave, are not wealthy. Such calls are a long time ago, the digital era is in the yard.

By pressing the button, the guest will not only feel the click of the button, but will also see the LED inside it for a moment light up. That is, not just the button clicked, but definitely worked and will not ring. The camera does not have time to catch this moment, but below in the video, the glow of the LED is clearly visible.

The protection of the button is declared at the level of IP54, i.e. from dust and splashes from any direction. Unfortunately, the button cannot be disassembled without damage, but the integral shape of the lower part of the case gives reason to hope for the presence of a silicone membrane under the button button. In order to play it safe, you can fix the button under a canopy, visor, make it out of a plastic bottle, or buy civilized protection. For example, this or that.

Now the indoor unit.

The receiver is made in the same form factor, but slightly larger, with a glossy front panel. There is only an icon with a bell, which will prompt anyone to think that this is a bell.

The receiver has a European plug, and there are two buttons on the side. They are designated as plus and minus, but this is not a volume control. The volume here is regulated by the lower button – with a minus, and the upper – with a plus, the desired melody is selected. Yes, such an algorithm, but it doesn’t bother you as you don’t have to use them many times every day.

The volume changes in steps and has four levels from 25 to 85 dB. At minimum volume, the call will not scare you at night, but at maximum volume and during daytime sounds it will draw attention to itself. There is also a silent mode. To do this, hold down both buttons on the receiver for 8 (eight) seconds. After the third second, the white LED of the receiver will start blinking, but you need to hold it for another five seconds and the receiver will go into silent mode – when you press the button, the white LED will only blink. Exit silent mode by pressing any button on the receiver. Well, or you can just unplug the receiver and get the same silent mode).

The melody is selected sequentially. Which one you stopped at, that one will be played when you press the bell button. Melodies are very different, from Big Ben to “London Nights”, etc. etc. In general, there is a choice and they even sound decent, without the wheeze of a small speaker and bounce of the body plastic.

On the back, matte side of the case, there are brief characteristics, certificates and a speaker grill.

For better understanding, illustration with dimensions.

There is no need to perform any manipulations on connection, pairing of a call and a button. Simply plug the receiver into a power outlet and install the button where required. When you press the button, the receiver is also illuminated by an LED, only now it is white and it glows all the time while the melody is playing, i.e. there is also a visual alert.

The memory of the receiver is non-volatile, it is not afraid of power outages. Both the volume level and the selected melody will be the same after turning on the electricity, which is a big plus. This applies to the mode with sound, the silent mode is reset in case of a power outage. The melody and volume level return to the state before the silent mode was activated.

You can bind ten buttons to the receiver. Unfortunately, I haven’t found my relatives anywhere, but perhaps another manufacturer, operating at 433 MHz, will do. To bind the next button, you need to hold down both buttons of the receiver for three seconds. Its white LED will start blinking and then you need to press the call button. All button is anchored.

To unbind all buttons, press both receiver buttons for ten seconds. If you are tired of some kind of melody, but you don’t want to flip through in a row, then you can hold down the volume button (with a minus) for a few seconds and the first melody will be installed.

In the short one you can see the operation of the button, the receiver, the choice of melody and the volume setting.

The power consumption of the receiver is hardly worth taking seriously – in standby mode, my wattmeter did not even record energy consumption (i.e. there is consumption, but at a level of less than 0.1 W) and only 0.2 W when receiving a signal from the button.

Checked the range in open areas and at the entrance. In the first case, it turned out to be about 102 meters, which is even a little more than the declared hundred – the call can be safely used not only in apartments, but also in private houses, where there are decent distances from the house to the gate. In a panel high-rise building, the bell button continues to be friends through six floors. Those. the result is more than good.

Well, well, in the final we have a wireless device with honestly declared characteristics. BlitzWolf keeps its brand as usual. The call is simple and easy to use, it will not spoil the interior, together with the silent mode it has, it can be considered, has five volume levels, provides the opportunity to choose the melody you like, bind at least a dozen buttons, works confidently at the declared range and does it without wires or batteries.

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