Review Blitzwolf BW-LT9: Light Smart Alarm Clock

Today I have in my hands a light smart alarm clock with imitation of dawn from Blitzwolf, which produces sufficiently high-quality gadgets and is trying to compete with the well-known company Xiaomi. This alarm clock will help you wake up calmly in the morning, simulating dawn: smoothly adding backlight before turning on the sound signal. This is especially true on dark winter nights and mornings, when, waking up, the body doesn’t understand whether it is day now or night. Do you remember how hard it is to wake up in winter? But the difference between a light summer awakening and a heavy winter one is in the sunlight, under the influence of which the hormone melatonin, which is responsible for sound sleep, is destroyed in the body of a sleeping person. The less sleep hormone your body has when the alarm rings, the easier it is to wake up and start the day.

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BlitzWolf BW-LT9 Touch Switch Color Night Light 4000K Color Temperature 85 Lumens 240 Degree Lighting Angle Lamp


  • Dawn simulation for 30 minutes.
  • Simulating a sunset will help you fall asleep.
  • You can set 10 melodies with sounds of nature for the wake-up melody to choose from.
  • Serves as a regular night light or a lamp with a choice of color and brightness.
  • RGB smooth color lighting to suit your mood.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery in case of power outage or disconnection from the network (clock settings are not lost when disconnected from the network).
  • Touch screen
  • Built-in sensor to turn off the alarm when you slap the body of the device
  • Luminescence intensity 200lm
  • Powered by USB DC5V


The alarm clock comes with a cable for connecting to any devices with USB connectors and instructions.

The gadget has an interesting shell-shaped design, is powered from the mains and can work as a decorative lamp with or without illumination. Setting the alarm is done using the touch screen:

  • The first button with notes allows you to select a melody for the alarm clock (there are 10 of them).
  • The second bell button enables / disables the alarm (hours and minutes are set using the H and M buttons). To turn off the alarm, press and hold the bell button.
  • The third button with a dial is the direct setting of the current time.
  • The fourth button with a “crescent moon” is a mode of simulating a sunset or falling asleep (you can select three modes with audio and silent).

There are only two buttons left: “half-lit moon” and “sun”. By pressing these buttons, you can select the tone and brightness of the backlight. When you hold down the “sun”, you can turn off the backlight completely.

To choose the most spectacular version of RGB lighting, you should hold down the “round half-lit moon” button, or whatever you call it … In this case, the alarm clock will smoothly sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow.

By the way, you can make it glow in any chosen color if you briefly press the “moon” button again during the transfusion.

In the morning, the smart alarm clock starts to gradually increase the backlight, simulating dawn 30 minutes before the alarm sound. The device “creates dawn” in your room, when the backlight gradually flares up brighter and brighter. During this time, melatonin in the body is gradually destroyed, so it will be more pleasant and easier to wake up.

After turning on the alarm clock, you can slap your palm on the body of the alarm clock and it will turn off for 9 minutes (during this time you can take a nap and wake up completely). After 9 minutes, the alarm will repeat.

The sensitivity of the sensor to cotton on the body is good. The alarm clock has one speaker, the sound is of high quality, but not the strongest in terms of volume, therefore, if you have a deep sleep, the alarm clock should be placed closer to the bed or get a second control alarm clock with a loud sound.

I was pleased with the device, such an alarm clock would work for a gift, and I liked using it myself. Modern design, good functionality and smooth RGB backlighting pleasing to the eye – all this is attributed to the advantages of the device. The built-in battery, thanks to which the time settings do not go astray when disconnected from the network, is also a plus.

The disadvantages include the lack of power supply from batteries / accumulators, the inability to set your own ringtone (mp3, for example) and the presence of only one alarm clock.

Well, that’s all, friends, thank you for your attention and happy shopping on the Internet to everyone!

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