BlitzWolf BW-HL3 Review Smart Watch

Hello! All models of the HL line have passed through my hands, so I can say with confidence that the third version turned out to be the most successful. Normal font, good autonomy, notifications from any installed applications, not just a handful of favorites, and they look good — anodized aluminum case, silicone strap with leather inserts, there are many skins for the main screen

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Brand : BlitzWolf
Model : BW-HL3
Color : Black Leather, Brown Leather, Gray Silicone
Bluetooth Version : BT 5.0
OS Compatibility : Android 4.4 or later, iOS 8.0 or later
Controls : Touchscreen
Synchronization App: GloryFit
Supported Interface Languages : Chinese , English, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Arabic, Czech, Greek, Persian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Finnish, Swedish
Moisture protection : IP68
Heart rate monitoring : Yes
Pressure monitoring : Yes
Blood oxygen saturation monitoringYes
Sleep Monitoring : Yes
Sport modes : Walking, running, cycling, climbing, basketball, swimming
Pedometer : Yes
Goal Setting : Yes
Notice of calls and messages : Yes
Reset the call : Yes
App notifications : Yes
Alert type : Vibration
mode does not disturb : Supported
Gesture control: Supported
Timer : Yes
Brightness setting : Yes
Alarm clock : Yes
Additional features : Camera control, Phone search, Bracelet search
Sensors: Gyroscope, Heart rate sensor
Screen size : 1.3 inches
Type : IPS
Resolution : 240×240 pixels
Battery capacity : 180mAh
Standby mode : about 20 days
Active use time : 7–10 days
Charging time : about 2 hours
Charging connector : Magnetic Strap
material : Silicone / Leather
Weight : 50g

Unboxing and appearance

Classic white-green box in a film

On the reverse side, brief characteristics

The watch is in the upper soft bed

In addition to them, the kit includes only instructions and a magnetic cord for charging

Let’s immediately compare the HL3 (right) with the previous model HL2 (left), they are similar in appearance and materials

But the HL3 is a bit larger, so people with thin hands may not fit, the bezel (fixed) also protrudes a little more, thereby protecting the screen from scratches

There are more sensors, added one more emitter below and an additional optical sensor at the top. When you remove the watch from your hand, monitoring of indicators stops, only notifications work, which saves battery power for people who take off accessories at night

The margin of brightness of the screen is the same as in the previous model. It fades in direct sunlight, in other cases the values ​​are quite readable, the pixels are not striking

Saturated colors


The animation of the dial is adequate, I did not notice the friezes

Swipes to the right / left brings up the main menu with statistics, modes, settings, etc.

Swipe down to open the shortcut menu. You can enable phone search, change brightness, view device information and go to settings

Swipe up brings up the notification window

The font is ok, but the hyphenation is lame


Everything is familiar here, in the first tab there are statistics

In the second sports modes with map, alerts and track building

In the third tab, the bracelet settings. There are not many skins, but there are plenty to choose from

Heart rate monitoring is strange, you can either turn it off or turn it on continuously. In reality, the LEDs are constantly blinking. Either it was conceived so that you can always see the rhythm by turning your wrist, or something was tricky with the code. I liked that you can turn on notifications from any installed application

For some reason, SMS notifications have been moved to additional settings. The update seems to come only once after unpacking, then updates were released only for the program.

Well, the last tab allows you to adjust the profile. Synchronization is only with Wechat, for some reason they decided not to screw GoogleFit, although everyone and sundry do it.


It claims about 20 days of work from a single charge. And with the heart rate monitor turned off, the watch really lives for 20 days, in my case 22. Charged on October 23, sat down on November 13, while they functioned as before, but the vibration disappeared during notifications

With constantly turned on heart rate monitoring, they lasted exactly 10 days (a dot means there is data)

During charging, the tester counted 206mAh capacity

“Inner world”

The cover is secured with four screws. The rubber O-ring does its job well, no traces of water were found despite the fact that I took a shower in them for more than a month and often washed my hands

Here is a little closer to anyone who is interested in marking. The battery is between the display and the board


+ Good appearance, the declared moisture protection corresponds. During the test, I did not take it off my hand, I did not go to the pool, but I took a shower every day and often washed my hands

+ Good autonomy: 10 days with heart rate monitoring and 20 days without it

+ Adequate font in menus and notifications, you can choose any application to display alerts

+ Communication is stable, during the test there were no missed notifications if the phone was not very far

– Not enough player controls

– Quite massive, so they are not suitable for women and people with thin hands

  • Curves of hyphenation, both in notifications and occasionally in the menu
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