Baseus WM01 Plus Wireless Headphones Review

The new budget king? Baseus WM01 Plus Wireless Headphones Review & Testing 2022. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the best budget wireless headphones I’ve listened to. And yes, let’s say Haylou — goodbye. Really, very cheap and cool, both technically and in terms of sound. But there are a couple of serious shortcomings — be careful. And we start.

Specifications: Bluetooth: v5
Codec: SBC
Driver: dynamic
Frequency range: 20 Hz — 20 kHz
Working hours: 5 hours (up to 50 with a case)
Earphone capacity: 40mAh
Case capacity: 800mAh
Earphone weight: 4.2g
Case weight: 53 g

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The packaging of the headphones inspires respect. As if they cost not $ 20, but all $ 80.

On the back there are detailed specifications in Chinese and English.

Everything inside is done in the best traditions of quality design. The top curtain is an envelope with documentation and some pretty funny stickers. A trifle, but nice.

In a separate compartment there is a box and a box with accessories. In the role of which is a set of silicone ear pads, a rather long Type C cable and a straight test bag for carrying. Which I immediately wanted to use to wipe the screen and all different optics. I don’t know, he made such an impression on me.

Design / Ergonomics

The box is medium in size, fits well in the hand. So it will easily fit into any side pocket of jeans. It is made of soft-touch matte plastic and also looks far from 20 dollars.

From the functionality, we have an LED on the front and a Type C port on the back.

Well, inside the case is just fire. Naturally, we press the button and we get the current charge in percent directly on the display. But that was not what struck me. When we put each of the headphones in the case, it separately shows its charge and the remaining operating time in hours. That is, it is immediately clear what we have with the charge. I have not seen anything like this and I think I will not see it in models of this price category.

The cups are attached to magnets and connected via three terminals.

From the inside we see one compensation hole for a dynamic emitter, and from the outside — a large sensor area, an LED and another hole. Perhaps under a microphone. You can judge the quality of the latter yourself — I will insert an excerpt into the video version of the review.

On the side, you can see two rubberized gray inserts. I didn’t catch their meaning. Probably some design features.

The sound guide is long enough, with a rim for ear cushions and a protective fabric mesh. Under which, by the way, the same dynamic driver is visible. The size of which, by the way, was not told to us.

The fit at the ears is amazing. At first I thought that such babies would not sit in my ear, but no — it’s very convenient and comfortable. Soundproofing is also at a decent level. The model works up to 5 hours at 70% volume, which, taking into account the case, turns into as much as 50 hours of music.

But, in reality, not everything is so great. My main complaint about the headphones is that the sensory layer is in fact located on the inside of the ear and it is convenient to tap on it twice to pause — it just doesn’t work. I’m not talking about clamping to switch tracks. With this, of course, lost.

The second miscalculation is the only SBC-supported codec. Consequently, for most modern devices, detailing, elaboration and everything connected with it — they smile and wave a pen at you.

Well, I finished off the fact that the headphones constantly stutter. It turned out to be impossible to carry the phone in the right pocket. On the left, everything is fine. You can’t leave the device either. But what is there, turns on the chair can give a short-term failure. The signal quality, in my case, is no good. However, I read reviews on aliexpress and did not find any indication of similar problems. So maybe I was just “lucky.” Resetting to the factory settings did not help. By the way, to reset, you need to remove the headphones from the case and while one of them is blinking white quickly, tap it three times. After that, reinstall it in the case, close-open and you can use it.


In terms of measurements, everything is at a fairly high level: a good fast impulse, THD distortions up to 2% inclusive and, surprisingly, absolutely pure waterfall. Here even for me there was a surprise. And if we compare these values ​​of Haylou GT1 Plus with AptX, it turns out that we have better momentum, distortion, and even a waterfall. That is, Baseus wins in all respects.

The frequency response curve is also noticeably more interesting, here we have a rise, not a dip in the intelligibility area, which makes the sound open and rich.


Despite the rise in bass by 10 dB, there is no booming and booming sound here. The middle was prepared classically — with a slight deflection of 5 dB. This means that acoustic instruments will open naturally and pleasantly to the ear. What contributes to the depth and expressiveness of low frequencies, as well as properly worked highs. Without a strong accent, but with emphasis on pseudo detail.

Such a palette will sound good, and in almost any style. You can listen to rock, metal, jazz or electronics. The stage was not touched either — everything was within the normal range. The only disappointing thing is the elaboration and intelligibility, but that is the fault of the codec. The situation was partially corrected, of course, with an emphasis on 10 dB, but an attentive listener can easily recognize the substitution. Or doesn’t it? Write in the comments.


As a result, Baseus WM01 Plus is really a very worthy choice for $20: packaging, kit — everything is on top. Case is just “head off”. I was especially hooked by the indication of how long each ear will work. This information is critically important to me. Of the minuses — a rather average quality of communication, exactly the same microphone, SBC codec and inconveniences associated with the use of the sensor part. There are no questions about the sound of the model: deep, juicy, with a normal middle and comfortable high frequencies. In terms of sound, Haylou GT1 and GT2 are finally beaten. Even taking into account the codecs available there. Well, we have a new budget king.

That’s all, happy shopping! 

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