Aliexpress USB Hand Warmer Review 2022

Aliexpress USB Hand Warmer Review 2022 — Warm, Cute, Inexpensive + Camping Light Mode

I decided to give my mother a hand warmer on NG (she often has to be outdoors for work). Compact, with a deluxe look and built-in battery. A search for “hand warmer” showed that the most popular hand warmer on aliexpress is made by Baseus, a well-known manufacturer. In general, I ordered it. I tested it. I tell my impressions.

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Packaging and appearance

The packaging is quite decent in design and overall performance. The printing is good too. Baseus is far from an ordinary brand, so they managed to bungle a decent gift box.

For a gift, it will do quite well, there is no feeling of cheapness.

By the way, they sent a roll of Velcro to the pile. I didn’t see any connection with the use of a heating pad, but I’m still happy with such a supplement.

Inside there is a foam pad, in which a hole is cut along the contour of the heating pad, the heating pad itself, and a pink envelope with waste paper. Oh yes. another short flat micro-usb.

This rechargeable heater itself would look no better than the mass of other outbred brethren. Someone from Baseus designers came up with a smart move — to trim it around the perimeter with a silicone bumper, from which horns stick out on one side, and on the other a tail with an eyelet for a finger. And such a tiny appendage completely transformed the heating pad.

One side of the case is entirely occupied by a translucent panel, under which are hidden 16 LEDs for the camping light and blue for indicating the operation in the heating pad mode and 9 pieces of the usual ones for the camping lamp mode.

There is a heating element under the opposite side of this “elk”.

Charging connector from one side. Not covered by anything and this is a jamb. But the charging current is unexpectedly beyond praise, 1.7A and a full charge will take only one hour.

And 2 control buttons on the other. It is extremely simple.

Long press on the button with the sun turns on / off the heating.

A short press on the moon button turns on / off the lamp mode, a long press activates a stepless brightness adjustment. I found this part of the functionality unexpected and pleasant.

That’s all. There are no creaks, backlashes and gaps, the body keeps pushing to the hands from the side of the heater and, with some effort, pushes from the side of the camping light (which is more likely a plus — it will not crack when dropped).

How the usb heater heats up.

The capacity is frankly ridiculous, only 1800mah. But charging takes a little time. In more capacious models, by the way, the power bank function is also implemented.

Heating is promised at 50 degrees and they do not lie, even, it seems like there is 2 degrees more. And, I will say as it is — it heats very well and noticeably, reaching the nominal temperature from room 25 degrees in about 3–4 minutes. The temperature is just right. A big one would hit the comfort and working time. And 50 degrees can be safely held with bare hands. In large models, by the way, there is usually a temperature control in the form of a simple choice of three levels. And this usb heater gives a full 2 ​​hours of continuous work. This, in theory, is quite enough for some kind of long evening walk, you can warm your hands non-stop. To be clear, I was expecting something with a much shorter runtime.

There is still some use from the device even after it is no longer able to produce sufficient current for heating. It is enough to start a camping lamp. Since the brightness is not stabilized, then, of course, already at some far from the maximum level.

Well, since I really love camping lamps (by the way, if you are looking for something of them, most of them got into my reviews and I really use them, so the list is not unfounded), then this part of the functionality is also very interesting to me. True, in this case, the interest is rather theoretical, if the heating pad is sent to the mother.


The light can be as dim as a night light or bright enough for full use as a camping light. Let me remind you that there is a smooth brightness control, which is really cool!

The color temperature is unexpectedly cozy and warm. And this is a very, very rare case. If we take this heater specifically with the aim of working in the lamp mode, then I would cut off all the silicone knobs, glued the magnet to the side opposite to the lamp, and made a simple suspension over it (a piece of cable and a couple of drops of glue).

Here is the run time at maximum brightness. I did not measure the minimum, here, it seems, we are talking about a very good duration. Yes, as expected, there is no complete stabilization, but the graph is quite decent, it looks like something like a simple flashlight on a linear driver. 8 hours before the brightness drops by a third and 15 hours before the brightness drops to half — this is really good for a device in which light is just a nice addition to the main functionality

If you highlight something like a gazebo, then it will be dim for playing cards, but you can create a cozy twilight, suitable for evening gatherings. Well, so the level of illumination will be simply regulated by the approach and removal of the lamp.

General impression

The test of this rechargeable heating pad with Aliexpress showed that as a female model she is wealthy in everything. It has an attractive and cute design, compactness, excellent heating temperature, fast charging with high current and an optional, but pleasant and functional side light.

The price tag is also quite affordable, which, coupled with a good appearance, makes this heating pad an inexpensive and practical gift.

The only drawback for me is the small size of the battery. Yes, this is partly offset by fast charging, but for very long-term outdoor use this will be the most practical option. If we are talking about an ordinary walk, then these two hours are enough for the eyes.

Well, if you periodically turn it on when your hands freeze, then I do not foresee any problems. The heating pad heats up quickly enough and in five minutes from turning on the hand can be warmed up. If you use the heater for 10 minutes after 20 minutes, the charge will last for 6 hours. Well, or as an option, on the contrary — 20 minutes of heating after 10 off. This will add an extra hour to the usual two in continuous use. And if there is an opportunity to go somewhere to warm up and put the heater on charge, then this generally removes the issues of autonomy.

Yes, alas — neither the heater nor the camping lamp are powered by external power.

In general, the thing is good. The mother was satisfied — the gift was in the subject. Technically, if you strip off all the pink tinsel, it will work for a man as well. But here I would choose just a version in a different light or a completely faceless but significantly more capacious noname model with good reviews, so that it would be enough, conditionally, for a full work shift in the cold.

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