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Review of Baseus rechargeable magnetic night light with IR motion and light sensor 2022. Today I have a small review of a small little thing that helps children not to be afraid of the dark, adults quickly find slippers by the bed and in general it is easy for everyone to navigate the room at night. This is a Baseus night light, which is battery operated and only turns on at night and reacts only to human movement.

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The manufacturer has two models of this night light – DGSUN-RA02 and DGSUN-RB02. They differ only in the glow temperature. The DGSUN-RA02 has 4000 K, i.e. natural light, DGSUN-RB02 has 6500 K or white light, as you like. I settled on the second model, with white light, but the characteristics are true for both models:

Brand / Model: Baseus DGSUN-RA02 / DGSUN-RB02

Purpose of product: Night light with motion sensor Baseus Sunshine lnduction series

Power: 0.5W

Working temperature: – 10 ° ℃ ~ + 40 ° C

Battery capacity: 500mAh

Color temperature: 4000K / 6500K

Color rendering index Ra: more than 80

Continuous care time: 4 hours or more

Operating time with five operations per day: 4 months or more

Size: 108 * 60 * 22mm

Product weight: 85g

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The buyer receives a small box made of thick cardboard with full information about the product and a transparent plastic lid through which the night light is visible. By the way, on the lid it is stated that the night light has become the winner of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award, which is not surprising how much Baseus attaches great importance to the design of its products.

In addition to the night light itself, the kit includes instructions, a warranty card, a USB-A to Type-C charging cable, a platform with a metal insert, and a spare plate of double-sided tape.

Since a magnet is hidden in the body of the device, the night light can be fixed either directly to a metal surface or first attached to a wall, ceiling, etc. plastic platform 8 * 3.4 cm with a metal insert. It is made neatly and cannot spoil the interior in any way, but is attached to the wall with double-sided tape. In addition, the set includes a spare plate and the platform can always be moved to another place.

Apparently, when creating a night light, the emphasis was on so that it does not spoil the interior of the home and does not look foreign – such a small, neat remnant (without sarcasm and not in an abusive sense) with the Baseus inscription at the top and the sensor peephole at the bottom. There are two sensors here – one monitors the ambient light and turns on the LEDs only in the dark, the second, the RIP sensor reacts to the heat of the human body and turns on the lighting only when a person enters the security zone of the sensor.

On the back side of the case there is a switch for operating modes of the device, a connector for charging a battery for a night light, characteristics and a light filter around the perimeter.

Indeed, the gadget is not larger than a bar of soap, but thinner – only 2.2 cm, which greatly reduces the chances of accidentally brushing it off the wall.

The magnet is not super strong, but it holds the device quite confidently and does not allow it to slide off the metal surface.

The switch on the back of the case has three positions: On, Off and Auto. In the first position, sixteen LEDs of the night light are constantly lit, and in the third, the electronics of the night light is already monitoring the level of illumination around and the warmth of a person in the security zone. As soon as in the dark, at dusk, someone enters it, the light immediately comes on.

I placed a night light on the refrigerator door. No, not to make it easier to find it at night), but in order not to flip a switch in the silence of the night and designate the space from a distance of five meters.

In my opinion, the body of the device is designed well – its front part is not transparent, the light spreads through a light filter on the back side and does not hit the eyes, but illuminates the space around it.

The PIR sensor of the night light reacts confidently to human heat at a distance of five meters, but ignores the cat. If you cross the security zone once, and its angle is 130 degrees, then the light will be on for twenty seconds. The gadget will behave in the same way if it freezes in the security zone. But if you make even small movements, then the light will not turn off.

How bright is the night light in reality? So much so that you don’t wake anyone up (if you place them at the base of the bed) and walk around the apartment at night without fail, take a cup, etc. Night light, there is a night light. Its task is to designate the space and Baseus DGSUN-RB02 copes with it perfectly.

In continuous operation mode, the battery of the night light is able to provide a constant glow of the LEDs for almost fourteen hours !!! The specifications indicate “four hours or more.” Both are true as the first four hours the night light shines with maximum brightness, then it starts to decrease. It takes about 4 hours to charge and the case is highlighted in orange, and at the end of the process in green.

In automatic mode with multiple switch-ons, the device works for more than a month and has not yet had to be charged, so the declared four months with five switch-ons per day is quite an achievable result.

I did not find any cons of the device. The night light copes with its tasks perfectly, gently marking the space and helping to navigate the room at night. Surely it will be convenient for parents with small children and the children themselves, as well as the elderly. The gadget does not require constant attention, it can be fixed on almost any surface and can be easily removed from it, serving as a kind of flashlight when the power is turned off. In addition, it has a battery that is capacious for its tasks and a long operating time without recharging.

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