Baseus Night Light LED Touch Sensor Review

Dimmable night light. Little home moon 2022. In this review, we will talk about another interesting rechargeable lamp from Baseus, with several operating modes and a smooth change in brightness with the touch of a hand. Model DGYB-A02.

I didn’t think of moonlight, it’s written on the box: Moon-white series 🙂

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Review of Baseus Moon-White Series Stepless Dimming Portable Lamp 2022

The package includes: lamp, charging dock, cable and instructions:


  • Model: DGYB-A02
  • Material: plastic, silicone
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Power: 3W
  • Battery capacity: 1800mAh
  • Working time on one charge: up to 30 hours
  • Color temperature modes: 3 (3000K-4000K-5000K)

The device has a very nice design with smooth rounded shapes, looks like a small moon. The design has a convenient carrying handle (which can be detached):

The upper part of the luminaire is made of translucent plastic with a very pleasant soft-touch coating:

At the bottom, in the center, there is a contact pad for connecting to a charging platform and a charging port. An arrow with locks indicates which direction you need to turn to remove or secure the carry handle:

The lower part has an anti-slip coating:

Modern Type-C connector:

Dock platform (saucer-like) with a ledge and three pins:

Below we can read brief characteristics:

The platform also has a charging port located on the side:

Device dimensions:

The charging cable is long enough – 105cm:

The weight of the night light is about 260 grams:

The lamp turns on (if it is charged) by double touching the upper part of the case with your hand:

The night light smoothly lights up in the mode and brightness in which it was turned off the previous time:

The color temperature is switched by touching the letter M on the bottom of the case. Modes with each touch are switched sequentially:

It looks like this: 3000-4000-5000K:

If you put your hand on the upper part and hold it for a couple of seconds, then the brightness will begin to increase to a maximum, if you raise it and put it down and hold it again, it will start to decrease to a minimum. Maximum and minimum in the photo below:

Here are the maximum and minimum in the interior. The adjustment is smooth, the light in any mode is very soft and diffused, you can choose a brightness that is convenient for yourself, which the lamp “remembers”:

Another interesting feature of the lamp is that when it is turned off on a docking station that is connected to the network, if you pick it up, it will automatically turn on, i.e. you don’t even need to double tap. I just got up at night to drink, lifted the night light by the handle and the light turned on smoothly.

The night light works at a maximum for about 8 hours, and in a minimum mode for up to 30 hours. Charging is carried out with a current of about 0.8A for three hours. The battery corresponds to the declared 1800mAh:

In general, the Baseus lamp turned out to be very interesting both in appearance and in operating modes. Made with high quality, pleasant to hold in your hands. Now the updated model DGYB-02 is on sale, it has slightly changed the design compared to the overview one, added a brightness control knob, as well as two charging ports for gadgets on the docking station, which made it even more functional.

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