Baseus Night Light With Motion Sensor Review

I was here the other day doing a selection of lamps that are created to slightly illuminate the darkness of the night, but not cause discomfort with bright light. Today I decided to write a review for one of them. This lamp is interesting in that it is designed to glow with indirect light, which works most comfortably at night. I have had it for a long time, it works stably, recognizes day / night and has been proven to work on a person and a cat.

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Brand: Baseus

Name: Baseus Sunshine lnduction series entrance light

Material: ABS plastic + PC

Power: 0.5W

Working temperature: – 10 ° ℃ ~ + 40 ° C

Battery capacity: 500mAh

Color temperature: 400OK [естественный светильник]/ 6500K [белый светильник]

Size: 108 * 60 * 22mm

Product weight: 85g

Packaging and equipment

The lamp comes in a dense box, covered in front with a transparent thick filmThe main advantages of the product are painted on the side.Rear specifications and manufacturer dataAdvertising on the other side of the box informs us that a night light is not simple, and, depending on the lighting, understands when to light and when not.The set includes a magnetic pad, which is attached to the wall with 3M adhesive tape and serves to quickly fix the lamp. Convenient if you need to quickly remove and charge or take the light with you.There is a Chinese manual and a TypeC cable


The box contains the lamp itself and a platform with tape marked as 3MThe luminaire is made of matte white plastic, the manufacturer’s name is embossed at the top of the front sideOn the lower half of the front side there are motion and lighting sensorsOn the reverse side, we can see a light diffuser made of almost opaque Polycarbonate; the power parameters are immediately described. Glow information is also located here.

You can, by the way, choose the glow, but this is done 1 time at the stage of buying a lamp. That is, before buying, we choose what kind of light we want to see.

I personally chose a warm color

There is also a TypeC connector for charging and a mode switch. ON / OFF / AUTOThere are no complaints about the assembly, the halves are exactly brought together, there are no backlashes and crunchesThe dimensions of the luminaire are 108 * 60 * 22 mm. Here is a photo in hand for clarity. To install, tear off the 3M adhesive tape from the mounting platform and glue it to the place of permanent deploymentWell, we place the lamp itself. I personally liked the location that is guaranteed to light up the toilet and sink at night. In general, of course, the question of the location of the lamp is a purely individual matter.

The light is as comfortable as possible. The kids, when they decide to run off on a short trip from the nursery to the bathroom at night, do not squint, but all the necessary objects are highlighted.

As soon as we open the door and appear in the aisle, the lamp lights up

left viewon right

It is extremely rare to charge it, it works as steadily as possible. A huge bonus is that it is precisely indirect light, which means it does not cause discomfort in the dark. I recommend it for purchase. By the way, once he even fell from the hands of a child onto a tile, there is not a trace. The body is sturdy.

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