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Review of Baseus street light 2022: Motion Sensor, Battery, Solar Panel and Bright Light. Today we will have an review of a neat street lamp with a motion sensor that runs on a battery, and that one is charged from a solar panel. The lamp is compact, with an original design, sensitive sensor, bright light without blue stain, removable battery and waterproof case.

The convenience of such lamps is that they can be installed anywhere and they do not need an AC mains, they are completely autonomous and economical. Almost two years ago, I reviewed a similar lamp, and it is still alive, healthy, snow, rain, frost, heat, he doesn’t care. It works flawlessly, so such lamps are of great interest.


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So, today we have a lamp from Baseus and, for starters, the characteristics of the device:

Brand / Model: Baseus DGNEN – 01

Purpose: LED lamp with PIR sensor, solar panel and battery

Power: 1.2W

Detection angle: 120 degrees

Detection range: 8 meters

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Protection level: IPX5

Number of LEDs: 40

Glow time: 30 seconds

Installation height: 1.8 – 2.2 m

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Compact packaging informs about the content, introduces characteristics, and is quite suitable as a small presentation.

Already from the illustrations it becomes clear how the lamp will work, how to install it and what it can do.

Inside we find a plastic tray, a lamp in a bag, fasteners and an envelope with waste paper.

Having looked through the instructions and picking up the lamp, you can say that it will definitely not spoil the view of the facade of the house, the gadget is cute, neat with a design unusual for such lamps. It will strike your eyes unambiguously.

The front panel of the luminaire is made of transparent plexiglass (acrylic), through which forty LEDs are perfectly visible. In the center is a motion sensor or PIR – sensor. It is he who will give the command to turn on the lighting when a person appears in the security zone. Its viewing angle is 120 degrees, and the actuation distance is about 8 meters. Those. you can hang a lamp over the door of the house, it will be able to detect your approach from afar and turn on the lighting.

There is only one control button under the sensor. It has a rubber cap and a crisp click like a tact switch.

The side view is equally attractive and you can see the hinge with a hole for mounting on the wall.

Above there is a solar panel, from which the lamp battery is charged. Before using for the first time, it is recommended to charge the lamp under sunlight for three days. I just put it on the windowsill and didn’t turn it on for a couple of days. The weather can hardly be called sunny now, but nevertheless, the lamp immediately began to work normally. Those. there is no need to carry out any special procedures before operation, there is a minimum of hassle. In combination, the solar panel serves as a light sensor and during the day, even the most cloudy weather, will not turn on the lamp, saving battery power.

Turning the lamp with the back side, we see that a niche has been made in the body and there is not much left for the insides in the body, but there is enough space, and the characteristics and model of the device are indicated at the bottom of the niche.

The luminaire body is an isosceles triangle with a side slightly more than 11 cm and a depth of 8 cm in the upper part. On the whole, it turned out to be very attractive, interesting and unusual.

The lamp is turned on by pressing a single button. If you do this during the day, then the LED panel will not light up, and to make sure that the lamp is activated, you just need to close the solar panel with your palm. Well, if you activate it in the dark, it will light up immediately.

During the day, there is no indication of the lamp’s operation, but at night, when no one enters the security zone, a blue LED glows inside the lamp, in the area of ​​the sensor.

As soon as a person enters the security zone, parallel to the glow of the blue LED, a panel of white LEDs lights up, illuminating the space in front of the luminaire.

In complete darkness, everything looks even more interesting and can serve as a kind of beacon, setting the direction of movement.

As soon as a person leaves the security zone, a thirty-second countdown begins and the lamp goes out, preserving the battery charge. If you move in the security zone, the light will not go out.

Let’s take a look inside the device.

It is easy to understand – there are only three self-tapping screws that secure the front panel. Having removed the Fresnel lens from the sensor and the mask, we get to the board with LEDs and the sensor board on two self-tapping screws.

The lens extends beyond the front panel through the hole in it, and a silicone sealing ring is put on over the lens to prevent moisture from getting inside.

We turn off a couple of self-tapping screws on the sensor board and disassemble it further, noticing that the board with LEDs is made of getinax. However, LEDs are unlikely to be in danger of overheating, as the luminaire is designed for short-term illumination along the path of people, and not for constant work. Separately, it should be noted the presence of a holder for the battery. If there is a desire to install another, more capacious one, then there will be no problems with replacement, nothing needs to be soldered. This is a plus.

The battery of the widespread standard size 18650 with a capacity of 1200 mAh is installed here.

There are only a few elements on the underside of the sensor board, including an unmarked chip. Apparently, it is also responsible for the functions of a battery charge controller.

To prevent moisture from entering, an elastic seal is laid along the perimeter of the transparent cap.

Putting everything back and trying to light up the room. There is enough light to accurately identify even small objects. Natural light.

The spot of light is uniform, without light and dark areas.

Now let’s try the work of the luminaire on the street, fixing it at a height of 2.5 meters.

The lamp was fixed on the pillar of the vineyard at the home and directed to the exit from the yard. Now you can go into the yard in the evening without being afraid to stumble. The lamp illuminates the space well, the light is bright and natural.

Several weeks have passed since the installation of the luminaire. During this time, there were few sunny days, but the lamp works properly, illuminating a section of the path in the country with a length of about 7 meters. It works as soon as you open the gate from the street. Precipitation in no way affects the functioning, the device works properly. I did not find any minuses in the design, but the design, functionality, autonomy and the ability to install anywhere in the absence of an electrical network pleased me.

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