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Review Of Baseus I-wok Series DGIWK-A02 Table Lamp With Adjustable Color Temperature And Brightness 2022. Lighting the work area is quite necessary, and with the right light, you can significantly relieve the burden on vision. Today’s review will be devoted to the Baseus DGIWK-A02 table lamp, which makes it possible to adjust the brightness level and choose one of three color temperatures: 2700K, 3500K, 5000K. In addition to this, the lamp is not subject to flicker and the influence of the blue spectrum on the eyes.

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Factory packaging

The table lamp comes in a large cardboard box with nice printing. Can be considered as a gift.

Features of the lamp, its capabilities and technical characteristics are located on three sides. Basic performance characteristics:

  • main material: plastic
  • color temperature: 2700K, 3500K, 5000K
  • color rendering index: 80 Ra
  • luminous flux: 100 lm
  • power: 3.8W
  • consumption model: from USB
  • working time: up to 40 hours
  • brightness control: 3 modes
  • dimensions: 390 * 135mm

Standard equipment:

  • table lamp
  • charging cable
  • user manual


A table lamp is a rather necessary lighting device for frequent work in the dark, and Baseus tried to combine not only a laconic appearance, but also a wide functionality. Therefore, we have a laconic white lamp with a platform at the bottom and a shade at the top. The body is completely metal, except for the bottom platform.

A few words about the foundation. It is made in the form of a flat pancake with a thickening at the bottom. At the bottom there are rubberized inserts to reduce slipping, as well as a weight in the body for stability. The built-in 1800mAh battery should provide up to 40 hours of operation at minimum brightness, and a modern typeC connector is provided for charging it.
The governing body is unique, but a lot of functional. When held, there is a smooth change in brightness (from higher to lower and vice versa), while a single change in color temperature.

The plafond is made in the form of a tube. The width of the light emitted is limited by the depth of the outer skirt. The LEDs are hidden behind white matte acrylic (very similar to it). On the back there is a decorative element similar to a radiator.
A long tube serves as a leg, in which the lamp, control board and battery are switched.

Modes of operation

The Baseus DGIWK-A02 table lamp can be used in 3 available color temperatures: 2700K, 3500K, 5000K, and the dimming function allows you to choose a comfortable brightness level.

Let’s measure the brightness of a table lamp in each mode using a UNI-T UT383 lux meter (taking into account the minimum and maximum brightness):

  • 2700K – 44 and 374 Lux
  • 3500K – 47 and 428 Lux
  • 5000K – 49 and 414 Lux

The operating time was measured at maximum brightness for each of the glow modes. So:

  • 2700K – 3 hours 29 minutes
  • 3500K – 4 hours 20 minutes
  • 5000K – 3 hours 40 minutes

The manufacturer claims 4 hours at maximum mode, but does not specify which one. But even so, the results are quite close to the stated and even exceed it.

Comparison with Xiaomi Mijia table lamp

Since in my operation I already have a Xiaomi Mijia table lamp of a similar design and has been used for a couple of years, at some point I needed a second one and the choice fell on the new Baseus DGIWK-A02.

In general, both table lamps have a similar design, with the exception of a slight tilt and lack of brightness control for the Xiaomi lamp. In this case, the color temperature of the latter is 2600K, 3200K, 4500K.

The brightness level is significantly different and the main difference is that the brightness of the Baseus lamp is in ± the same range at any color temperature, while Xiaomi Mijia stands out more. More clearly:

Lamp 2600K / 2700K 3200K / 3500K4500K / 5000K Baseus DGIWK-A02374Lux428Lux414LuxXiaomi Mijia MJTD03YL 66Lux 409Lux 673Lux

As for autonomy, at the minimum brightness Xiaomi Mijia MJTD03YL is also capable of working up to 40 hours (color temperature 2600K).

Built-in battery capacity

Not so long ago I took apart the Baseus desk lamp to get acquainted with her inner world. But a small metal bar, a charge board and an 18650 battery with 1800mAh 3.7V parameters did not cause anything interesting in me, so I did not take a photo.
If we look at the charge graph, then it is quite even and the total charge cycle time is 3 hours 38 minutes. The maximum current did not exceed 0.55A, hence the long charging time.


The Baseus i-wok Series DGIWK-A02 table lamp has a high-quality performance, a rather unpretentious and concise appearance, and wide functionality. The use of separate color temperature modes is beneficial for the eyes, while the brightness can be adjusted to the optimal balance.
From the pleasant moments – this is the absence of the blue spectrum and flicker in any of the available modes. The disadvantages include only the small capacity of the battery, provided that there is enough space in the base for one more battery.

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