Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown Timer Review

I got a stylish and fashionable timer from the Chinese company Baseus. The full name of the product is Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown Timer. Why is it needed? According to information from “marketers on a salary”, the device will come in handy in the kitchen while cooking, and it can also be used for physical training and meetings at work 🙂

Technical specifications

– Item: Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown Timer
– Body: black
– Power supply: 3 * AAA batteries
– Minimum step: 5 seconds
– Maximum timer time: 95 minutes 55 seconds
– Dimensions: 78 * 78 * 27.5mm
– Weight: 70g
Where for sale: Baseus Official Store

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I liked the packaging. The box has high quality color printing. We designed it nicely. It’s nice to hold in your hands. It’s not a shame to give. Traditionally, the timer is additionally wrapped in foil to protect it from micro-scratches during transportation.

The kit is not surprising. Device, manual in English / Chinese and warranty card in Chinese. The batteries required for operation must be prepared in advance.


I was immediately bribed by this timer with its stylish look. On the top there is black glossy plastic that covers the display. Also the neat name of the company Baseus and the touch control button. On the side face, a lockless rotary ring was placed, which by its appearance is disguised as metal, but in fact it is painted plastic. This ring is an important governing body.

On the lower part were placed anti-slip feet, a three-position volume switch (maximum, middle, completely silent) and a cover behind which three batteries are hidden (AAA format, I remind you that they are not included in the package). By the way, a fabric strap is carefully provided to remove the used batteries. Anti-slip feet are also magnets and allow you to mount the device on metal surfaces.


The device wakes up automatically when the user starts spinning the ring. And in this process lies all the magic of the Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown Timer. The screen lights up and displays bright and juicy numbers. Depending on the rotation speed, the minutes or seconds are controlled. An important nuance – the ring is completely seamless. That is, you can always twist it in one direction or the other. After setting the time, we press the only button marked as “circle” and the countdown begins. To save power, the brightness of the numbers is noticeably reduced.

A nice bonus from Baseus: there is a completely opposite operating mode for a timer – a stopwatch. Just press the button to turn on and again to start the countdown.


Baseus has managed to create a simple and stylish device. Of the advantages, the appearance and the bright display. A possible disadvantage is the use of batteries (they are not free, after all). On the one hand, the developers could make a battery-powered device with usb type c charging. But on the other hand, the lifespan of a LiPo battery is about ~ 3x years. Then throw it in the trash. And with replaceable batteries, the Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown Timer is a timeless device.

I would also like to draw your attention to the following point. Now everyone has a smartphone that has a timer. Personally, I catch the thought that I have never used it. I even do not know why. A separate device is perceived differently.

At the moment, the cost of Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown Timer in the official Baseus store is ~ 1000 dollars.

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