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Baseus Gamepad Joystick For PUBGReview. We play mobile games with comfort 2022.

Hello everyone. Today I want to tell my story about buying a baseus GS01 gamepad. It is originally a gamepad designed for the Nintendo Switch console. But it can also be used without any problems either via a wire from a PC or via Bluetooth with any Android device.
I have been using this gamepad for several months now, and has shown itself quite well. I don’t have a Nintendo Switch, but it works great with tvbox on android. It also copes quite well with games on Windows, if those support the game mode from the gamepad.

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I’ll start, as it should be, with the characteristics:

  • General characteristics
  • Body material Polycarbonate
  • Supports Nintendo Switch Platforms, Windows
  • Vibration feedback Yes, two motors
  • Weight 205 gr
  • Dimensions 156 x 101 x 65mm
  • Design
  • Charging indication
  • Connection
  • USB Type-C connectors
  • Food
  • Power supply Built-in battery
  • Input voltage 5V
  • Charging time 2 h
  • Battery capacity 550 mAh
  • Working time 8 h
  • Additional Information
  • Optional trigger travel 1.2 mm
  • Equipment
  • Wireless gamepad
  • USB to Type-C cable
  • Quick Start Guide

The gamepad is delivered here in such a colorful box, and it’s not a shame to give this one:

On the back of the box are the characteristics:

The gamepad itself is located inside the box in a plastic box, this is a very good packaging option, excluding damage during transportation:

In addition to the gamepad itself, the kit also includes a USB cable and waste paper:

The gamepad looks, as you can see, very cool. Acrylic transparent body, with the ability to see everything inside. I would not mind having such a case on my DualShock4:

On the front side of the gamepad there is a cross, two sticks, XABY buttons, as well as additional buttons for Nintendo Switch: home, menu, turbo and volume control plus / minus:

There is an information sticker on the back, as well as a reset button. Unfortunately, there are no additional triggers, and I would not mind seeing them here.

Above the end of the gamepad there is a Type-C connector for recharging the built-in battery. Through the same connector, you can connect a gamepad to a PC or Android set-top box, and play in wired mode (for example, if the battery is low in the middle of the game)

Also on top are the familiar triggers L1 / 2 and R1 / 2:

Unfortunately, they do not have pressure control here, this is clear both by the pressing itself, and it is visible through the transparent case that there are ordinary buttons under the triggers. But for Android games, this is not a very critical moment.

I also forgot to mention that on the front side between the sticks there is also an LED panel, which, using the Home key, displays the percentage of charge, or lights up during operation:

The panel consists of 4 LEDs. True, only one LED is always used for operation, the first LED on the left. It is a pity that the manufacturer did not play up this moment in any way and did not add any animations and behaviors. Indeed, in playful devices, such trifles are at least nice to see.

To summarize, the gamepad is assembled very well. It is comfortable in the hands. The plastic case itself does not feel cheap in the hands. Well, the weight is optimal here: it seems to be felt, but not enough for your hands to get tired of holding the gamepad during a long game. Well, the layout itself is well thought out, it is quite convenient to play with a gamepad for both me and my children 5 and 8 years old.

As for the connection, before buying, I found out that despite the announcement of this gamepad specifically for Nintendo, it connects quite well with Android devices. To do this, just the first time you turn on, you need to hold down the X button and without releasing it, press the Home button (it is also the button for turning on the gamepad). Then the gamepad becomes available for connecting via Bluetooth from android phones (and from Windows, by the way, too).

I have no problem connecting a gamepad to my phone, and have successfully played simple platformers that I love to play:

It may also be interesting to someone, below is a photo to compare the size, shape and layout of buttons for this gamepad with other, more popular gamepads that I have in stock.

Above the photo are the Xiaomi Gamepad and the DualShock4. Below is the Baseus GS01 gamepad and the Steam Controller.

As you can see, the monitored gamepad has an almost classic shape, layout and size, which means that it is comfortable and ergonomic.

As for the operating time, a 550 mAh battery is installed here. According to the manufacturer, the gamepad can work up to 8 hours on a single charge. And in general it looks like the truth, but I personally have not honestly checked. Well, I don’t have enough perseverance to sit continuously for 8 hours and play. But one charge is definitely enough for 3–4 approaches, for a couple of hours of games. Therefore, I can safely say that the declared operating time corresponds to the real one.


Summing up, I can say that I was satisfied with the purchase. First of all, this gamepad is attractive for its appearance, which differs from a bunch of competitors. The transparent body is cool.

Also, the gamepad can work with both Android devices and PCs on Windows. This is a plus. The fact that the controller supports both wired and wireless connections is another plus. Ergonomics and long operating time are also a plus. Well, the affordable price, this is also what I will attribute to the pros.
But there is one minus here (well, in my personal opinion). The gamepad has two vibration motors, but I did not feel them in any of the games. Here, of course, most likely the matter is in the games on Android themselves, but I would like the vibration motor to work, this is convenient in many scenarios.
Well, based on everything I wrote above, I can safely recommend this gamepad for purchase, or at least consider it against the background of other analogues. And don’t be afraid that this controller is designed to work only with Nintendo. It is not true. It works great with any other devices (well, except for consoles. The gamepad does not connect with PS3 and PS4).

That’s all for me, thank you all for watching!

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