Baseus Foam Hand Washing Machine Review

Review Baseus Automatic Soap Dispenser 2022. Today in my review we will talk about a manufacturer who is “user-oriented”, as you can literally translate his corporate slogan, and about his product – an automatic soap dispenser. So, in the review – Baseus and its contactless foamer. At the end of the review, I will write to whom this accessory will be useful. Automatic non-contact foaming machine

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Device Specifications

  • Manufacturer Baseus
  • Main material Plastic
  • Soap container 300 ml
  • Working voltage: 6V
  • Working current 240mA
  • Rated power 1.4 W
  • Power supply 4 AA batteries
  • 2 operating modes
  • Control type Contactless
  • LED lights
  • Size 209mm * 93mm * 70mm
  • Net weight 220 g

Packaging and kit

The packaging is quite light, it is a box made of thick cardboard of high-quality printing with a real image of the device and a description in English of its main technical points.

Inside the box are located:

  • Automatic dispenser
  • Manual in Chinese and English
  • Warranty card and other paper products, including cool stickers

The manufacturer packed the dispenser in a plastic blister. And if the box is slightly wrinkled during transportation, then the dispenser will definitely not be damaged or damaged in such a reliable case.

Appearance and operation of the device

Before me is a solid thing. The dispenser is compact and looks interesting. It fits perfectly into the interior of our bathroom. Of course, it was not purchased as an interior accessory, although it may well pretend to be a stylish accessory and complement any design with its laconic appearance “in white”.

The dispenser body is made of combined materials. Most of the body is occupied by a working element – this is the upper part, where all the electronics are concentrated. This item is made of matte white plastic. The company logo can be seen on the front. Above it is a large sensor and a spout with a foam hole. A container for liquid soap is screwed to it from below with a screw method. This suggests that the dispenser is not disposable, does not require special branded consumables – containers with soap, such a dispenser can be refilled by yourself. The neck is large, almost 3 cm in diameter. The container is made of transparent strong plastic, with a capacity of 300 ml. The transparent body allows you to control the presence of soap in the tank, and the white body seemed practical and non-marking to me. It should be borne in mind that the device is equipped with additional moisture protection, this goes without saying, because the dispenser is constantly in a damp room.

The assembly is of high quality, I did not find any defects, all the parts are in their places, everything is firmly fixed. The materials are practical.

Dispenser control is concentrated by one touch button located on a flat round lid. All actions are accompanied by light signals, thanks to a light indicator installed in the control button. 3 modes are programmed in it:

  • one touch turns on the device and starts economical dispensing,
  • another short touch will program the device for high foam mode,
  • the third press will turn off the device.

In economical mode, the dispenser generates a lot of foam, it seems to me, there is no need to turn on a longer and more foamy mode. To start the dispenser, you need to install 4 AA batteries, they are not included in the kit. You can replace the batteries without special tools (you don’t need a screwdriver), the main thing after installation is to fix the cover well in the lock until it clicks, there is a special mark to be sure.

The touch sensor is large, located far from the nozzle and is quite sensitive. Reacts at a distance of 5-6 cm. The lather is thick, even if you mix water and liquid soap in a 3: 1 ratio. One portion of foam is enough for hand washing.

In the photo, the dispenser is located on a small sink in the toilet.

What is there to tell? The dispenser is actually an interesting thing. We already have an automatic foam dispenser from Xiaomi, a new one purchased with the aim of installing it on the washbasin in the toilet. However, my daughter intercepted it for herself, filling it with shower gel)), and I would gladly use it in the kitchen with liquid dishwashing detergent;)


An automatic soap dispenser is a must-have in this time of fear and anxiety. Contactless operation of the device is a safe way of personal hygiene. This device is made with high quality, has a laconic design, practical materials, simple maintenance, accurate operation of the sensor, 2 foaming modes and long-term operation from one set of batteries.

So, who would I recommend buying a soap dispenser like this?

  • If you are squeamish and uncomfortable with the thought of having to use a wet bar of soap from a shared soap dish or touching a dispenser during a pandemic, then the non-contact dispenser is ideal for you.
  • If you are trying to teach your child to wash their hands more often with soap, install a foaming dispenser: children will love the contactless way of communicating with the miracle device, and also the airy foam will delight them.
  • And the foam dispenser is a godsend for the economist: it has been checked, indeed, the consumption of soap has decreased a lot!

Happy choice and correct shopping!

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