Review Baseus DGXC-02 Luminaire With Magnetic Mount

Review of Baseus DGXC-02 Luminaire With Magnetic Mount & Adjustable Operating Modes 2022. Today in the review is a lamp for organizing additional lighting above the workplace, not in the kitchen, in cabinets, etc. The gadget is powered by a battery, has touch controls for brightness and glow temperature, is attached to a magnet and allows you to change the angle of inclination. Can be used as a night light or as a portable torch. You should not count on super brightness, but as a source of additional lighting it is quite suitable.

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Baseus Desk Lamp Hanging Magnetic LED Table Lamp Chargeable Stepless Dimming Cabinet Light Night Light For Closet Wardrobe Lamp


Brand / Model: Baseus DGXC-02

Purpose of the product: LED lamp with magnetic mount

Rated voltage: 5V

Power: 5W

Luminous flux: ≥100 lm

Color rendering index: > 80Ra

Battery capacity: 1800mAh

Color temperature: 3000K-5000K

Battery life: maximum brightness – 4 hours, minimum brightness – 24 hours

Product weight: 184g

Features: magnetic mount, brightness and temperature adjustment, tilt angle

You can buy Baseus DGXC-02 on Aliexpress here

The luminaire is sold in two configurations – without and with a power adapter. In my version, a kit with an adapter, and additionally put a USB-A to Type-C cable. The lamp kit comes with its own cable, an additional one comes as a pleasant surprise.

An additional 50 cm long cable of very decent quality, in a braided fabric sheath. There is no chip inside for PD 100 watts, but holds 3 amperes. There is a branded screed for easy storage.

I have already introduced the TC-012 power adapter, which Baseus equips some of its products with, and also sells it separately, in the review of the Baseus on-screen lamp. The only difference is in the color of the case, now it is white, but the load characteristics are still good, with a decent power reserve. There are no fast protocols, but there are two ports that together give 2.1 amperes to the load and 2 amperes singly. Those. the adapter is convenient, you can connect both a lamp and some other gadget.

Let’s go directly to the lamp.

The oblong lamp is protected from troubles on the way by a bag, a plastic insert and a proprietary box made of a fairly dense cardboard. A stand for fixing the lamp, waste paper (by the way, the instructions are made in the form of a booklet, which is unusual) and a complete cable a little more than a meter long complete the list of accessories.

On the back of the box there is an illustration of one of the lamp applications and next to it, the product characteristics are indicated. On the side, the icons tell about the features of the lamp.

The cable here of medium hardness, white, ideally matches the color of the lamp body, is equipped with the manufacturer’s logos on the connectors and, on the whole, is made very decently.

The lamp base has a semicircular recess with a rectangular sector in the middle. Here, a steel plate is hidden under the silver film, and the magnet is in the lamp itself and you can fix it on any steel surface, not just on the bed.

The platform is attached to surfaces with double-sided tape.

The shape of the lamp is really attractive and will not be overlooked by the guests. The body is made of white matte plastic, without any foreign smell. The light filter of LEDs, pressed by an oval frame, is somewhat recessed inside the body so as not to create eye glare. The aluminum-colored bezel at the back of the body further removes the dullness of the luminaire.

The length of the lamp is about 28.5 cm with a width of 4 cm. The Type-C connector for charging the battery and powering the lamp from the adapter is located on the side, and on the back of the case, above the connector, a white LED lights up when the lamp is connected to the adapter.

On top of the body there are touch-sensitive buttons for controlling the operating modes of the lamp. The sensors are very sensitive and respond to the slightest touch. And this caused some inconvenience at first. If you need to remove the lamp from the mount and illuminate some corner, you intuitively grab the central part of the case and on you – the modes are switched. In general, you need to get used to it and grab the edges of the case. The second point – I would probably make the buttons more pronounced against the light background of the case and would highlight them with not bright LEDs.

There is a magnet strip at the back at the top of the podium, and a battery is hidden inside the podium. Characteristics are indicated on the side.

The height of the luminaire together with the mount turns out to be 48 mm and, probably, depending on the situation, this should be taken into account.

The angle of inclination of the lamp, thanks to the semicircular profile of the mount and the lamp body, can be changed by 80 degrees, adjusting to your height, fit and place of installation of the lamp.

The magnet in the lamp is strong enough that the lamp does not slide or fall off either from horizontal or vertical surfaces.

Let’s take a look inside the luminaire, especially since the front frame is fastened with latches and can be easily removed without damage.

Inside we find a plate with alternating LEDs with a glow temperature of 3000 and 5000 K. There are 42 of them in total and they are powered by a 1800 mAh Li-ion battery.

Let’s see how LEDs work for clarity without a light filter.

It’s time to say a few words about the control and operating modes of the lamp. It turns on and off with a smooth increase and decrease in brightness. A good algorithm and the light does not immediately hit the eyes and does not turn off instantly.

To adjust the brightness and temperature of the glow, they also approached nontrivially. These parameters can be changed in two ways. By holding down the corresponding button for a long time, you can smoothly change the brightness or shade of the glow, adjusting them depending on your needs and personal preferences. And with short taps on the temperature buttons, you can change the glow in the order of 3000 K, mixed, 5000 K and vice versa. The brightness changes stepwise in the same way, in three steps – minimum, average and maximum.

Another important point – the luminaire remembers the levels set before turning off, and turns on at the previous settings.

The data on the battery life at maximum and minimum brightness are given honestly – 4 and 24 hours are kept.

In my own conditions, I installed a lamp above the surface of the desk, and appreciated the brightness and the possibility of using the gadget as a source of main lighting.

It should be noted that when powered by a battery, the lamp does not glow as brightly as when powered by an adapter, although in this case the power cable spoils the picture a little.

The height from the table top to the lamp is 36 cm.

Minimum and maximum brightness at 3000 K. This is clearly not for reading. Can be used as a night light, interior lighting, some kind of background light, but no more. Illumination levels – 89.1 and 631 Lux.

Mixed mode – 93.3 and 592 Lux.

And, subjectively, the best mode for short reading, taking notes or working at the keyboard for, say, not forced surfing the net, is 5000 K. At the minimum it is still the same night light, but at the maximum it is already much better – 104.4 and 694 Suite.

And for comparison, the illumination level at a glow temperature of 5000K, maximum brightness, but when powered by a battery.

Total 484 Lux. This ratio is approximately the same at all other levels.

I did not notice any changes in the color of objects due to low color rendering, the colors of objects look natural.

Of course, the practical results depend on specific conditions – the height of the luminaire, personal preferences, tasks, the presence of other light sources. For prolonged reading, for example, I need a brighter lamp, but someone is probably used to it and prefers a less bright light. At the same time, the lamp does not flicker, its light does not go blue, half an hour or an hour using the lamp at maximum brightness and 5000K is not at all tiring for the eyes when reading for the sake of relaxation and entertainment, using the keyboard. For more serious tasks, you still need a brighter lamp. You just need to be aware of this and clearly prioritize tasks.

There are no questions about the magnetic mount, algorithms and control method – everything is convenient, easy to understand and there are a couple of adjustment options. The presence of a battery can also always come in handy – the electricity is still cut off from time to time and you can use the lamp as a flashlight with a uniform, wide illumination. And in terms of autonomy, it is quite a good result. As the main light source DGXC-02 is rather weak for serious long-term work, but as an additional source for use from time to time in leisure mode, kitchen, emergency lighting is quite appropriate.

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