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Review of DGIWK-B01 Screen Bar Lamp 2022. Not so long ago, Baseus presented an updated version of the on-screen lamp – DGIWK-B01. In general, the tasks of screen bars or on-screen lamps include: do not take up space on the table, do not shine in the eyes, do not light up the monitor, illuminate the table surface in front of the monitor. Let’s see together how it turned out with the restyled Baseus DGIWK-B01 model.

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Baseus Stepless Dimming Eye-Care LED Desk Lamp For Computer PC Monitor Screen Hanging Light LED Reading USB Powered Lamp

For starters, the characteristics:

Brand / Model: Baseus DGIWK-B01

Purpose: screen lamp (USB series asymmetric pendant light)
Material: aluminum alloy + PC + ABS

Power: USB 5B / 1A

Power: 5W

Color rendering index: more than 80

Glow temperature: 2800K, 4000K, 5500K

Stepless brightness control

Touch control

Feature: for monitors with 8-20mm bezel

Overall dimensions: 450 * 90 * 66 mm, diameter 22 mm

Color: black (DGIWK-B01), white (DGIWK-B02)

Complete set: without power supply, with power supply

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The previous model had the part number DGIWK-01. In the reviewed one, one symbol is added, and structurally the models are different, starting from the packaging. In my case, the kit includes a charger as a power supply. We will briefly consider it.

At the post office, I was surprised by the dimensions of the parcel given out and it turned out that the commercial packaging of the lamp has a solid size.

Let’s start with charging. It is simple enough for these days and does not come with any fancy protocols. But it has two USB-A ports, each of which individually can provide 5V 2A or 2.1 Amperes in total for two ports. God knows not what, but it is enough to power the lamp, and the second port is never superfluous. The same charger can be bought separately, for example, here. The packaging is standard for Baseus – everything is as laconic and intelligible as possible.

A hinge for placement at the stands of shopping centers, a blister, a protective film, waste paper – the traditional attributes of Baseus products in place.

The glossy plastic of the case doesn’t look cheap, although it will collect dust and fingerprints. On one side is the brand name, on the back there are characteristics, including the model number: TC-012.

Well, and on the front side are two USB-A ports, labeled USB-1 and USB-2.

Let’s see what they can do right away.

There are only two protocols here: Apple – 5V2.4A and BC1.2 – 5V1.5A. In a single race, each port can be removed by 10% more than the declared – 2.2 Amperes without a voltage drop, loading the second port with a load resistance with a current consumption of 1 Ampere, from the first we remove not 1.1 A, and also a little more – 1.2 Ampere. Charging does not whistle, the case is a little warm after an hour of warming up, quite suitable for its purposes. When charging the tablet and phones, their screens do not lag, the touch is recognized confidently. So, as a replacement for the regular ones, you can take not very powerful ones.

The branded packaging of the lamp is replete with illustrations and inscriptions, but all to the point, informing potential buyers in detail about the essence of the device. I will remove most of the photo of the package under the spoiler, here is only a photo of the front side and the most important thing, in my opinion, is about the direction of the light.

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Why is the box so big? It turns out that the manufacturer protected the lamp no worse than another TV – with a foam block, where, in addition to the lamp, we find a USB-A – Type-C cable and waste paper.

The supplied cable has a length of 1.5 meters, is flexible enough, and is intended only for powering the lamp – there are no data buses in it. It seems to me that the cable here is from a third-party manufacturer, the way Baseus usually indicates its name on the connectors, and in general its cables look more elegant.

The design of the lamp is as simple as possible and is a tube made of aluminum 45 cm long and 2.2 cm in diameter fixed on a bracket. On the right, a control panel with three touch buttons was placed – these are buttons for adjusting the brightness (long hold), changing the glow temperature and turning on / off with a short touch.

When the power is connected, the buttons are illuminated with dots in the center, which does not hit the eyes and at the same time helps to accurately find the buttons in the dark. But regarding the painting of the lamp body, I have to draw attention – the surface is noticeably rough, tactile and seemingly practical, but it is extremely problematic to erase the dust from it, traces remain in any case, and you can see it in the photo below.

There are plastic plugs on the sides of the luminaire, and technical information is indicated on the bracket at the back.

The bracket has a hinged design for adjusting the tilt of the lamp and there is another label at the top of it, and just above the Type-C port for connecting power.

Of greatest interest is the device of the light panel of the lamp. We have it asymmetric, i.e. the light is directed not perpendicularly down the edge of the lamp, but down and forward. Thus, with the correct installation, the backlight of the monitor is excluded, which is required from such lamps. In addition, with the naked eye, you can see eighty LEDs in two shades of light, used in the design of the lamp.

When buying DGIWK-B01 / B02 models, you need to carefully study the characteristics and do not miss the information that these models are intended for installation on flat monitors with a thickness of 8-20 mm due to the design feature of the bracket. For installation reliability, it is designed as a counterweight with a silicone pad. The height of the counterweight is a little more than five centimeters, and if the monitor case is flat on top and there is a protrusion below, then this must be taken into account.

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The front part of the arm is small, it only covers the monitor frame by 5 mm and also has a silicone overlay for reliability. The designers have incorporated the ability to adjust the angle of inclination of the luminaire into the device of the bracket. The angle of rotation is probably even excessive, as in extreme positions it will either shine in the eyes or light up the monitor, but for the given degree of freedom it is still a plus.

Then I decided to check the power consumption of the lamp in different modes, and then I had questions to the manufacturer. It turned out that in none of the modes does the power consumption reach the declared 5 watts. The maximum in any mode is no more than three and a half, which is not quite the same thing.

Minimum and maximum at a luminescence temperature of 2800 K – 0.33 and 3.45 W

Minimum and maximum at a luminescence temperature of 4000 K – 0.34 and 3.3 W

Minimum and maximum at a luminescence temperature of 5500 K – 0.33 and 3.46 W

Having doubted, I took measurements with another cable and a tester, but this did not affect the results in any way – the real power consumption does not greatly reach the declared one, and, therefore, the lamp also shines, although the idea is good.

It was not possible to install a lamp on one of my monitor with a rounded lid; it tried to fall off it as the counterweight pressed, and it slipped off. Despite the characteristic relief, the lamp stood on the old monitor confidently, but this is perhaps an exception and the lamp is definitely for flat monitors with a thickness of 8 to 20 mm.

The tilt adjustment easily allows you to adjust the lighting so that the light does not hit your eyes and does not light up the screen. From the side, the lighting sector looks like this.

Here everything is as promised – directed downward and forward, a narrow spot.

How much the camera can visually transmit the illumination level can be estimated as follows:

The minimum and maximum brightness level at a glow temperature of 2800 K.

Same levels at 4000 K

And the minimum / maximum brightness level at a luminescence temperature of 5500 K

Unfortunately, the level of color rendition can only be assessed visually, and here I did not notice the changes in the shades of objects. However, the level of illumination, and this is not only my opinion, is clearly insufficient for comfortable work or reading. The lamp shines evenly, but dimly. Not so long ago, I did a review of the Xiaomi Mijia on-screen lamp and when compared with it, the DGIWK-B01 wins only in price.

Well, I also used a luxmeter to quantify the level of illumination.

Warm white 2800 K – 56 and 507 Lux at minimum and maximum, respectively.

Mixed or neutral light 4000 K – 63 and 608 Lux.

White 5500 K – 69 and 632 Lux

The indicated glow temperature levels are positioned by the manufacturer as the most suitable for watching movies (2800K), reading (4000K) and efficient work (5500K), but according to my personal feelings, the insufficient brightness of the lamp makes all this not very comfortable. On the other hand, not everyone loves bright lighting, for someone dim enough and a lamp may well come to the yard.

As a result, of the minuses, I note the soiled coating of the case and the discrepancy between the actual power consumption declared, with all that it implies.

On the plus side, I will refer to the accuracy of manufacturing, the ability to save space on the desktop, touch control, the ability to adjust the brightness and temperature of the glow, a wide angle of tilt adjustment of the lamp, the absence of backlighting the monitor screen and lighting of the table exclusively in front of it due to the most correct arrangement of the LED panel in the lamp housing. The lamp passed the pencil test and the flicker test with a video camera in all modes – there is no flicker. A separate plus for the consistent characteristics of the charger with two ports.

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