Baseus DGIWK-01 Review LED Table Lamp

Review LED Table Lamp Baseus DGIWK-01 2022: illumination of the workplace for comfortable work at the PC

Today I want to tell you about one of my rather useful acquisitions.

A lamp for illuminating the desktop, which is attached to the monitor.

This lamp is sold under the Baseus brand. It is intended for installation on a monitor and illumination of the workplace in the evening and at night. When you work at a computer in the evening, the general light can already interfere with your home, and the local illumination will no longer interfere. It’s comfortable.

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  • Title — Baseus
  • Number of LEDs — 84
  • Color temperature — 2900/4000 / 5000K
  • Allowable screen thickness — 0.5–4 cm
  • Material — aluminum alloy
  • Power — USB C

The lamp is delivered in this box. I additionally took a charger to it, which serves as a power supply:

The box is large enough. Has a presentable appearance and will pull even as a gift.

The box contains brief specifications and product information:

Charging included: Two ports, up to 10.5W power, EU plug:

The following stickers are put as a gift for charging:

Declared characteristics:

Decent appearance:

But in my case, there is one drawback. Something dangles inside the charger, and it rattles like a rattle. Either it is a marriage, or it was damaged during transportation. I wrote to the seller about this, let’s see what the answer is. But in any case, I will not test and use such a charge. Therefore, there will be no tests for it in the review. And I will power the lamp from another charger I have.

Now about the lamp. Inside the box, the lamp is in a plastic box.

This reduces the risk of damaging the dump during delivery.

The lamp comes with waste paper and a long USB Type-C cable

The lamp itself is a tube, with a built-in LED strip and a transformer leg, for attaching the lamp to the monitor:

There is a Type-C input for powering the lamp at the rear above the leg. (there is no built-in battery in the lamp, therefore it works only with external power supply)

The entire body is made of aluminum. There are no complaints about the build quality.

The leg has a weighting agent, thanks to which the lamp stands confidently on the monitor:

There are also anti-slip pads that also help to better grip:

To turn on and adjust, there is a twist and a button at one of the ends of the tube. With a twist, the brightness is adjusted, with the button the lamp turns on / off, and also switches the color temperature (2900/4000 / 5000K)

This is what a lamp looks like when installed on a monitor:

Inside the lamp there is an LED strip with LEDs of different types of glow. There is a dimmer. And most importantly, the lamp does not have any pulsations, which is very favorable for vision (I checked it with a pencil test and video cameras of two phones) I tried to lower the brightness and take pictures of the diodes:

And this is how my workplace now looks in the evening (three color temperature options):

The lamp is installed on a 27 “ Philips 273V monitor , with enough light to illuminate a nearby 22” LG 22MK430H

I am most comfortable working at a computer with a bright cold white backlight.

At the same time, despite the reviews on the Internet, I do not observe any special monitor illumination:

Although if you look at how the lamp shines on a disconnected monitor, you can see that it seems to light up the upper part and a little lower:

In general, the lamp illuminates well the desktop, mouse, keyboard. Already at 10–15 cm in the direction of the backlight is almost invisible, as it shines directed towards the table

As for consumption, the lamp is quite economical. In any color temperature, at maximum brightness, it consumes no more than 1A (usually about 0.97A)

Consumes about 0.14A at minimum brightness

This means that you can power the lamp even from cheap and weak non-charge charging.

Summing up, I can say that I was pleased with the purchase. The lamp shines well, has several color temperature options (you can adjust it for yourself) has the ability to adjust the brightness 9 can be adjusted for yourself) and most importantly: the lamp does not take up space on the table (this is a huge plus in comparison with table lamps)

From experience of several weeks, I can also note that the lamp has no flickering problems, my eyes do not hurt.

I can safely recommend this lamp for purchase if you, like me, like to sit at the computer in the evenings, and at the same time do not want to turn on the general light in the bedroom so as not to interfere with your household. The lamp will be a great alternative to table lamps, but it will not take up space on the table.

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