Baseus Desk Lamp Hanging Magnetic LED Table Review

Review Baseus DGXC-02 Lamp: Built-In Battery, Magnetic Mount, Continuously Adjustable Brightness & Color Temperature 2022. Today we will consider an interesting lamp from Baseus, which can be useful for a variety of tasks. It probably should not be considered as the main or work lighting, because the power and luminous flux are relatively small, but as an auxiliary lighting it is very even. The lamp can be used for background illumination of the workplace, especially when working at a computer or laptop. Also, the lamp can be used to illuminate a wardrobe, closet and other technical rooms. At any time, the luminaire can act as an emergency lighting and even a flashlight, and it is also ideal as a night light. In general, I will tell and show everything.

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The manufacturer himself positions this lamp as a table lamp that does not take up space on the desktop. Above, I said that for work tasks, its power is not enough, but in fact this is not entirely true. It all depends on how you place it, with a certain placement, it can quite fulfill the role of a working light for reading or work that requires visual concentration. We will discuss this a little later.

The packaging lists the main advantages of the lamp:

  • 24 hours of battery life 1800 mAh at minimum brightness
  • Stepless brightness and color temperature control
  • No blue radiation
  • Flicker-free
  • USB powered
  • Easy installation and magnetic mount

Complete set: lamp, base with magnet, usb-c cable, instructions.

The instruction is so tiny it makes you laugh. But on the other hand, why harass the paper, no one reads it anyway. From the useful, there are technical characteristics, for convenience I will duplicate them:

  • Model: DGXC-02
  • Material: ABS
  • Rated voltage: 5V
  • Rated power: 5W
  • Luminous flux: ≥100 lm
  • Color rendering index:> 80 Ra
  • Color temperature: 3000K – 5000K
  • Battery capacity: 1800 mAh
  • Operating time: from 4 hours at maximum brightness to 24 hours at minimum brightness
  • Dimensions: 284x39x49 mm
  • Weight: 184g

The magnetic base to which the lamp itself is actually attached can be glued to any flat surface; for this, high-quality double-sided tape is glued to the surface.

You glue the base to the furniture or the wall, and the lamp itself is already magnetically attached to it.

The luminaire body is completely plastic, but the plastic is of high quality. There is no smell.

On the body there is technical information from which we can find out that the lamp uses 42 LEDs of 0.2W. This adds up to 8.4W of power, but the description says 5W. Most likely they do not work at full strength, so as not to overheat and last longer.

LEDs with a warmer color rendering alternate through one with LEDs with a cooler color rendering. Exactly 42 pieces, who do not believe – can count.

On the front side there are touch buttons: on / off, brightness adjustment and color temperature adjustment. Moreover, there is the possibility of both quick adjustment and smooth adjustment. A short touch to the buttons for changing the brightness switches the modes: minimum brightness, medium and maximum. A long touch will allow you to smoothly change the brightness from minimum to maximum and vice versa. The same goes for color temperature, short touches switch modes: cold, mixed and warm light. A long touch will allow you to change the color temperature more smoothly.

As you may have noticed, the lamp comes with only a usb-c cable and no power adapter. You can power and charge the lamp from any 5V power source: a USB port of a computer or laptop, a charger for a smartphone or an external battery – powerbank. But if you need to take it right away with an adapter, then the store also has such an option and it will be more expensive by only $ 3, but you will get a high-quality adapter with two USB ports.

The charger delivers up to 2A per port, and if the lamp is used as a table lamp, it will be quite useful for charging other gadgets through a free port.

Connect a lamp to one port, and a smartphone to the second. Fast charging protocols are not supported, but 10W is not bad either, and if you leave the devices to charge overnight, you won’t notice any difference at all.

Now for some tests. Actually, the luminous flux will depend on the height at which the lamp will be placed and the luminous flux will depend, so it will be difficult to accurately predict what level of illumination it will be directly for you. As an example, I will show my version: the lamp is installed on a computer table (with additional cabinets and shelves) at a height of 45 centimeters from the surface. At this height, as I said, there is little reading light.

That is, to get working lighting, it needs to be placed lower, according to my observations, it is about 35 cm.It is clear that there will hardly be any shelves at this height, so you can place the lamp directly on the wall, because it can be turned 80 degrees. An example of such placement is on the slide from the store.

I placed it on the shelf above the table.

We can turn the lamp as if from ourselves

So it is for yourself.

Actually, we get such a lighting of the working area.

As I said before, there are 3 color temperature presets. Cool white – 5000K

Mixed – 4000K

And warm – 3000K

In terms of brightness, at maximum mode, you can read, although personally I would like a little brighter. For schoolchildren’s table lighting – not suitable.

But for some more short-term tasks or for backlighting the keyboard, the brightness is quite enough. I repeat, these are all my scenarios with a lamp height of 45 cm.That is, if your lamp is higher, then the lighting will be worse, and if lower, then better.

Then I measured the brightness in all modes with a luxometer:

  • cool white, maximum brightness – 275 Lx
  • mixed, maximum brightness – 257 Lx
  • warm, maximum brightness – 279 Lx

  • cool white, average brightness – 141 Lx
  • mixed, average brightness – 131 Lx
  • warm, medium brightness – 143 Lx

  • cool white, minimum brightness – 43.5 Lx
  • mixed, minimum brightness – 41.1 Lx
  • warm, minimum – 43.5 Lx

But all these are measurements when working on battery power, but if you power the lamp from the mains, then it shines noticeably brighter. Although, of course, hanging wires is still a sight … There is no ghostly trace of Feng Shui 🙂

But on the other hand, the lighting level is noticeably higher.

In general, I carried out all the measurements again:

  • cool white, maximum brightness – 424 Lx
  • mixed, maximum brightness – 387 Lx
  • warm, maximum brightness – 430 Lx

  • cool white, average brightness – 195 Lx
  • mixed, average brightness – 189 Lx
  • warm, medium brightness – 210 Lx

  • cool white, minimum brightness – 63 Lx
  • mixed, minimum brightness – 62.1 Lx
  • warm, minimum – 63 Lx

What can be learned from this? Well, firstly, the lamp shines much brighter when powered from the mains. Second, the cool white and warm white modes are brighter than the mixed mode. By the way, the lamp gives out its 5W only when powered from the mains, and to be precise, 4.845W at maximum brightness in warm white mode.

Another test I performed showed that the lamp was indeed eye-safe. At any brightness, in any modes, ripple is completely absent. At a safe rate of up to 10%, the ripple rate did not exceed 1.3%.


The lamp is interesting and versatile, but everyone will choose the scope of use for themselves individually. They can be used to illuminate a closet or closet and at the same time be used for emergency lighting. If your power is often cut off, then such a lamp will always help and will definitely be better than a narrow beam of a flashlight or a romantic, but practically useless, candlelight. They took it off the mount and now you have a flashlight in front of you, with which you can go out into the yard. Of course, this lamp is also suitable for illuminating the workplace, but provided that the distance to the table is not too great or if only an auxiliary function is required from the lighting. In a children’s room it will be a good night light; at minimum brightness, the lamp will work on battery power for a day. What else? Of course, this is a convenient control, brightness and color temperature adjustment. There is a memory for the word, that is, the lamp remembers the last used mode and brightness. And safety, of course – the absence of flickering is a prerequisite for the work surface, even if it is just the background illumination of the keyboard. I did not find any minuses during use. Here, in my opinion, everything is simple: either you need a similar lamp or not.

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