Baseus CRJS03 Jump Starter Car Portable Review

Review of Baseus 1000A Jump Starter Car Portable 2022.

Greetings! Review on Baseus Jump Starter, which will back up your car if you have an old battery or problem wiring. It will help out if you have a remote autostart installed, which can fail in difficult times and drain the battery. And it is banal to give a “light” to a neighbor’s or colleague’s car, and just help to start someone’s car on the way at the request. The device is easy to use, starts the engine dozens of times with one charge The compact, portable Baseus Jump Starter really works, comes with protection and special jump leads included.

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Baseus CRJS03 Jump Starter car portable starter works well with gasoline engines (3.0 liters — tested, declared up to 6.0 liters), with diesel engines (up to 3.5 liters). The device is designed for an on-board network with a voltage of 12V. There is also a flashlight that will help out in complete darkness. In general, this is a useful device that replaces running around with wires and lighting a car from a second car with a running engine. This option is less troublesome and safer. And there are plenty of problems with suddenly dead car batteries. For example, a car radio forgotten to work at night , or charging in a cigarette lighter , and most often a head light on . My DVR is constantly working, day and night without turning off, and over a long period may well drain the battery. By the way, according to this article, I chose a second DVR , which I installed on the rear window, also writes all night on the sensor. And it just happens that after a long period of inactivity, the battery charge level is simply not enough to turn the starter. It is in such situations that the start-jumper helps out. Or a jump starter. Rather, a portable launcher.

Brand: Baseus
Model: CRJS03
Type: startjumper (rechargeable starting device for a car)
Battery capacity: 12000 mAh or 41 W * h (real capacity about 7900 mAh at 5V)
Maximum short-term current: up to 1000 A, typical up to 600 A
Rated voltage starting output: 12V
Power bank output: 5V to 2.4A (3A for Type C output)
Charging: USB-C 5V to 3A
Built-in protective functions: Short circuit protection, overtemperature protection, polarity reversal protection, reverse protection overcurrent, overcurrent protection, overcharging protection, overvoltage protection, deep discharge protection
Additional functions: flashlight
Weight: 470g
Size: 163 x 83 x 36.5mm

Branded packaging Baseus, inside the startjumper is carefully wrapped in a protective film.

The second layer under the device is crocodile wires, as well as a USB-C charging wire.

The kit also includes instructions for use (I recommend that you familiarize yourself).

Appearance of the Baseus CRJS03 launcher.

In fact, this is an overgrown power bank, but with an additional 12V power output. Of the features, I note the presence of a digital display to indicate the charge level with an accuracy of 1%.

On the reverse side there is an inscription with the designation of the Baseus CRJS03 model and the main characteristics.

The developers from Baseus have worked hard on the design of the device — at one of the ends there is a transparent panel in the form of a car with headlights. A pair of LEDs are installed inside. It’s actually a flashlight.

The flashlight turns on by long pressing the power button.

Two LEDs are shining at once, the light cannot be compared with a high-quality flashlight, but it will be enough to illuminate the connection point during operation.

But on the other end there are connectors for connection.

This is USB-A for powering various gadgets (it works as a simple power bank with an output of 5V to 2.4A. Type C connector is bidirectional, it works both for input (recharging the device itself) and for output. Input / output parameters 5V 3A.

Power output 12V type EC5 (Operating continuous current 40 A), for connecting crocodile wires, covered with a rubber plug, to protect against dust and dirt.

For comparison, I attach my previous model of the 70mai Midrive PS01 Jump Starter car portable starter

The devices are similar in layout, 70mai lacks a digital display (only indication in the form of 4 LEDs, with a step of 25%). The Baseus device is slightly thicker due to the larger battery capacity.

Baseus has a more powerful power connector, based on the higher operating current. The rest of the meaning is similar.

As for the direct operation of the power unit, you should install a block-connector from the wires in the connector.

The block connector is a small bump on the wires, with the anti-reverse current protection installed, with an EC5 connector.

A part of the “socket” type (sleeves) is installed on the wires, and a plug part is installed on the device itself.

The wires are color coded (black — minus, red — plus).

Crocodile clips have a plastic insulating coating, markings (“-”, “+”).

The power wire is crimped inside. The upper and lower parts of the clamp are connected with a slightly smaller wire.

Please note that there is a brief connection instruction on the connector body.

I almost forgot that the set includes a high-quality USB Type-C charging cable, which can be used not only to charge the device itself, but also to recharge gadgets.

As I said above, the USB-C connector is reversible, it works both for input and output.

The USB-A output practically delivers the correct voltage (4.81V @ 2.4A)

A switch with a ready indicator is installed inside the unit. Red — polarity is reversed or connection is missing. If the connection is correct, the green indicator lights up. With green, you can work.

I tested it on several cars with varying degrees of discharge of the standard battery.

We connect according to the instructions (see above), first the red electrode for plus, then the black electrode for minus, turn on the device, check the green indication.

As soon as the green LED lights up — you can start the engine. After the engine has started, remove the terminals in the reverse order.

The Baseus CRJS03 launcher is quite a good “safety” option. Personally, I’ve come across several times for various reasons. Basically, these are either mistakes (forgot the lights, etc.), or excessive consumption of auto gadgets that write around the clock. Battery problems often appear after long periods of parking, for example, after New Year’s holidays or after a period of self-isolation, as well as with old cars. It is convenient to have such a device with you. They promise up to 50 times the starting engine cycles. Let’s see if a dozen or two will definitely be able to. In any case, it’s time to stock up before the February cold.

You can find other reviews and tests of the tool and gadgets in my profile and on the links below. Happy shopping!

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