Baseus 15W Wireless Charger Car Mount Review

Review Baseus Car Wireless Charger with Infrared Sensor and Auto Fixing System 2022.

Baseus car accessories are presented in the company store with a wide range. One of the most interesting and useful devices in my opinion is the Baseus fast wireless charger with a supported power of up to 15W, an infrared sensor and an automatic smartphone locking system. The charger can be attached either to the air duct grill or to the glass or dashboard, so it will fit any car. The charger is also equipped with Ambient-style lighting, which performs not only decorative functions, but also quite practical ones.

Baseus 15W Wireless Charger Car Mount for Air Vent Mount Car Phone Holder Intelligent Infrared Fast Wireless Charging Charger

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Baseus has one major problem. They do not give their devices a human name, for example, this charging model is called WXHW03. Is it really difficult to hire a person who will come up with memorable names for the models? For example, some conventional “Shark” would be more memorable and understandable to the end user. Confusion may arise, because Baseus has more than one wireless charger and you are unlikely to be asked what kind of model it is, answer WXHW03. In general, in my opinion, the company lacks just this, the human name of the devices. Moreover, the rest is in complete order, look at the stylish packaging with good printing and general corporate design, which is strictly adhered to in all products.

The rear side shows how to mount it in the car.

Everything is additionally packed in a plastic blister. The instructions, warranty card and branded stickers were placed in a separate scattering.

Actually, the kit for the holder, which has built-in wireless charging, comes with 2 types of mounts and a type C cable.

The holder is made of high-quality matte plastic, and glossy acrylic is used as a substrate. A pair of coils are installed inside, an infrared sensor can be seen at the bottom.

There are buttons on both sides. Clicking on any holder will automatically open. The holder also opens when you get into the car and turn on the power. When you place the smartphone in the holder, the sensor sees this and automatically fixes the smartphone, and then turns on wireless charging. When the smartphone is charged, wireless charging is disabled to avoid damaging your smartphone’s battery.

At the bottom, the smartphone rests on the paws.

They can be put forward depending on the dimensions of the smartphone, support for smartphones with a diagonal of up to 6.5 “is declared. Samsung S8 Plus and Samsung S10 fit perfectly in size, and there is still a margin.

In the central part, between the tabs, there is a space for the cable, because the power connector is located at the bottom.

On the back there is a connector for a hinge, which is used to turn the holder in the desired direction.

A large nut is used to fix the shaft.

Now let’s look at the mounts. The first is for the air duct grille. It has a metal hook for attaching to the grid and a spring-loaded latch.

Pull back the spring, grab the bars and release.

The charger is very securely fixed and will not fall out even on the most dead roads.

Turn at the desired angle and use. Besides being a charger, it is also a convenient holder. I use my smartphone to control the music in the car and use the navigation in google maps if I go to an unfamiliar area.

Charging is fast and fully charges the Galaxy S10 in 2.5 hours, although it usually doesn’t need to. Its role is rather to recharge the smartphone while traveling. Of course, at home it is more convenient and faster to charge a smartphone with a wire, but on the road it is another matter, they installed the smartphone in the holder and the charging went.

The second mount comes with a glass suction cup. Here, too, you can change the angle of inclination.

And the length, because in different cars the glasses are located at different distances from the driver.

The fastening principle is classic, the holder is fixed with a large “foot”.

But the suction cup itself additionally has an adhesive base, which makes it possible to attach the holder not only to the glass, but also to the plastic dashboard. The base is very sticky, so you need to think carefully about where it is better to glue, then it will be very difficult to rip off.

Assembled it looks like this.

Also at the beginning of the review, I mentioned Ambient lighting. It is dim, pleasant to the eye and does not distract from what is happening on the road.

But with a glance at the holder, you can immediately understand what is happening now. Depending on the status, the backlight works with different effects. For example, when charging, the blue color alternates with green, and when the smartphone is fully charged, green is constantly on.

I liked the device from Baseus, guys can do quality things! Looks neat and not bulky, compatible with all modern smartphones that support wireless charging (I personally use for my wife’s S10 and S8 Plus).

Happy shopping!

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