Review Automatic Pencil Sharpener Two-Hole Electric Switch Pencil Sharpener

Review Automatic Pencil Sharpener With Replaceable Cartridges 2022. This review is for those who still use wooden pencils, but terribly dislikes “sharpening” them by hand, we will focus on an automatic electric pencil sharpener of different diameters.

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2023 New Automatic pencil sharpener Two-hole Electric Switch Pencil Sharpener stationery Home Office School Supplies

Dense plastic product packaging:

The box contains the electric sharpener itself and instructions:

Inside there are two interchangeable “cartridges” for sharpening pencils of different diameters:

The device is made of plastic and has the shape of a triangular prism with rounded corners, the front wall is transparent, to control the degree of filling:

At the top there are two holes for pencils with a diameter of 6-8mm, and 9-12mm:

The larger hole is covered with a spring shutter to prevent accidental finger penetration. To open it, pull back the slider:

The white levers inside the holes are mechanical buttons that are pressed by inserting pencils into the holes:

On the bottom side there is a cover for accessing the batteries, the device is powered by four AAA:

To gain access to the pencil shavings compartment, the transparent panel is removed (when it is removed, the sharpener does not turn on, because there is a special lever in the center that opens the power circuit after removing the panel):

Inside there are two sharpening elements, during operation they rotate around their axis:

From above, they rest against the spring-loaded platforms, you can remove them simply by pushing up and slightly tilting:

At the bottom of the compartment there are two pins that rotate the cartridge cassettes around the pencil:

A cutting element is screwed onto each “cartridge”, the hole diameters are naturally different. The cutters themselves can be changed to others, or the cassettes themselves can be bought on Aliexpress separately:


Virtually any pencils – thin and thick – can sharpen the instrument:

If the batteries are inserted, and the plastic panel of the chip compartment is installed, then it is enough just to insert the pencil into the hole corresponding to its diameter, so that the sharpener turns on and starts working:

The pencil becomes sharp in no more than five seconds, when it is removed from the device, it stops automatically:

The cutting elements are well sharpened, they perfectly remove the shavings, they do not tear the wood and do not break the lead:

I was very pleased that she copes well with oval carpentry pencils:


The minimum length of a pencil that I managed to sharpen in a sharpener is about 6.5cm:

It is better to clean the sharpener from shavings and pieces of lead immediately above the trash can, because when removing the plastic panel, everything immediately starts to spill out of it, it is better to hold it in your hand, as in the photo below:

In general, the device is interesting and very useful, especially if you often need to prepare a large volume of pencils: it saves a lot of effort, time and nerves for this process, in addition, the consumption of the pencils themselves is reduced, because there is no loss of lead, as with their hand sharpening. I bought here

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