Atvel Robotic R85 self-cleaning base: update for Atvel SmartGyro R80

Robots with a gyroscope and self-cleaning are rare, and good robots with a gyroscope and self-cleaning are even rarer, so the Atvel R80 is doubly worthy of your attention. Atvel R80 rides in zigzags, drives into every nook and cranny, vacuums any surfaces and, importantly, washes dried stains. And now the robot also has a self-cleaning station – it’s called Atvel Robotic R85 and costs $200. The station draws debris from the dust collector into a large disposable bag and saves the user from contact with dust. Next, we will take a closer look at how the Atvel Robotic R85 station is arranged and test it with various types of garbage.

Atvel R80 and Self Cleaning Base R85 Robotic


  • Briefly about the robot vacuum cleaner
  • Station characteristics
  • Design
  • Tests
  • Outcome

Briefly about the robot vacuum cleaner

First, let me say a few words about the robot vacuum cleaner. It is easily recognizable by the signature combination of gray and red on the front panel. The Atvel R80 motor is very powerful (2400 Pa), while the vacuum cleaner itself is compact – 335 x 75 mm, so it easily drives under sofas, cabinets and other hard-to-reach places. Of the working accessories, the Atvel R80 has a turbo sh and end shes. And for wet cleaning, the dust collector should be replaced with a 2 in 1 container. In the application, you can choose one of seven operating modes. Special mention should be made of the “Floorer” mode with a high level of wetting. The benefits of this option can hardly be overestimated, especially if you need to wash the floors in the kitchen.

Atvel R80

In general, an excellent vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning in small apartments.

Station characteristics

Dimensions: 318 x 242 x 255 mm.
Power consumption: 600 W.
suction power 14000 Pa.
Station bag capacity: 3 liters.
Dust container capacity: 180 ml.
The weight: 3.4 kg.


The station was made to match the robot vacuum cleaner – it is very compact: not a tall column with a large paw, like ROBOROCK Q7 MAX, and not a hefty cabinet, like ROIDMI EVA, but just a small box that can be put anywhere.

Atvel R80 and Self Cleaning Base R85 Robotic

The parking area does not prode beyond the line of the body, so that the robot takes up less space in standby mode. In addition to the charging terminals, two pins are installed on the site, when pressed, the dust collector door opens on the robot. There is no hatch on the base dust collector, so a new container is also supplied with the station. It will need to be charged into the vacuum cleaner.

Dust collector Atvel Robotic R85

The Atvel Robotic R85 design has a couple more features:

  • For precise docking, there are guides in the parking lot – they lead the vacuum cleaner exactly to the inlet of the base.
  • An additional filter was provided in the compartment with the bag, in case of unauthorized entry of garbage into this compartment. If such an excess occurs, you can remain calm – nothing will happen to the station.

The blowout holes are on the side, and the manufacturer made a reel at the back so that excess cord does not dangle on the floor.

Clamps and outlet Bag Outlets and wire spool


Now let’s check how Atvel Robotic R85 copes with its duties. First, I started the vacuum cleaner, and as usual, it collected a full container of garbage. But this is not a problem for the station – we wait 15 seconds, and it takes out a completely empty dust container.

Garbage Cleanup Test

The station also pulled out seeds almost flawlessly – the result is 99%.

Seed cleaning test

Reference! The noise level of the Atvel Robotic R85 is relatively low – only 79 dB. At other stations, the noise can reach 90 dB.

Base noise level

The hardest task for the base is to pull grits out of the dust collector. For the test, I used a rice-pea mixture, but this time the Atvel Robotic R85 proved to be worthy. At the bottom of the container there was very little cereal. The station will be able to bring the result to the ideal during the next parking of the robot. The fact is that it is impossible to adjust the frequency of unloading or force the self-cleaning of the Atvel Robotic R85 to be activated – the motor turns on every time the robot enters the base. And considering that the volume of the new dust collector is only 180 ml, this is a completely justified decision.

Grain cleaning test


A good robot has received a significant addition and can now work completely autonomously. It is only necessary to replace the bag in a timely manner and occasionally clean the shes. The station works efficiently: it does not make much noise and empties the dust collector with high quality. e, all this applies only to the dry cleaning mode. And if you need to mop the floors, you will have to use the old 2 in 1 container, and self-cleaning will not work with it. In general, a very worthy option for little money!

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