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Atvel R80 is a budget smart wet cleaning robot vacuum from the American brand. Atvel R80 is a budget model in the line of the American brand. This is a round robotic vacuum cleaner with a turbo brush, powerful motor (2400 Pa) and control from a smartphone. Atvel R80 is equipped with a gyroscope, with which it builds a map. There is even a resumption of cleaning after recharging, which is extremely rare in models of this type. The main feature of the Atvel R80 is the floor polisher mode, in which the vacuum cleaner can wipe off stubborn dirt. Later in the review, I will talk in more detail about the design, functionality and test results of this robot worth 18 thousand dollars.


Together with the robot, the manufacturer supplies:

  • charging station and adapter to it;
  • two pairs of end brushes (main and spare);
  • separate module 2 in 1;
  • two reusable wipes;
  • spare HEPA filter;
  • service brushes;
  • remote control;
  • instruction in English.

The package is complete. The only thing missing to the maximum is magnetic tape or a virtual wall.



Modes of operation spiral movement, zigzag movement, spot cleaning, wall movement, quick cleaning
Number of cleaning modes 7
Filtration stages 2
Fine filter there is
Possibility of control from the remote control there is
Smartphone control there is
Dimensions (cm) height 7.5 x 35.5
Waste container volume (l) 0.5
Dust collector in the electronic water tank (l) 0.25
Electronic water tank capacity (l) 0.2
Capacity (mAh) 2600
Voltage (V) fourteen
Battery type included Li-Ion
Battery life (min) 120
Battery charging time (min) 300
Dust collector
Dust container volume (l) 0,4
Water container volume (l) 0.5
Waste bin volume in the base (l) 0.5
Sensor type infrared / ultrasonic
Number of sensors 26
Number of driving modes 7

Atvel R80 is made in a round gray case: the lid is glossy and lighter, the sides are dark. Dimensions are small – diameter 335 mm and height 75 mm. Of the controls on the lid, only the touch-sensitive start button.

In front of the Atvel R80 is a bumper with IR and tactile sensors, and a dust collector is inserted in the back. It is a 500 ml fold-out container. Filters (HEPA and mesh) are installed inside, as well as a curtain against debris falling out.

Instead of the dust collector, you can put a 2 in 1 module. It is made in the form of a D-shaped tank, inside which a separate dust collector with its own set of filters is inserted. The tank holds 230 ml and is complete with a pump. A napkin is attached to the base of the module, and water is supplied through 4 holes.

A ventilation grill was taken out on the left panel of the case, on the right – a socket for connecting an adapter bypassing the station.

Under the bottom there are:

  • drive wheels and swivel roller;
  • a pair of soft-tip end brushes;
  • petal-bristly turbo brush;
  • terminals for recharging;
  • three drop sensors.

In general, the construction is standard for this type of model. The build quality is good.


For orientation on the ground, the robot is equipped with a 9-axis gyroscope. With it, the Atvel R80 plans a route in zigzags and maps in real time. The map is not accurate, but it shows the position of the station, so there are no problems returning to the base.

The vacuum cleaner is well oriented on the terrain, moves according to the selected mode, passes under furniture, sweeps the legs of tables and chairs. When driving onto carpets, the suction power is automatically increased. Atvel R80 overcomes paths up to 15 mm in height without difficulty, and 2-centimeter bars can become insurmountable for him.

At the maximum power of the motor, the battery charge (2600 mAh) lasts for 85 minutes. During this time, the robot will have time to vacuum the area up to 80 square meters, and, if necessary, will continue cleaning after stopping.


The easiest way to operate a vacuum cleaner is to pick up the remote control. With its help, you can turn on cleaning and return the Atvel R80 to the base, program a delayed start on days of the week, adjust the power and suction power. The remote control also allows you to switch modes, but it is more convenient to do this in the application. There are 7 modes in total:

  • “Gyro” – movement in a zigzag and along the perimeter;
  • “Border” – only along the perimeter;
  • “Area” – local cleaning in a square of 2 x 2 meters;
  • “Random” – chaotic passages;
  • “Intensive” – ​​double zigzag cleaning;
  • “Automatic” – alternation of different cleaning algorithms;
  • “Polisher” – short jerks back and forth along a Z-shaped trajectory.

Also, through a smartphone, view the cleaning history, change the volume of voice notifications and turn them off. Atvel R80 speaks English by default.

Dry cleaning

In dry cleaning tests, the Atvel R80 performed well. Thanks to the two end brushes, the robot effectively handles crumbs on smooth floors and thoroughly sweeps specks out of corners. On the laminate flooring, the assistant collected 94% of the test debris and 99% of the sand.

To work with fluffy surfaces, the vacuum cleaner has a turbo brush. In addition, when driving onto carpets, it increases the suction force up to 2400 Pa. Therefore, Atvel R80 also successfully coped with cleaning the carpet – 95% of the garbage was collected.

On a medium carpet, the results are about the same as with other robotic vacuum cleaners – 60%.

Reference! Despite the impressive power of the motor, the noise from the vacuum cleaner does not exceed 60 dB.

Wet cleaning

Unlike most competitors, the Atvel R80 does deliver a lot of water to the napkin at a high level of wetting. Due to this, he manages to soak dried stains. From the first pass, the robot collects most of the dirt from the floor, and from the second – it washes it clean. In heavily polluted areas, it is advisable to use the floor polisher mode. Tests have shown that straight-line back-and-forth travels give better results than regular zigzag or Y-shaped travel.


Atvel R80 is designed to keep small and medium sized apartments clean. He is able to efficiently clean a dog’s rug, collect sand and wool from linoleum, and scrub the floors in the kitchen. The robot confidently navigates through cluttered rooms and offers a whole arsenal of modes to make cleaning as efficient as possible.

At first glance, the price tag is 18 thousand dollars. may seem overwhelming, especially considering gyro navigation. At the same time, the Atvel R80 is well assembled and equipped, resumes work from the checkpoint and boasts a floor polishing mode, which is not often found even in middle class models. Therefore, the cost can be considered adequate.

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