I blinded him from what was.  How I assembled a smart home from improvised means and how much does it cost
How I Assembled A Smart Home From Improvised Means & How Much Does It Cost?
I blinded him from what was. This story is about how I accidentally assembled a “smart home” based on Yandex services. And she is also about pitfalls, unexpected problems
How to organize your home: 9 useful tips
How To Organize Your Home: 9 Useful Tips
Today I would like to share my observations regarding the cleanliness of the house, the causes of the disorder and measures to prevent and eliminate it. If you have your own secrets
How to cook delicious meat, poultry and fish on the electric grill
How To Cook Delicious Meat, Poultry & Fish On The Electric Grill
Many years have passed since humanity has discovered such a thing as an electric grill. It turns out that one such item in the kitchen can diversify, enrich and heal your favorite fish and meat dishes.