And the wolves are full, and the sheep are safe. Hiper Pet Feeder LE Review

Today’s review will focus on the Hiper Pet Feede LE smart automatic feeder, which will allow you to leave your pet alone for a long time. Using the mobile application, you can set specific days of the week and times for portioned feed. Moreover, the portion size can also be adjusted. The capacity of the built-in tank is 2 kg of dry food.

Smart automatic feeder Hiper Pet Feede LE comes in a large cardboard box with a picture of the appearance of the device and its features. The target audience, if you can call it that, is any pets, whether they are cats or dogs.

Inside we are waiting for the feeder itself with a feed tray, a power adapter with a network cable and an insction manual.

The complete insction explains the basic steps for the first start and talks about the layout of the feeder.


  • Model: HIP-FD01W

  • Model Number: HIPER IoT Pet Feede LE

  • Type: animal feeder

  • Volume: 4 liters

  • Purpose: for cats and dogs

  • Type and size of food: dry food from 2 to 10mm

  • Material: plastic, steel

  • Audio functions: built-in microphone and speaker

  • Power supply: DC 5V1A

  • Compatible OS: Android 5.1, iOS 10 or later

  • Operating temperature: 0 to 50 degrees C

  • The Hiper automatic feeder is a plastic cylinder consisting of two parts: the lower one is responsible for the supply of feed and includes electronic filling, the upper one is a reservoir for feed. Feeder height – 310cm, weight – 1383g without tray.

    The feeder can be controlled both with the help of physical buttons on the body and through a mobile application. So, by controlling with the buttons, you can serve one portion of food, record and play any sound. The last action allows you to accustom your pet to the location of the feeder and feeding time.

    To operate the Hiper automatic feeder, you must connect it using a power supply with parameters 5V1A. The kit already provides the appropriate PSU and a power cable with a round connector. Cable length – 205cm.

    To prevent emergencies with a power outage of the feeder, a battery compartment is provided in the lower part of the case. Inside, you can install 3 LR20 elements, to which power will be transferred in case the main one is turned off. To the right of the battery compartment is the main power switch, just above the speaker grill through which the recorded sounds are played.

    Let’s move on to the top of the feeder, which is covered with a plastic lid. There is a desiccant compartment on the back of the bag to remove excess moisture from the feed.

    The feed container is easy to separate and allows you to rinse it from food residues. At the base you can see the window through which the food is poured into the tray.

    To obtain a portion of feed, a 3-bladed impeller with a groove in one of the sections below it is used. Through this window, feed is supplied in the allotted time, while the impeller is scrolling.

    The weight of one serving is 17g of dry food.

    The feed tray is removable, fixed on special grooves in the lower part of the body. The inside of the tray is semi-circular for better collection of feed in a pile. For example, my cat becomes indignant when a flat bottom is seen in the center of her bowl.

    We install the tray in the feeder to get the finished look and place dry food inside the tank.

    To access the extended functionality of the Hiper automatic feeder, you need to download the Hiper IoT application and add the appropriate device from the list. In order for the feeder to enter pairing mode, it is necessary to hold the feed button for a long time until the LED indicator starts flashing. After that, select the home WiFi network, enter its data and assign a name to the feeder.

    After authorization, we get to the main menu of the application, where you can see the current feeding list, the number of servings and the possibility of switching to manual mode. Of the useful features, you can select the setting of the number of servings at a time from 1 to 5. Feeding intervals are not limited in any way.

    I appreciated all the charms of the automatic feeder during the holidays, when I had to pour dry food into several plates so that the cat would remain full for a week. Here you can also add up to 2 kilograms of food at a time (6 packs of 350g each), set up a feeding schedule and not worry about an animal that may remain hungry.

    Previously, when we went on vacation, my cat would eat almost all the food in a couple of days, and then starve. But after a few years, she got used to our frequent departures, and I noticed that when she returned, there was always food left (I also installed an IP camera a couple of times that monitored the feed tray). Now I don’t have to worry about it, because with the help of the feeding schedule and the number of servings, I have achieved the optimal result (I hope the cat likes it too). If after that you think that it would be nice to have an automatic drinker, then HIPER has one. But that’s a completely different story..


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