An overview of the Huohou Electric Pepper and Salt Mill. Conclusions after 4 months of use

At the end of December, I discovered a rather interesting contraption. The Huohou Electric Grinding Mill with ceramic millstones and battery power seemed like a toy to me at the time, but after 4 months of use, I can firmly say that it is very convenient. The batteries are still alive, I managed to change the filling from pepper to salt and back a couple of times, I came to the conclusion that we need another mill.


  • Design features
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  • For technical specifications and packaging, see my previous review of the Huohou mill. It is rather a description of my emotions and design features after use. But now I noticed that models with built-in batteries have appeared, so the idea of ​​\u200b\u200b6 “little finger” batteries can be abandoned. Although with my frequency of use and they were enough for a considerable time. I will only add that in another version a 500 mAh battery is installed, designed for the same operating time as with a battery power supply.

    Design features

    Initially, the mill was supposed to grind black pepper. Peas are quite soft, so they do not bring much harm to ceramic millstones. I used the entire chamber with the product quite quickly, although this is again a positive point, since the pepper will not lose its taste and aroma.

    Grinding for pickles was carried out at the minimum mode, in order to preserve the largest possible fraction. In this form, pepper perfectly conveys its taste and is easy to remove in preparation for eating. The downside after such grinding is the shedding of the finished product, so you have to install the lid at the bottom. Although according to my notes, many mills suffer from this, and a protective cover is not provided.

    The button almost does not stand out from the body, so in rare cases you have to visually find it and then press it. If it were a little separated from the general body, it would be much more convenient. Press and hold to activate. The button itself will not be able to activate, even if the windmill accidentally falls on its side.

    To add a new portion of the product inside the mill, you do not have to turn it over or perform any laborious operations, you just need to turn the halves counterclockwise and that’s it. But getting into the battery compartment is quite difficult, but given that you have to do this infrequently, using a metal object will not be difficult to get to.


    I can’t say that you will like this windmill, but I personally really liked Huohou. I have been using it to grind pepper and salt for over 4 months. During this period, the batteries still briskly turn the engine. Convenient adjustment of the grinding size does not go astray, as is often observed with other similar mills. The LED backlight, unfortunately, is not switchable, therefore it is not much needed.

    Now you can weigh all the pros and cons:

    + convenient protective cover covering the millstones;

    + convenient window for control of pepper or other product loaded into the mill;

    + economical consumption and power supply or product;

    + convenient body size;

    + one key control;

    ± at first it seemed that the case would be very dirty in black, but even greasy traces are almost imperceptible;

    – 6 batteries. This is perhaps the most negative point, but considering that I have had enough of them for 4 months of use when grinding salt and pepper, then I think this is quite a good result.

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