Amazfit T-Rex Realgged Watch: Is Really Needed?

Review a small stress test of thegged Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch, which is manufactured according to the US military standard – MIL-STD-810G-2014. The new Amazfit T-Rex smart watch is a sports watch with fitness functions and full protection: it can withstand shocks and drops, diving to a depth of 50 meters (5 ATM) 2022.

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Introduction and about MIL-STD-810G-2014 standard

A few words about the MIL-STD-810G-2014 standard itself. This is a rather strict standard that prescribes resistance to external influences and obliges the equipment to work under adverse environmental influences. Recently, popular gadgets have also become available that are fully or partially protected in accordance with the specified standard, for example, not so long ago there was a detailed review of the Caterpillar Cat S60 smartphone. And now on the review is a smart watch with full protection. This standard is in demand by people of risky professions, extreme sportsmen and tourists, gadgets with protection are designed not only to be resistant to hard use, but also to be useful at the same time. For a climber, it is important to work at height under reduced pressure, shock resistance, correct operation of an altimeter (altimeter), for a tourist – GPS work without inteptions. Yes, and the watch must be resistant to all other types of adverse environmental influences: frost and ice, water and splashes, vibration and shock, fog and extreme temperature changes, exposure to ultraviolet radiation, and so on. In the article I will try to consider in detail the options for exposure and show that the watch has protection from external conditions.

Amazfit T-Rex watch looks very tal – it is a large smart watch with a protected case and a reinforced battery. A detailed review of the Amazfit T-rex watch is available here. In general, the topic of secure and indesctible gadgets is very popular – not so long ago I had an article about secure smartphones. The watch case is made of impact-resistant plastic. The strap is soft silicone, with a massive clasp. The case has four function keys in addition to the touch screen. On the reverse side there is a modern BioTracker heart rate sensor.

Watch Specifications

Brand: Huami/Amazfit
Model: T-Rex
Article: A1919
Band size: 22mm (special)
Case size: 47.7 x 47.7 x 13.5mm
Case material: impact-resistant plastic
Protection: according to military standard MIL-STD-810G-2014
Temperature protection: from minus 40°С to plus 70°С.
Water resistance: 5ATM / 50 meters, you can swim in the pool
Protection against aggressive environments: from hydrochloric, acid and alkaline solutions up to 96 hours of resistance
Display: 1.3″ AMOLED, 360×360 dots
Glass protection: Tempered Corning Gorilla Glass 3 + anti-fingerprint oleophobic coating
Sensors: BioTracker PPG bio-tracking sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, Geomagnetic sensor, Ambient light sensor, GPS/GLONASS
Interfaces: Bluetooth 5.0 LE, magnetic charging (pogo)
Autonomy: 20 days in mixed mode, 66 days in standby mode and 20 hours with active GPS
Functions: heart rate monitor, weather forecast, compass, chronograph, notifications, music control
Sports: 14 programs
Weight: 58 gr (with strap)
Compatibility: Android 5.0 and above, iOS 10.0 and above
Built-in battery capacity: 390 mAh

Brief overview of watch functions

The Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch is a modern multisport watch with offline GPS route recording. The watch is really good quality. The increased battery capacity of 390 mAh allows you to work up to 20 days in mixed mode. Typical use case: heart rate measurement is always on, sleep monitor, up to 150 notifications per day and periodically (once or twice per hour) activate the screen in order to see the time. this also includes training 3 times a week for 30 minutes with activated GPS.

For comparison, in economy mode, you can stretch 66 days if you turn off Bluetooth, GPS, heart rate monitor, turn off the screen display by turning your wrist, and activate the screen no more than 100 times a day. But with continuous recording of the route with GPS, and when used non-stop with Bluetooth and heart rate measurement, the watch can withstand a maximum of 20 hours. This is a good indicator.

Shocks, vibrations and falls of the watch

I have already said above that according to the MIL-STD-810G-2014 environmental protection standard, Amazfit T-rex watches are resistant to vibration, as well as to shocks and drops. The robust case made of impact-resistant plastic shows good results. For example, an aluminum body is not scratch and abrasion resistant. In this regard, it is more profitable to use plastic. There are no glossy details – extra glamor is not appropriate here. The display is recessed into the case and has a protective ring – this is an additional insurance for the glass and the screen matrix.

In the photo, the clock is switched to economy mode. Unnecessary options are turned off, only the heart rate monitor, pedometer, clock and statistics remain, and in the pluses a significant increase in autonomy. A good option if constant monitoring of movement is not required.

The watch survives a fall on stones quite well, as well as sliding scratches on walls, concrete, etc. Yes, and falls, if they occur not on the prosion of the display, but on the case, should not greatly damage the watch.

If you lead an active lifestyle, then I would still recommend installing a protective glass. Tempered glass fits into the display recess and protects the screen from scratches and bumps of the glass. This protection option will give extra life to your gadget.

Exposure to dirt, sand and dust on the watch

An equally important protection parameter is protection against fine and abrasive particles: sand and dust. The watch has protection on the back cover, so you can climb into the mud without fear. This option should be appreciated by trophy lovers!))

Exposure to water, moisture, rain and immersion with the watch

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is whether the watch has water protection. According to the MIL-STD-810G-2014 standard, Amazfit T-rex watches are tested for static and dynamic effects of water (splashes, jets under pressure) and for immersion (for being under water for a long time). The manufacturer claims resistance up to 50 meters under water (5 ATM). The function buttons havebber seals and can be used underwater as well (the sensor may not work properly underwater due to the nature of the sensor technology).

With such a watch, you can not only wash your hands or take a shower, but also fully train in the pool.

Low temperatures, ice and freezing rain

Manufacturer Huami emphasizes that their product can withstand both falling under water and working in the rain. Given the resistance to extreme temperatures, the Amazfit T-rex watch is also resistant to freezing rain. If you wish, you can freeze the watch in a piece of ice, but I cannot imagine the real situation of such exploitation. Is that a loss on winter fishing.

Recommendations for use

After extreme conditions, and just after a shower or pool, I recommend drying the watch so that it does not stay under the influence of moisture for a long time. I ask you to pay attention to operation with a sharp change in external conditions, for example, if youn out of a hot and humid bath in the cold, or vice versa, get into the steam room from the cold, then due to a sharp drop in pressure and humidity, condensation may form under the glass. After contact with sea (salt) water, rinse withnning fresh water from salt and dry the gadget with a napkin. These general recommendations are valid for all protected gadgets.

Watch comparisons with Amazfit

Traditionally, I apply watches from the Amazfit line for comparison – this way you can determine the qualitative and significant differences and understand what the user really needs. On the left is an Amazfit GTR 42 mm watch (review), with a leather strap. The Amazfit GTR watch has a classic, strict design and is more suitable for a suit than for sports. But for fans of rectangular displays, the Amazfit GTS (review) is an excellent modern watch with multisport and rich functionality. Among these models, Amazfit T-Rex have powerful protection and tal design. Of the functional differences, the Amazfit T-Rex has four control buttons, and the watch has a large, tall case, which can be critical.

Watch comparisons with CASIO G-Shock

The Amazfit T-Rex watch looks like it gives odds to the popular G-Shock from Casio. The picture shows a CASIO GA-100-1A4 watch. Casio is a Mohican among watchmakers, and the G-Shock series is traditionally considered popular for outdoor sports. Now G-Shock has a competitor in all respects – the T-Rex model from Amazfit with full protection.

I will try to make a detailed review-comparison of Casio and G-Shock and Amazfit T-Rex in all respects in the near future, but for now, preliminary, Amazfit T-Rex watches turned out to be more interesting than G-Shocks.


What can be said about the Amazfit T-Rex watch itself and about its protection? Indeed, Huami surprised everyone and presented a quality long-playing watch with real protection from external influences and with a great design. The watch will satisfy even a demanding active user – it can withstand extreme operating conditions and will not let you down. This is a really cool watch that is currently available (in stock) in the DNS store!

The watch is not bad, and if you are looking for a comfortable, protected, functional watch model with high autonomy, then Amazfit T-Rex is your choice. Moreover, real protection against water is declared – with this watch you can swim in the pool, swim and take a shower.

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