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Full Review Amazfit GTR Lite Smartwatch with excellent autonomy: I have been using gadgets from Huami, a manufacturer of wearable devices for Xiaomi 2022 and my own Amazfit series, for more than 4 years, since the beginning of 2016 — then it was the first model of a miband smart bracelet. Since 2018, I have been using the Amazfit Bip smartwatch, which, by the way, lives well to this day. For a long time I could not find a worthy replacement, mainly due to battery life, until finally I came across a very decent best model — Amazfit GTR Lite.

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The specifications are very sparsely indicated on the back of the watch box, there is also the model number A1922. A little more — on the front side of the black package, by the way it looks very stylish and expensive.

In Stock Amazfit GTR 47 Lite Smartwatch 24 Days Battery Life 5ATM Waterproof 8 sport modes for Android ios phone

Global Version Amazfit GTR 47mm Smart Watch 5ATM Waterproof Smartwatch 24 Days Battery Music Control Leather Silicon Strap


Inside there is a white box made of solid cardboard, on which the name is written in silver paint and the logo of the series — Amazfit is printed.

The thickness of the box walls can be seen on this slide, besides the watch is rigidly fixed on a special stand, so you don’t have to worry about safety during shipment.

The set includes a watch, a cable with a platform for charging it from the USB port and instructions. Moreover, the instruction is multilingual, including in EU/US.


This model has a classic look with a round screen, 47 mm in diameter. On the right side there are two buttons — the upper navigation and the lower — assignable.

The upper bezel and side of the watch are metal, made of aluminum, according to the declared specifications. The upper navigation button differs from the lower one in that it has a red color on the inside.

The lower part is made of plastic; there are contacts for the charging station and an optical sensor for measuring the heart rate.

The sensor uses a photoplethysmogram method — registering blood flow using a light source and a photosensitive element

How the heart rate sensor works can be seen in the video version of the review

The strap has quick-release latches — just slide it to the side and the strap is removed. This will allow you to quickly change them, if desired. The straps also fit the older model. I like the regular strap, it is soft, comfortable, holds well. But practice shows that over time it will have to be replaced, usually the silicone retainer breaks, the “ring” that holds the tip of the strap.

Compared to my previous watch — Amazfit Bip — the review hero has a much larger, brighter and better screen. And if the Bip is equally well suited for both male and female hands, then the GTR 47 mm is clearly a male model, for women you should pay attention to the 42 mm version.


Although I have been using the Mifit app for 4 years — I had to replace it with my native Amazfit. And you know — it should have been done much earlier. You need to connect to your mi account, or create one if you don’t have one. Data and history will carry over.

For notifications and applications to work correctly, you need to give the requested access, there will be quite a few of them, including calls, messages and multimedia.

After launching Amazfit, all settings, history and devices from the Mifit application, including even smart scales, are now fully located here. Mifit — can be deleted.


Immediately after installing the application — the data is fully synchronized with the Amazfit Bip. Now turn on GTR Lite — they will display a QR code for pairing with the application

Go to the section for adding devices, select the watch and in this list the model is Amazfit GTR, allow access to geolocation

A previously connected Amazfit Bip is deactivated, while it remains attached to the account, but data exchange with it is no longer carried out. If you wish, you can then remove it from your account.

The application then prepares the connection data. Then you need to scan the code from the watch screen with your smartphone camera, this will start the process of connecting and synchronizing data

The pairing phase also includes software updates, so make sure your watch is at least 50% charged. The update may take some time.

Application features

In its structure, the Amazfit application is very similar to Mifit, only it has the ability to save a larger amount of data. In addition to steps, this is weight, which, based on the entered height, shows the body mass index. There is a sleep score — but for this the watch must not be taken off at night, points for PAI activity

Part of the data is collected automatically, for example from watches or scales. Some can be entered manually — for example, blood glucose, body temperature, blood pressure, and so on — there are a lot of parameters for monitoring.

If you enter them regularly, the application will show a historical graph, so you can always have statistics at hand.

The creators of the application have come up with a personal activity index, points can be earned by any physical activity. But the points burn out and you need to earn them again — thereby the application motivates to play sports

The Lite version does not have its own GPS and it uses a smartphone receiver, in the full version you can not take it with you

During the workout, the speed, heart rate, distance, workout time and route map are counted. All historical data will be saved in the application.

Moreover, the data were tightened up a few years ago, since the days of Mifit. You can view detailed data for each of their workouts

Similarly to Mifit — in the Amazfit application in the profile tab there is a list of connected devices — I have two watch models and a scale. Goal settings are also located here — how many steps you need to go through daily, a list of friends, behavior labels and, among other things, synchronization with third-party fitness accounts — google fit, and the Chinese messenger Wechat

By clicking on a device in the list, we fall into its settings. There is no difference from Mifit at all — charge level, screen settings, notifications about calls, messages, from applications, alarms, warm-up, there is an option to search for a watch, a detection mode, heart rate measurement, weather settings and more. There is also the MAC address of the device — which can be used for Bluetooth scanners and used in automation.

In the theme settings menu — under the clock screen there is a huge number of different image options. And it is not necessary to install any additional applications, everything is available in the standard Amazfit. There is definitely something for your taste

You can enable the function of unlocking the smartphone screen using a watch, which is quite convenient. For incoming calls, in addition to vibration, you can turn on contact display and response delay. The applications, from which the gadget will respond to notifications, are specified manually.

An alarm clock is very convenient for me — it wakes me up guaranteed, while no one but me hears it. Reminders — allow you not to forget about an important event, can be configured from the application. There is also a menu for setting the display of all these events on the watch screen.


The options for the appearance of the display, of course, there are much more of them and I will not show everything. My favorite option is the digital time display (first slide). The screen is bright, contrasting, perfectly readable. In the sun — it’s certainly worse than the Amazfit Bip’s transflective screen, but it’s also quite good.

The installed screen is loaded into the watch’s memory, which can take some time, sometimes about a minute.

The watch has a mode — always on, when activated, the time will always be displayed on the screen, as on the same Amazfit Bip. There are two variants of dials, digital and analog, you cannot put your own. The dials are designed in such a way as to use the screen to a minimum, as this negatively affects the autonomy of the work.

I do not use this mode, I see no need. The watch responds perfectly to a hand gesture — when you want to see the time. And they automatically activate the screen. How it happens — see the video version of the review

Clock menu

Let’s go through the clock menu. The title screen is the watch face I’m using right now. Swipe from top to bottom — opens the quick set menu. In the upper part — the charge level, date and day of the week, the lower half of the screen — settings buttons.

From left to right, the flashlight option, which turns the screen to maximum brightness in white mode. Power saving mode, in which only the functions of the clock, pedometer and sleep monitor remain, in it, maximum autonomy is achieved.

Brightness — you can adjust it manually, or leave decisions behind the light sensor in the watch. I want to say that the automatic mode works fine. Screen lock, it will not respond to anything until the watch button is pressed.

Do not disturb mode — when the watch does not vibrate for calls and notifications. There are 4 options — except on and off — it is also intelligent, when the device detects by heart rate when you fell asleep, and set for a certain time, from — to.

Swipes left / right switch three screens, main, current heart rate and number of steps taken.

Swipe from bottom to top — opens the main menu of the watch, it scrolls vertically, the upper side button acts as a return to the previous screen.

Status menu — displays data about physical activity of the current day — number of steps taken

Further — the distance, the number of calories passed and the “state of sitting” as it is called in the menu. This is when the user sits in one place for too long.

Next comes the menu with activity points — total, accumulated during the week and earned for the current day

Heart rate menu — heart rate, with current readings and a graph for the current day and in% ratios, the heart rate zones are shown — relaxed, warm-up, intense, aerobic and anaerobic

The next three items are sports modes, physical activity data, a little earlier I already showed this menu and the weather forecast.

There are 8 sports modes, the% of charge is indicated above, and the estimated battery life in sports mode.

In the standard version of Amazfit GTR — there are 12 sports modes, although 8 are enough for me personally.

Having selected the mode — you need to press the Go button — the countdown from three and the selected mode will start. When exercising outdoors, the watch will try to connect to the GPS receiver of the phone.

Weather menu — shows the current situation and the forecast for the week ahead. Coordinates and data are taken from the phone. There is also the current position of the sun and the time of sunrise and sunset.

Next are the music controls, the notification menu and the alarm clock. Music — if a music player is running on the phone, any, the name of the track and the artist are broadcast to the watch, and there are no problems with displaying symbols. You can switch tracks, pause and adjust the volume.

In the notification menu, you can view the last messages received on your watch. Quite a lot of text fits. When a notification is received from an application, its icon is displayed on the screen.

Unlike Amazfit Bip — where alarm clocks were controlled only by turning them on and off, on GTR Lite you can set the time, that is, do without a smartphone.

And the last three points are reminders, we have already talked about them, the point is still — everything that was not included in the previous and settings.

There are three more options in the menu, a stopwatch, a countdown and a phone search, by the way, a very useful feature — when you start it, the phone starts beeping disgustingly and loudly, it helped out more than once.

In the settings menu, it is intended, as you might have guessed, in order to adjust the gadget to your preferences.

Screen brightness period — the time after which the watch screen will go out, can be adjusted from 5 to 15 seconds. The longer the activity time, the faster the battery will drain

There is a quick change of dials from those that are already loaded into the watch memory.

Quick Start is the assignment of an action to the lower side button that you use most often.

Status, heart rate, sport mode selection, weather, notifications, reminders, alarm, countdown, stopwatch, music and phone search.

In the video version of the review, you can see the speed of the interface. The process of measuring the pulse is long only for the first time, then the measurements take place in the background and the indicator is constantly available.

Everything works very quickly, the screen responds well to pressing, personally I have no complaints about the work, for a month of testing — no.


One of the key issues when choosing a wearable gadget for me is autonomy. Devices with less than a week’s charge cycle — I don’t even consider buying.

The manufacturer claims 24 days of battery life, but this is in the minimum mode. I use the watch actively, sleep monitoring with heart rate measurement is turned on, detection mode, for smart home automation to detect the clock in the room, a lot of notifications. The first charge cycle, in which there were many tests, screen shots, lasted 14 days.

At the time of publication of this review, on the second charge cycle, already with a normal pattern of use for me, on the 14th day after charging — 21%. So I think on average 2.5 weeks should be enough with fairly intensive use.

Thank you for attention.

That’s all, happy shopping!

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