Abir G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review: With Great Possibilities

Testing ABIR G20S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review Includes Dry & Wet Cleaning, High Suction Power 2022 & A Capacious Battery, As Well As Control Both From The Remote Control & Software Installed On A Smartphone. Now you can already find a fairly large number of various robotic vacuum cleaners from well-known and not so famous manufacturers.

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  • Size: 330x330x76mm
  • Navigation system: 2D navigation map
  • Max. suction power: 6000Pa
  • Suction power adjustment: 3 levels
  • Water speed control: 3 levels
  • Working time: about 120 min
  • Overcoming obstacles: 1.5 cm
  • Cleaning area: up to 180 ㎡
  • Charging time: <6 hours
  • Functions: dry and wet cleaning at the same time
  • Generated noise: up to 55 db
  • Filter: HEPA
  • Turbo brush: yes
Packaging and equipment

Primary packaging made of recycled cardboard with the manufacturer’s logo and precautions during storage and transport. But the content is quite difficult to guess, since there are no mentions or even pictures. Inside there is an additional box on which a schematic representation of the device itself. Box with plastic carry handle. It is believed that the box is universal and suitable for several models of the manufacturer’s robotic vacuum cleaners.


The complete set includes:

  • robot vacuum cleaner ABIR G20S;
  • charging station;
  • portable power supply unit;
  •  Remote Control;
  • replaceable napkin for wet cleaning;
  • replaceable fine filter;
  • 4 side brushes;
  • brush cutter for cleaning;
  • instruction.

Replaceable fine filter with dimensions 135 * 50 * 7 mm. On one side there is a fabric pull-out eyelet.

The instruction is on several pages. But even without knowing the language, it is not difficult to understand the settings and software installation on a smartphone or other device. For this, there are QR codes inside.

Replacement microfiber cloth for wet cleaning. Stitched on the edges and in the middle to extend the work. Fits onto a water container with Velcro straps. Quite a common installation method and proved to be good during operation.

The remote control is rather miniature and only the main control buttons are taken out on it. No screen is provided, and it is not necessary. The remote control can work within one room no more. The buttons are physical and work well. But they didn’t put 2 AA batteries, it’s a shame. After installing and pressing any button in the upper left corner, the LED indicator is triggered.

Brush for cleaning and cutting hair and threads. Quite a handy device that can often be found in robotic vacuum cleaners, although not in all. Universal brush with bristles for removing dust and small dirt, plastic “rake” for coarser hair removal, as well as a cutter for cutting off coiled hair of people and animals. Everything seems to be standard, but I would like a larger size. It will be more comfortable to lie in your hand and will not get lost in other things.

Side brushes with a rather long coarse synthetic bristle with directional setting. This should be taken into account, otherwise the vacuum cleaner will be worse at collecting dust and sand. Each brush has a reference to the directionality “R” or “L”. On the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, there is also a mention. Includes 4 brushes, 2 main workers and 2 spare. The store contains repair kits and spare parts. For example, this kit includes 4 side brushes (2 on each side), 2 fine filters and 3 wet wipes. The brushes are easy and simple to attach to conventional clips.

The power supply is made in the form of an external device with a euro plug without protective grounding. The block is not large; nutritional information is printed on the inside. No indication of operation is provided. The wire is about 1.5 meters, which is not always convenient when positioning the base. At the end of the wire there is a round plug.

The charging station is made of black strong high-quality plastic, no excessive smell was noticed. Almost the entire surface is glossy, so fingerprints and marks will be visible on it. On the upper part there is an LED indicator of the operating mode and a cup in which the control panel fits. The metal contacts are spring loaded and located on the platform. The power cord connects to the right side of the base. On the platform on the bottom side there is soft rubber for better holding the base during the vacuum cleaner’s arrival for charging and a little information.


The vacuum cleaner is made in a standard “washer” shape in black. Tempered glass flaunts on the upper part, which protects from unwanted scratches that may appear as a result of cleaning under the furniture. On the glass the manufacturer’s logo, control buttons and LED indicators indicating the operating mode. Mechanical buttons located under the plastic. With the help of them, you can send the vacuum cleaner for charging or automatic cleaning.

As expected, in the front part in the direction of travel there is a movable bumper with impact and proximity sensors. At the moment of contact with an obstacle, the bumper contracts and the robot changes its trajectory. There are 2 shock absorbing rubber strips on the bumper. Before the first use, it is recommended to remove the protective strips between the bumper and the body, as well as the film from the window of the sensors located behind the bumper.

On the back there is a container for wet and dry cleaning. It is noteworthy that he is alone here, so you don’t have to waste time changing containers and think about where to store it. Even if you install a container of water and do not use it, it will not leak, although I do not recommend leaving it that way. On the right side of the container there is a sticker with a QR code, which will be required when binding the vacuum cleaner to the software, a switch and a connector for direct charging of the vacuum cleaner bypassing the base.

To remove the container, you just need to press one button and pull it in the opposite direction from the body.

On the lower part of the body there is a drive wheel, break sensors, side brushes and wheels, a turbo brush, contacts for charging from the station and a napkin for wet cleaning on the container. There is also a sticker with a small amount of information and holes behind which the speaker is located. The vacuum cleaner can speak English.

Drive wheel, break sensors and contacts. The battery compartment is located behind the sticker. The battery capacity corresponds to the declared 2600 mAh.

The tread of the wheels is quite aggressive, so the device is able to overcome obstacles up to 1.5 cm in height. In any case, my vacuum cleaner slipped through the metal sills between rooms without any problems. The manufacturer also took care of the convenience of repair or maintenance. Namely, the wheels can be easily removed, cleaned or replaced.

Turbo brush with bristles. It has a spring-loaded mount and at the time of operation can bypass small elevations or recesses on the floor. On the ends of the brush there is a square groove, and on the other side there is a rotating plate.

Waste and water container is made of translucent plastic. The composition includes fine and coarse filters and are installed in the upper part under a hinged cover. Filters are always accessible for cleaning and can be easily removed. By the way, the instructions at the top show you how to do this. The seller’s store contains kits for replacing failed filters.

The garbage collection compartment is additionally covered with a hinged lid, so garbage does not spill out when the container is removed from the vacuum cleaner body. And to remove it from the compartment, you just need to fold a part of the case to the side. An unusual solution was the grip of the halves of the case with powerful magnets.

The water tank contains 300 ml and is filled through the rubber plug at the top of the container. Air is supplied through an opening in the side of the case.

Rubber seals are installed inside the body at the container attachment points and inlet openings.

The lower platform for wet cleaning through which water is supplied to the napkin is held on latches and during dry cleaning can be unfastened for more confident overcoming obstacles.

Software and work

For more advanced and convenient control, including not from home, you will have to install the WeBack software on your mobile devices. To do this, you can find it on Google PlayMarket or use the QR code from the instructions. After installation, standard verification using email or phone number is required. All this takes less than a minute. After verification and entering the software, it is proposed to connect the robot vacuum cleaner. This is where minor difficulties may arise, so I will explain a little.

  1. We turn on the device with a physical switch at the bottom. Press and hold the button on the top of the vacuum cleaner for 3-5 seconds until the beep sounds.
  2. We turn on WiFi on the smartphone and access the Internet through a router.
  3. In WiFi connections, we find the connection name ROBOT ### and connect to it using the password “12345678” that was specified in the instructions.
  4. Step 3 can be replaced by scanning the QR code from the side of the vacuum cleaner to automatically connect.

The main window includes 2 fields for connected devices. The ABIR G20S robot vacuum cleaner is displayed in a blue field indicating the charge level. As you can see, the menu in English is not very large and includes a minimum of settings, such as:

  • turn on / off voice guidance (English only)
  • change the name of the robot vacuum cleaner
  • creating and editing a cleaning schedule
  • units of measurement for room dimensions
  • share device (sharing the vacuum cleaner across different devices)
  • update check
  • serial number of the device
  • here is help on setting up voice control and connecting to a smart home

That’s all the setup menus. To start working, we enter the connected robot vacuum cleaner. The movement window and the cleaned area become available, as well as changing the cleaning settings. For example, the choice of the suction power, the supply of water for wet cleaning or the choice of the operating mode: automatic, around the perimeter, point. Here you can also switch to manual control and roll the vacuum cleaner to the desired cleaning center.

If an error occurs during cleaning, a message pops up on the screen, which is duplicated in the window on the “Other” tab. For example, during cleaning, there was a power outage, the robot continued to work, and when reconnected, it sent a message.

All the main buttons are duplicated on the remote control, so within the apartment you can fully control from the remote control.

Let’s move on to cleaning. To do this, we will start automatic cleaning within the two-room apartment. When started, the robot vacuum cleaner begins to create an image of the apartment in which it moves by going around the entire space. Cleaning is carried out along the S-shaped trajectory, therefore, during the movement, the most complete space is captured and time is not wasted on passes through the same place. In the lower part, the area that the robot vacuum cleaner has passed, the residual charge and the time spent on cleaning are displayed. The map shows the movement of the vacuum cleaner, for example, in photo # 2 it is automatic cleaning, and in photo # 3 it is cleaning around the perimeter (along the walls) with the search for a base after cleaning.

In terms of the volume of the captured garbage, the container can hold up to 350 ml and without any problems sucks up not only sand, hair and animal hair, but also medium fractions of solid waste, such as rice, buckwheat. For the test, let’s create a small area with different types of surfaces.

In the first case, it will be ordinary laminate and debris from buckwheat and flour. After the cleaning that the vacuum cleaner has done, it can be concluded that smooth even floors are removed by the vacuum cleaner without any problems, although there are several grains to the edges. Cleaning was performed at an average standard power level.

The vacuum cleaner spent about 2 minutes on cleaning and created a small image of the cleaned area.

On carpets, in normal operation (suction), the groats were also carefully cleaned, but the situation with flour is a little worse, so the suction power was increased to obtain a better result. After increasing the suction power, most of the flour was removed, but remained at the edges where it could not physically reach the suction port. If you look at the photographs, then the first preparation for cleaning. The second after cleaning at medium suction power and 3 at maximum.


photo # 1
photo # 2
photo # 3

Well, during operation, the vacuum cleaner took a little more time, since cleaning was first used during normal operation, and then at maximum.

Wet cleaning was carried out within the corridor where ceramic tiles were laid on the floor, but it was necessary to fence off the passage to other rooms. The rag was evenly moistened with an even wet mark on the floor, during the entire movement and large smudges were not fixed, therefore wet cleaning can be carried out on laminate or other wooden floors.


ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER ABIR G20S can become a simple and functional device for cleaning within the apartment. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with basic functions for high-quality cleaning, remote control via mobile devices and from a remote control unit within the apartment. Spare parts such as brushes and filters can always be purchased from the seller’s official store.

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