Abir G20s Review: Robot That Vacuums & Mops The Floor At The Same Time

This Summer, Abir Began Selling Its New G20 & G20s Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Which Is Capable Of Vacuuming & Wet Cleaning At The Same Time 2022 G20s Without User Intervention. This is exactly what the previous models lacked, and now, in order for the robot to carry out a comprehensive cleaning, you do not need to change the attachments. In addition to convenience, this cuts in half the time for a complete cleaning of the premises.

  • Buy Abir G20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner On ABIR Official Store
  • Buy Abir G20s Robot Vacuum Cleaner On ABIR Official Store

I will add that the model is as easy to operate as possible. You can literally set the cleaning mode and select the power by 1 – 2 clicks on the remote control, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by users who are not too friendly with modern technology. Conversely, advanced users will be able to use the smartphone application, where more settings will be available, such as scheduled cleaning or turning on “silent mode”.


First of all, let’s get acquainted with the features and main technical characteristics of Abir G20:

  • Japanese NIDEC brushless motor with maximum suction power up to 6000 Pa, high static pressure air duct, floating V-shaped brush and variable speed side brushes
  • Waste bin 350 ml combined with 300 ml water container
  • 3 modes of operation in cleaning mode: quiet, standard and powerful and 3 levels of water supply: weak, standard and maximum
  • 2600 mAh battery provides up to 2 hours of continuous cleaning or up to 180 square meters
  • Controlled by the remote control or via the smartphone app

Note that I am already quite familiar with the Abir robotic vacuum cleaners. Last year I had the opportunity to evaluate the model with a camera VSLAM (Visual SLAM) navigation Abir X6 ( Review ), and later I got for testing their top model with a lidar Abir X8 ( Review ). In both cases, they turned out to be solid robotic vacuum cleaners with good artificial intelligence, well-thought-out mapping and powerful suction power. The new Abir G20S model turned out to be even cheaper than the previous ones, due to a simpler navigation system. Nevertheless, the robot vacuum cleaner is no worse, while simultaneously performing wet cleaning.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that the store has warehouses in EU/US. This will significantly reduce the delivery time and save you from having to pay customs taxes. And at the end of the article, a pleasant surprise awaits you, which will help you significantly save on your purchase.

If you have never ordered large items on Aliexpress, then you may have concerns about shipping and product integrity. It’s not worth worrying, the technique is well protected. First, you will see a “draft” box with the ABIR logo printed in large size. Inside there will be another box made of durable cardboard, where the robot vacuum cleaner itself is already located.

Inside there are inserts made of foam plastic, which securely fixes the product and prevents damage from side impacts. The first thing you will see when you open the box is the instruction.

The instructions are detailed, but unfortunately in English. If the knowledge of the language is lame, it does not matter, in the article I will tell you in detail and show how to connect the robot and configure the application.

A robot was placed in the main compartment, having previously fixed the bumper with sensors using special inserts (they must be removed before starting).

Well, below we have placed accessories and components.

The base for automatic recharging is connected to the mains supply. The green indicator shows the presence of voltage in the network.

At the base of the base there are rubber pads that prevent it from sliding on a smooth floor. According to the characteristics on the body, the robot is charged with a current of up to 0.6A at a voltage of 19V. A full charge from 0% to 100% can take long 5-6 hours, so it’s better to just leave it overnight the first time. Further, we will not be interested in the charging speed, because a full charge is enough to clean a room with an area of ​​120 square meters. If it is a 2-3-4-room apartment or a small house, then the battery will be enough. In case you live in a large house that exceeds this area, the manufacturer has provided the following: when the charge comes to an end, the robot will go to the base and replenish its energy reserves, return and continue cleaning in the same place where it stopped.

A power supply unit with similar characteristics is provided to power the base. It can be connected directly to the robot without using the base.

The next useful gizmo in the kit is the remote control. In my opinion, an application for a smartphone is only interesting for the first time, and then you get used to it and don’t look there anymore. It is much faster to press one button on the remote control and cleaning will start in the desired mode. This is ideal for older people who try to interact with smartphones as little as possible. They pressed the start and cleaning began, pressed the house and the robot went to the base. You can adjust the suction power, the intensity of the water supply to the rag, select automatic or spot cleaning, and start cleaning around the perimeter. There is also a manual control mode using arrows, press and it goes in the indicated direction. For example, you want to remove a small area where something was scattered. Use the arrows to bring it to the target and press spot cleaning.

Also included is a multifunctional tool, which includes a filter brush, a knife for trimming coiled hair, and hooks for cleaning the container from debris and dust.

Consumables are present in double quantity, that is, in addition to 2 side brushes, you will receive 4, and instead of one HEPA filter and one rag, you will receive two filters and two rags, respectively. This removes the issue of consumables for at least a year, and if you periodically clean the filters and cut off the coiled hair, then even longer. Ordering new consumables or even spare parts is not a problem: filters, brushes, rags, battery, wheel motors, dust container, charger – all this is in the Abir Official Store .

Well, this is how the Abir G20S actually looks: classic shape, classic design, classic color. The black gloss looks very impressive, of course, but be prepared to periodically wipe it down, as the dust on the case will be noticeable. There are a couple of physical buttons with built-in LED backlighting, by which you can understand the status of the device. Well, it’s also corny to start / stop cleaning or send the robot to the base using these buttons.

A rubber molding was glued to the front, which softens shocks and keeps both the robot body and your furniture intact. The bumper is movable and contains physical and infrared sensors, and in total the manufacturer claims 38 sensors are used in the robot.

On the back side we can see translucent plastic, which allows us to assess the residual water level in the tank. Here is a button – a latch for removing the container.

On the side there is a connector for direct connection of the power supply and a physical on / off button. If you are leaving and do not plan to use the robot for several days, then it is better to turn it off. This will extend the battery life. By the way, do you see the QR code on the case? We need it for the initial pairing with a smartphone in the application.

The most interesting, of course, is hidden from the “working” side. Here we immediately see how the suction part and the nozzle were combined with a cloth for wet cleaning.

From above, everything is familiar: a guide wheel, contacts for recharging, a pair of rotating brushes and a battery compartment.

If necessary, it is very easy to get to the battery and it changes in no time.

Below is a pair of driving wheels, and between them a rotating V-shaped turbo brush. And now attention, the most important difference! Most often, in such robotic vacuum cleaners, the retraction motor is located directly in the dust container. But not here. Here it was placed in the very body of the robot, which made it possible to install a more powerful motor, getting better pulling force and freeing up space in the container for the compartment with water.

The microfiber cloth is attached with Velcro.

The container itself is divided into two parts: a compartment for dust and a compartment for water and is a single whole.

Anticipating the question, I answer: if you want to do only dry cleaning, then simply drain the water and disconnect the small attachment, on which the rag directly sticks.

Let’s take a closer look at the container. We immediately see the main feature: in addition to the compartment where the filters are installed, there is a neck with a rubber plug for filling water.

The garbage compartment is not very large, literally in 2 – 3 cleanings it is packed to capacity, so you will have to shake out the garbage at least once a week.

The air filtration system is triple. The first fine mesh filter for primary cleaning, it retains 98% of debris and dust.

Usually, a HEPA filter is immediately installed after it, but a sponge filter was added here, which additionally purifies the air and prolongs the life of the HEPA filter. The sponge filter, like the primary filter, can be washed in water.

Well, the final air purification is carried out by a HEPA filter. You cannot wet it, but you need to clean it with a dry brush. You can purge.

The ability to properly wash the container from debris and dust is an additional bonus from the decision to place the motor to create thrust in the robot’s body. Therefore, now, once every couple of weeks, you can set aside a few minutes of time to normally clean and wash the container and filters, and then dry everything on the windowsill. In containers with an engine, such a number will not work inside, they cannot be wetted.

And now I will tell you how to connect a robot vacuum cleaner to a smartphone and what features the application has. The app is called WeBack and is available for download on Google Play. To get started, you will need to go through a small registration: select your region, indicate your phone number and enter the code that will come to this number. Next, click on the big plus sign to add a new device.

First, you will be asked to scan a QR code from the robot’s body. Next, you must connect the robot to your WiFI network. Attention! The robot only communicates with the router in the 2.4 GHz range. If you have a 5 GHz dual band router, it will most likely offer a 5 GHz network connection. If you do this, you will not be able to connect the robot. Suppose my smartphone offered to connect to the Zloi_inet_5G network (second screenshot), I will not connect to this network. In the drop-down menu, select the Zloi_inet network, because it operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz and only after that I will click further. 99.9% of all connection problems are caused by the user trying to connect the robot to an unsupported network.

After you connect to WiFi, you need to hold down the power button of the robot for a few seconds according to the instructions. If all actions are performed correctly, then the device will be detected. The next step is to connect your smartphone to the robot, for this in the WiFi settings you need to reconnect to the network specified in the instructions, in my case it is a network named ROBOT ###. Do not worry, after the end of the process, the smartphone will automatically switch back to the home network.

If the smartphone is connected to the robot via WiFi, then the robot is automatically connected and registered in the Smart Cloud, and at the end you will see a message that everything went well.

As for the application itself, everything is at a very superficial level. You can see how the map of the cleaned room is drawn, but this map is not drawn for you, but for the robot. So he sees which areas have not yet been removed and where he needs to go. You cannot interact with the cards in any way, and the card itself, after the start of a new cleaning, is cleared and compiled anew. The robot spent 51 minutes on cleaning 3 rooms and a corridor, and this is longer than it took to clean the same room for a robot with camera navigation Abir X6 (40 minutes) and all the more longer than for a top robot with a lidar (35 minutes). But if you consider that it will take these robots the same amount of time to wash the floors, the Abir G20S cleans much faster than anyone else. There are 3 types of cleaning here. The main one is automatic, when the robot passes the room with an S-shaped trajectory, additionally paying attention to cleaning along the walls. The second program allows you to separately walk the premises around the perimeter. The third type of cleaning is spot cleaning, you direct the robot with the help of arrows to the contaminated area and it starts to remove the set point in a spiral.

There is manual control by analogy with the remote control. If there is a nozzle with a rag, the wet cleaning settings appear.

You can adjust the water flow rate and the suction power.

Yes, that’s actually all the current capabilities of the application: the robot does not save a map of the room in memory, you cannot put up a virtual wall or allocate an area for cleaning. To automate the process, you can set up a schedule that repeats on the required days. You can set up control via Google Home and Alexa. Wireless firmware update by the robot is supported, so it is possible that the manufacturer will add other interesting functions in the future.

In terms of personal user experience, the G20S is an extremely positive experience. Yes, simpler navigation algorithms are visible by eye and the model is not felt in the behavior of the superintelligent, but all the sensors work out as expected and the robot methodically walks meter by meter doing its “dirty business”. In terms of cross-country ability, everything is the same as for others: he does not notice thresholds up to 1.5 cm, he does not reel wires on brushes, if it is difficult to drive somewhere, he tries to overcome an obstacle in different ways. The robot did not have any blunts in the apartment, it does not require close observation to itself. The suction power is really excellent and after the tests I had only one question: where does he find so much dust from?


In my opinion, the new product from Abir turned out to be excellent. Abir G20 vacuums and wipes floors at the same time, completely eliminating user intervention.

Now complete cleaning can be done without your participation. While you are at work or on a walk, the robot will clean the apartment. In the evening, you just need to rinse the rag and shake the trash out of the container if it is already completely full. The model is not overloaded with additional functions, and even an elderly person who is far from modern technologies will master the controls. Cleaning start, stop, mode change and power selection – all this is done at the touch of a button.

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