AAO YG430 Projector with FullHD Matrix: Compact Model Review for Home Viewing

Finally review, I picked up inexpensive & successful projector for family viewing – AAO YG430 model from Aliexpress 2022. The projector features an honest FullHD resolution and convenient focus adjustment. Of the interesting – the ability to connect smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi to broadcast the screen, which means you can play on the big screen. The projector will be convenient not only as a replacement for a TV (up to 180″), but also as a large screen for a game console or desktop computer.

Buy AAO Full HD Projector YG430 WiFi Android Smart Portable Mini Projector on Aliexpress
  • Brand: AAO
  • Model: YG430
  • Projection size: 42-180 inches
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Screen aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Brightness: 5000 lumens (Chinese)
  • Power: AC100V-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Projection technology: LCD/LED
  • Projection distance: 1.3-5 meters
  • Speakers: Yes, 3W
  • Vertical Keystone Correction: -15 /+15
  • Claimed life: 50,000 hours (claimed)
  • Interfaces: USB 2x, HDMI 2x, AV, 3.5 mm headphones
  • WiFi support: 2.4/5G, sync with Android/iOS devices, WIFI Display,
  • Movie format support: 3GP(H.263,MPEG 4)/AVl(XVID,DIVX,H.264)/MKV(XVID,H.264,DIVX)/FLV(FLV)/MOV(H.234)/MP4 ( MPEG4,AVC)/MPG(MPEG1)/VOB(MPEG2)/MPG(MPG-PS)/RMVB(RV40)/RM
  • Audio Format Support: MP3/WMA/OGG/AAC/FLAC/APE/WAV
  • Image Format Support: JPEG/BMP/PNG

Supplied in modest unbranded packaging. Inside there is a soft material that prevents shock and damage. The appearance of the projector is shown on the box.


The AAO YG430 comes with a remote control, power cable, AV cable, lens cap and user manual. By and large, this is enough to work right out of the box.

The remote control is compact, with a button for quick selection of the image source. The remote control runs on two AA batteries (not included). The manual describes in detail the use of both the projector itself and the remote control.

The appearance of the AAO YG430 projector is quite interesting – a combined body with black inserts, a textured plastic panel, a chrome focus adjustment knob.

On the side is a cooling fan grille. The projector gets warm, but the fan is quite quiet.

On the underside are four legs, a 1/4″ tapped hole for a tripod, and an additional adjustment screw for a slight tilt when placed on a flat surface (such as a table).

The knob for adjusting the zoom and focus is brought out to the side of the projector, which means that it will be much more convenient to adjust it. On the back, there is an additional adjustment of the trapezoid (tilt) of the image.

On the top cover there is a dedicated control panel for the projector. There are buttons for selection, confirmation, return to the menu, as well as a special selector.

It’s quite interesting to compare the AAO YG430 with the Thundeal TD93 projector model . The optical parameters are similar, both models have a FullHD (1080p) matrix and the ability to project up to 200 inches. But outwardly, the AAO YG430 projector looks more advanced and more comfortable to operate.

As for interfaces, AAO YG430 has two USB sockets at once, one of which allows you to connect OTG devices, one HDMI input, AV input, 3.5 mm headphone output. There is also a connector for the power cord (removable).

The window for receiving IR rays of the remote control is located on both the front panel and the rear panel. Also on the rear panel is a keystone adjustment wheel for tilting the projector.

For AV image sources, it is convenient to use the supplied adapter for RCA wires (“tulips”). You can connect a USB drive directly to the projector, as well as smartphones, not only in Wi-Fi Direct mode, but also via wires.

The selector combined with the power button is quite interesting. It duplicates not only the functions of the selection buttons, but also serves as an indicator of the operating mode.

I will conduct a small test of the AAO YG430 projector. Check the video of the Buddha in 1080p modes, on a screen with a diagonal of 100 “. The brightness of this model and the magnification of the lens will be enough for screens of 150” -180 “. The projector can be chosen for small rooms and apartments. An installation of 2.8 to 3.7 meters will look optimal to the screen or wall, which corresponds to a projection diagonal of 100 … 130 inches. Agree that this option looks much more budgetary than a TV of the same diagonal.

We install the projector, connect the necessary image sources and check the settings. First, set the focus according to the distance to the screen. We achieve image clarity – for this you can use tuning tables. If necessary, adjust the trapezoid by tilting the image.

The projector allows you to switch to the Russian menu language. There are a fairly large number of settings, you can select the image format, orientation, scale, and update firmware or restore old settings.

The projector contains a separate menu for switching sources, as well as a separate one for working with smartphones and tablets in Multicast mode. There are separate connection options for both Wi-Fi and cable, as well as connecting to broadcasting over the network.

By the way, it is possible to flip the image for other installation options. In terms of connecting as a backup monitor to a computer, there are no problems – everything is connected and displayed as it should. But surfing the pages in this form is inconvenient – the font is too small. It is very convenient to play.

The projection picture is rich and juicy. Examples of color rendering can be seen in the photos below. The brightness of the projector is enough for viewing at a decent distance, that is, it is suitable for both a small room and a large one.

Favorite movie characters look so realistic that there is an immersion in the video sequence. A special impression is created with appropriate sound accompaniment. I recommend using a soundbar or other speaker system separate from the projector. You can connect directly to the projector’s 3.5 mm output, or to a video source (computer or smartphone). The built-in speaker in the projector performs a nominal function and can only be useful for scoring system sounds or the sound range of presentations.

Most of all, I like to watch popular films on the big screen – they are much more impressive on the projector than on the screen of a tablet or laptop.

As for animation, animated and 3D films, it is a pleasure to watch them on the projector. For this alone, you can purchase a similar projector and a simple screen on the wall (if you wish, you can replace the white sheet). Children will be happy))

I will dwell a little on the Multicast function. You can set up a connection to your home Wi-Fi network and connect to DLNA, or you can connect directly between the projector and a smartphone/tablet.

In the latter case, simply activate the Multicast function on the projector and search for the desired device on your smartphone or tablet, connect.

And if you still use a Bluetooth joystick, then it is quite possible to turn a smartphone with a projector into a game console with a large screen. For example, the broadcast of the WoT Blitz game to the projector, as well as the operation of the smartphone in DeX mode.

In terms of heating, it is present, but relatively small (45-60 ° C). Active cooling does the trick. Compared to halogen projectors, the temperature is noticeably lower. I will note an important point that is not spelled out in the instructions, but will be useful for long-term operation. After a long viewing period (1-2-3 hours), try not to turn off the projector immediately. Since the cooling fan is de-energized along with the projector itself. Just undock the video source and let the projector “drive” the air for about 5 minutes. In the minimum brightness mode, the matrix and the LED lamp will cool down and you can safely turn off the power and remove everything.


Thus, AAO YG430 projector is quite an interesting option, on the basis of which you can assemble a home theater with a large screen. Such a projector would be appropriate both for watching streaming services and online cinemas (Okko, Netflix, Amazon, etc.), and for watching YouTube. This is an interesting option for children and family watching movies and animations. Gamers can use the projector to play games on the big screen from consoles or computers. Yes, and the synchronization function with smartphones and tablets will be more than appropriate.

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