A small FAQ on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet

I have collected the main answers to frequently asked questions on this popular bracelet model. I am often asked in comments and in private messages, often the same points: does NFC work, what to do with the Chinese version and how to get the English language, how it differs from previous models, and so on … I will try to answer the main questions in this article.

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Almost three months have passed since the first sales, and it already makes sense to talk about the results. Moreover, there is something to compare. The photo shows the Mi Band models of the second, third and fourth generation.

Smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC

So, the very first question: “How is it compared to MiBand 2/3?”. A number of users are still walking with the first version. MiBand 4 qualitatively differs from previous models in the form of a capsule, display (the most significant difference), while it has good autonomy.

Like previous versions, there is a heart rate sensor.

The capsule size is larger than the bracelets of the first and second generation. But with MiBand3 there is practically no difference.

Another mega-topical question is: “What should I take, Chinese (CN) or global (INT)?”. Naturally, the globalka is more expensive. You get a bracelet with English-language firmware, at the start you will not be afraid of hieroglyphs. Therefore, the answer would be… take the Chinese version. And because there is no difference. When connected to the MiFit app, the bracelet language will be updated to the default language of the smartphone.

Does the display fade in the sun?

The bright OLED display turned out to be very successful. It is quite readable in the sun. Much better than previous models or bracelets from other manufacturers. If this is not enough for you, look towards Amazfit Bip/Bip Lite, which have a special transflective display that does not lose its properties in the sun.

Does the bracelet measure blood pressure and pulse?

No, smart watches and bracelets do not make pressure by squeezing a vein. And in general, there are very few such devices, as ale, these are special-purpose medical devices that are hung on the shoulder to collect statistics (“Holter”). A number of fitness bracelets can display blood pressure readings obtained by averaging statistical data, taking into account the current heart rate.

You just enter your height/weight/age, the bracelet measures your heart rate, and you get an approximate value that can satisfy 80-90% of users. But not you. If you enter data for statistics incorrectly, or have deviations from statistics or predispositions (for example, hypertension), then the bracelet will not show correctly. After physical exertion, there will also be incorrect readings. But the pulse measures more or less tolerably. The main thing is to fasten the bracelet more tightly. Even toilet paper can measure the pulse.

Does payment with a bracelet work?

No, it won’t. NFC is provided only in the Chinese version of MiBand4, but to emulate the card, you need the MiFit application with a confirmed Chinese account, or the Hey + application. In any case, it turns out to emulate only unprotected cards (transport, intercom), which do not allow paying for purchases. Alas. There is little hope for the promised launch of AliPay in EU-US.

Does music control work?

Yes it works. Quite well manages a regular player. It is very convenient, and it all works out of the box with stock firmware and with a native application.

In any case, the bracelet remains the most popular this year. Already sold over a million copies. 5th generation MiBand announced. Well, MiBand4 can be taken as a replacement for the old one or as a gift to a loved one.


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