A find for a summer residence! Overview of a portable shower with a pump and a heating element: hot water anywhere

Do they turn off the water in your dacha in the fall or turn off the hot water in the apartment in the summer? It turns out that you can take a full hot shower even if there is no water in the pipes at all. I have not found anything similar on Amazon or Aliexpress. And in Tatarstan they eat! Rakhim itegez to a comfortable life.

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  • Specification
  • background
  • Characteristics
  • Packaging and appearance
  • Portable shower in action
  • General impressions
  • Where to buy and how to save
  • Specification
  • Manufacturer: PMBP Energia
  • Body material: aluminum
  • Power: 2000W (other versions available)
  • Consumption current: 12A
  • Protection against electric shock: 1 class
  • Adjustable water heating temperature (°C): 10-50
  • Maximum diving depth (m): 1
  • The volume of displaced water (l): no more than 1
  • Maximum water lifting height (m): 4
  • Productivity: 4 l/min
  • Water level sensor (dry protection): yes
  • Tilt sensor: yes
  • Hose length (m): 2.2
  • Cable length (m): 4
  • Overall dimension (WxHxD mm): 110x360x80
  • GROSS/NET weight (kg): 2.1 / 1.9
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Complete set: individual packing, watering can, wall mount, sealing rings, device assembly, hose
  • background

    In early November, when the temperature began to drop below zero at night, I removed the pump and drained the water from the boiler in the bathhouse.

    But the bathhouse, the bathhouse, did not switch to the winter break mode …

    There is firewood

    There is a stove

    The company is also located (and Uncle Yura still drives and insists). There are no photos here.

    And, you know, it’s not so pleasant to bathe and not be able to wash. In winter, at least you can dive into the snow, and even then not always – more than once it happened that there was an impenetrable st. There was nowhere to go, I had to somehow pour myself out of a ladle to wash off the sweat. Quite, I will say an uncomfortable lesson in a small shower.

    At some point, it dawned on me that there must be some kind of country shower with heating. Such that it was not necessary to bring water. On aliexpress, there are either simple hiking shoes, or models that are unsuitable for nutrition (well, where is 12v in the country?) models (click hereto see), which, according to reviews, did not inspire confidence.

    But on Amazon there are options, but with heating from gas cylinders and 12v pump power. Purely camping options. Comfortable in some situations, I’m sure, but not mine.

    And then – bang! I find exactly what I need. Heating element, pump, shower head in one bottle. Yes, and especially fastened, kondovy and thoroughfare English production, and not OEM from Uncle Liao’s basement with a sticker “made in the English Federation.” The latter is extremely rare now, and it is especially pleasant that there is domestic development and assembly, albeit, of course, with the use of a number of made in RPC components. From the latter now there is simply no escape.

    And you know what else was nice? Fully wash in the shower after the bath, Energy TJ-2000 helped me a lot with this!


  • Model Name: Energy TJ-2000
  • Production: RF
  • power: 2kw
  • for user safety 12v pump is galvanically isolated from the mains
  • overheat protection
  • tilt sensors
  • protecting the user from electric shock (certificate)
  • maximum water lifting height: 4m
  • pump capacity: 4l\min
  • hose length: 2.2m
  • power cord length: 4m
  • water heating setting: 10-50 °C
  • the size: 110x360x80
  • the weight: 1.9kg
  • Packaging and appearance

    Both the site, the packaging, and the device itself vividly and warmly reminded me of the times of conversion and all sorts of cooperative products. For me, gardening and hardware stores have been the last stronghold of devices with this design, and since I consider this portable shower primarily a country house, it is worth looking for in such stores.

    See for yourself. It’s clear and neat, and all the necessary information is there. But this design is far from what we are used to seeing now. Does the shower work worse? No.

    Inside the shower itself and a hose packed in a plastic bag with a watering can and dopami (mount and seals for the watering can)

    I’ll start with the latter.

    Watering can plastic with a covering under metal. I’m sure it will inevitably peel off, so I would prefer a plain white case. Although, frankly, I don’t care at all what packaging, what color and type of case and watering can. If everything works as it should, then everything else is secondary.

    Unlike conventional watering cans, there is a “trigger” here. Press – water flows, release – does not flow. And if there is no water and you have to bring it to the dacha, then it helps to spend exactly as much water as you need.

    If there is no shortage of water and it only needs to be heated (a typical situation is a summer shutdown of hot water in an apartment), then simply raise the trigger and it will flow constantly.

    The hose is soft, two meters. Nuts of fastening on a watering can and a shower metal. Do not forget to put the complete sealing ring between the watering can and the nut!

    And here is the body itself. Aluminum cylinder with holes for water intake and temperature regulator on top.

    I honestly tried to disassemble this portable heated shower. Something happened below. It was possible to see the water intake of the pump and the spiral of the heating element. It didn’t go any further than that.

    Separately, I note an interesting consctive solution. The bottom cover is fixed by a thread clinging to the body walls.

    To be fair, hold on in fact reliable.

    Unsuccessful were also attempts to reach from the side of the top. The upper block is sealed (I remind you that the pump can be submerged in water) and it is quite tightly pressed into the housing. In short, it was not possible to get it. Here we see a paper overlay, a temperature controller and a pair of LEDs indicating the pump-heating mode of operation.

    However, here is the diagram.

    If the water is hard, then the manufacturer recommends periodicallynning water with “antiscale” through the shower.

    Both the wire and the hose are attached to the eyelets on the plastic “collar”.

    When assembled, the Energy TJ-2000 pump looks neat and compact enough. It is convenient to store, for this there is a suspension eye.

    When I was looking for reviews on the shower Energy TJ-2000, then, of course, I came across negative ones. I asked the manufacturer about the refinement and the current state of affairs. Here is what I was told about the work done to improve the design and increase reliability.

  • changed from aluminum to stainless steel to prevent oxidation
  • upgraded tilt sensors, switched from serial connection to parallel
  • purchased pumps are also scturally modified for stability
  • housing improvement for faster water heating, other minor improvements
  • Portable shower in action

    here, I will say, directly, there is little that can be illustrated with photographs and gifs.

    Here are the highlights:

    1) the body of the shower can be either completely immersed in a container with water (up to 1m), or it can be hooked with an appropriate bracket

    2) in my case, there is protection against overheating, and from switching on when tilted more than 30 degrees.

    3) there is also a galvanic isolation that turns off the heating element when the water has heated up to the desired temperature. However, if in doubt, you can do as in versions without protection – namely, manually unscrew the heating regulator to zero, then only the pump will work.

    4) “little water” refers only to heating. So for the pump and this water level will be enough to supply water to the watering can.

    All you need to do is plug the device into a power outlet, set the temperature and that’s it. The pump will begin to drive water to the heating element and mix it in a container of water. Water heats up quickly, in 8-10 minutes, depending on the initial and set temperature, you can heat a 10 liter bucket. Max 50°C is straight at alltoo hot. When necessary, the heating element turns off.

    And for a 10l bucket, the water consumption of 4l \ min seems to be a bit too much. But! In fact, it turned out that there was still water left, because thanks to the trigger on the watering can, water flows exactly when it is needed and is not wasted.

    To just wash off the sweat, half a minute is enough with a big margin. Everyone spends time on a full wash differently. Here I can only repeat that in my case it is quite possible to wash completely and the water in the 10l bucket still remains. Or rinse several times after the steam room and wash the rest of the water.

    In a situation where only hot water is turned off in the summer and cold in excess, you can wash quite well and without much water savings if you have a 15-20l capacity.

    The pressure is good, I will show it in the video.

    However, if you can’t watch the video, here’s a screenshot. Technically, if desired, you can water the garden. A meter for two jet gets. At a small distance from the body, which is usual for taking a shower, the pressure is good, it washes away dirt and soap quite cheerfully.

    General impressions

    Portable country shower Energy TJ-2000 is packed and looks far from being as polished as modern factory devices of large brands, it works flawlessly. And it perfectly does what it should – namely, it allows you to fully take a hot shower even when the hot water is turned off. And, moreover, when there is no water in the pipes, as in my case.

    Here, depending on the season, Energy TJ-2000 is suitable for different audiences.

    In summer, this portable heated shower will be more interesting for those residents of apartments who often lose hot water at the end of the heating season. The energy of the TJ2000 will allow you to take a full-fledged shower without heating on the stove or kettle, pouring into a bucket and dousing yourself from a ladle.

    Although, of course, this is not a hindrance for the Kulibins …

    But since autumn, when the water is turned off in the dachas or when it starts to freeze in the pipes, Energia-TJ2000 will show itself in all its glory. Water will be required cardinally less than in the classic barrel above the shower and its consumption is much less and more productive. If there is a supply of water, then in this situation in the country, you can already stay longer than for the weekend.

    In principle, if you come to the dacha in winter and there is not much water at all, only for cooking / tea, then you can generally collect snow and melt it (of course, on the stove). And use the resulting water for washing. Of course, this is a rather curved option. For my review of the colossal power and price of the Nitecore NES1200 solar generator, I powered the tile from it and drowned seemingly snow-white snow. All the same, both on the surface and at the bottom there was some small debris. So such water should at least be passed through a couple of layers of gauze. But something, something, and snow in winter is always in abundance. So you can not waste the brought water.

    I don’t see any functional flaws. Energy-TJ2000 does absolutely everything you need. However, here you need a longer use than in my case. So it would be more correct to say that Energy-TJ2000 bye does absolutely everything it needs to.

    I will clarify that there are several versions on the manufacturer’s website. The 3 kilowatt version is suitable if you need to heat that way from half a hundred liters. However, I would not take it if you have an old dacha – you should not overload the wiring.

    There is an option to save on protection and take a less capacious version, where the heating element after heating will have to be turned off manually.

    There is generally the most budget option – just a pump without a heating element. Dilute water from a kettle with boiling water in a bucket or basin and wash with a minimum of investment.

    Do I regret something? Just about what this portable country shower found when half of the winter was already over. Definitely, the bath in all past times could be much more comfortable. It’s not like I’m having a hard time with my friends. But the wife and her friends constantly whined that there was no water and how great it would be after the bath to take a shower and wash.

    In short, I highly recommend it. I am exceptionally pleased. Now, having a certain supply of water, I can live normally and relax in the country even in winter.

    Where to buy and how to save

    Buy on the manufacturer’s website (there is a 10% discount code NAGREV, valid for all products on the website).


    Let me remind you that the portable shower Energy TJ-2000 has other versions, both more powerful and budget ones.

    You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block

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