7 Best iLife Robot Vacuum Cleaners. A Big Sale on Aliexpress

The best way to maintain the pleasant habit of doing nothing after your summer vacation is to give yourself and your family a robot vacuum cleaner 2022. Now is the time for this sale of ILIFE models by the Chinese manufacturer Chuwi begins on Aliexpress. Discounts for different models reach 40%.


Buy Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Aliexpress Sale

The budget model for dry cleaning of smooth surfaces. The ILIFE V3S Pro sweeps debris underneath the floor and then sucks it into a 300 ml dustbin. The suction force of 600 Pa is sufficient to collect dust, hair and crumbs. The direct suction unit, unlike a turbo brush, is not clogged with wool, although it collects it no less efficiently. This makes ILIFE V3S Pro an indispensable companion for pet owners. The user can choose from three modes (chaotic, along the walls and local), which can be switched using the remote control.


Buy Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Aliexpress Sale

Economy class model for wet and dry cleaning of linoleum, tiles and laminates. Cleaning stages are performed sequentially, after replacing the working modules. The V5s Pro first vacuums the room, collecting loose debris in a 300 ml container. Added “Max” to the list of modes, when selected, the suction power increases from 600 to 850 Pa. With the water tank (200 ml) installed, the robot turns off the central motor and deals exclusively with wiping the floor. A solenoid valve prevents leaks at idle. Discount price

ILIFE V7s Plus

Buy Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Aliexpress Sale

Robot for small spaces with mixed flooring. Unlike previous models, the V7s Plus is equipped with a turbo brush. Its petals brush away dirt adhering to the floor, and its soft bristles comb out wool and crumbs from the carpet. The suction power is increased to 1000 Pa — this is enough for surface cleaning of carpets with low pile. In automatic mode, the vacuum cleaner combines different algorithms (randomly, along the walls and in a zigzag pattern), which has a positive effect on the cleaning result. There is a separate 300 ml tank for cleaning the floor.


Buy Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Aliexpress Sale

Another available model with turbo brush and 1000 Pa motor. This robot differs from the V7s Plus in its low-profile design (76 mm), large dust collector (450 ml) and no wet cleaning. The shortened cleaning program “Mini-room” (45 minutes) was added to the list of modes. For navigation, as before, are responsible for IR sensors and a soft touch bumper. The display on the remote control allows you to set the delayed start timer.


Buy Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Aliexpress Sale

Model for advanced dry cleaning with a discount price tag of 280 dollars. In ILIFE B5 Max, the manufacturer has implemented several innovations. A turbo brush for carpet or a hard roller for wood and tiles is inserted into the working unit at the user’s choice. The floating frame ensures a secure fit to changing floor contours. To improve the quality of cleaning along the walls, edge sensors were added to the bumper. A keypad with a display on the body increases ease of operation, but the main feature of the ILIFE B5 Max is the ability to synchronize with a smartphone via Wi-Fi.

iLife V8 Plus

Buy Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Aliexpress Sale

Robot vacuum cleaner with a gyroscope, which, due to the effective Z-shaped trajectory of movement, cleans up to 150 sq. m. in one working cycle. The suction bell without a turbo brush collects dirt from the smooth floor, without creating additional difficulties in maintenance. The 750 ml container holds garbage collected during 3–4 cleanings. For wet cleaning, a module with a 300 ml tank is inserted into the place of the dust collector (the wetting intensity of the napkin is regulated through the application).

ILIFE A80 Plus

Buy Robot Vacuum Cleaner on Aliexpress Sale

Robot vacuum cleaner with a turbo brush and gyroscope-based navigation. As a progress report, the A80 Plus displays a pixel map in the smartphone showing the treated areas. The lack of interactivity is partially compensated by the virtual wall. Through the application, you can adjust the suction power (600–1100 Pa), the amount of microfiber wetting, as well as program the cleaning schedule for a week in advance. The A80 Plus, unlike most of its competitors, has no problem cleaning black flooring.

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