41+ Ways to Make Money Online & 11+ Best Avoided Methods Relevant in 2021

Hi. Here is a detailed guide in which I have described all possible methods of how to make money on the Internet.

Today this topic is more relevant than ever, given the unstable situation due to the pandemic, many are thinking how to create additional income or even switch to remote work. In this article you will find all the answers.

The article is divided into 4 parts:

  • Methods for making quick money – in an hour you can earn the first 10, 100 dollars and withdraw them to your card.
  • Methods of stable earnings over the Internet – in this section I will show the most stable methods with which you can earn your monthly salary without leaving your home.
  • Methods of making money with investments – if you plan to make money faster by investing, this section is for you.
  • Doubtful, risky methods and scams – it is important to know scammers in person, so that you do not foolishly lose your money and time, in this section I will tell you about the most popular scams on the Internet, I will also share my story about how I lost 1 thousand dollars on one of them, learn better from other people’s mistakes.

Bookmark this page so that you can return to the description of earning methods at any time.

  1. There is no money on the Internet!
  2. How to make money on the Internet without investment
  3. 1. Earnings on simple tasks (clicks, views)
  4. 2. Earnings on activities in social networks
  5. 3. Earnings on Yandex Toloka
  6. 4. Earnings by writing reviews
  7. 5. Earnings on surveys
  8. General section tips
  9. Methods of stable earnings on the Internet from 10 to 10 000 dollars per day
  10. 6. Earnings on transcription
  11. 7. Earnings by writing a text
  12. 8. Freelance income
  13. 9. Earning money on online professions
  14. List of the most popular online professions
  15. How to decide on a profession?
  16. Where to study online professions?
  17. 10. Earnings in offline profession
  18. 11. Online assistant
  19. 12. Earnings as a call center manager
  20. 13. Earnings on your website (webmaster)
  21. To become a successful webmaster and earn good money on the site, you need:
  22. 14. Earnings on affiliate programs
  23. 15. Consulting earnings
  24. 16. Earnings on YouTube channel
  25. 17. Earnings in social networks (Instagram, Vk, Facebook, TikTok)
  26. The secret of promoting an account on social networks, a YouTube channel or a personal blog
  27. 18. Earnings on the channel in Telegram
  28. 19. Earnings on Yandex Zen
  29. 20. Streaming
  30. 21. Earnings on games
  31. 22. Donates and subscription services
  32. 23. Earnings on photos and graphics
  33. Earnings on the Internet with investments
  34. 24. Investing in your website
  35. 25. Earnings on the purchase of sites
  36. 26. Resale Domains
  37. 27. Your online store
  38. 28. Earnings on dropshipping
  39. 29. Traffic arbitration
  40. 30. Infobusiness
  41. What training format can be sold
  42. 31. Producing
  43. 32. Create a product: application, service, template
  44. 33. Digital Agency
  45. 34. Buying shares
  46. 35. Investing in raw materials
  47. 36. Cryptocurrency
  48. 37. Trading (foreign exchange market)
  49. 38. Notice boards
  50. 39. Network Marketing
  51. 40. Cashback
  52. 41. Investment in training
  53. Doubtful and risky methods of making money on the Internet
  54. 1. Earnings on viewing ads
  55. 2. Earnings on applications on a smartphone
  56. 3. Earnings on captcha input
  57. 4. Earnings on file hosting
  58. 5. Online casino
  59. 6. Binary options
  60. 7. Online poker
  61. 8. Bets (bookmakers)
  62. Scams on the Internet
  63. 1. HYIPs and scams
  64. 2. Doubtful games
  65. 3. Bad courses, training
  66. My scheme of making money on the Internet
  67. Conclusion

There is no money on the Internet!

Strange phrase, isn’t it? Why then is this article asked if there is no money on the Internet? Let me explain what I mean.

I want you not just to give you a list of methods, I want you to learn to see the most profitable methods of earning for yourself. And the first rule to understand is that there is no money on the Internet itself, and this is true. People have money who, via the Internet, transfer it to each other, exchanging it for goods, services or information.

If you feel and understand this rule, then it will be easier for you to distinguish the real method of earning from fraud.

How to make money on the Internet without investment

First, I will analyze 5 methods on which you can make money quickly, but not very much.

1. Earnings on simple tasks (clicks, views)

On the Internet, you can make money on the simplest actions, for example, for a simple click or registration on the site. We are of little interest in what benefits customers get from this, but a beginner can earn his first money on this.

To unite customers and performers, special sites were invented, which are also called buks. The customer lays out the task and indicates the price that he is ready to pay, if the order is interesting to you, you complete it and receive payment, and the site (buks) takes a small commission from each order, everyone wins.

The payment for one task is on average from 3 kopecks to 5 dollars.



List of verified axle boxes for earnings

Wmmail.ru is a fairly old project, many of them begin their acquaintance with making money on the Internet with it.
Seosprint.net is another reliable project that has been on the market for a long time.
Seo-fast.ru – the same box with tasks.
Profitcentr.com – very similar in functionality to seosprint.
Socpublic.com – many tasks, pay on average like other platforms.

You can register on all sites at once, test each one and choose the one that you like best.

You can earn 1-5 dollars a day on the axle boxes .

2. Earnings on activities in social networks

The method is very similar to the first one, only here all tasks need to be done on social networks. What people are willing to pay you for:

  • Like
  • Repost
  • Subscribe to
  • Write a comment
  • Watch the video

You don’t need to tell you that social networks are very popular now and many want to increase the performance of their pages, for example, get a lot of likes on an avatar so that their peers are jealous, or add a thousand subscribers to a new group so that it does not look empty.


There is a demand, which means there are special sites where you can take such tasks

Qcomment – earnings on activity in social networks, comments and polls.
Vktarget is one of the most popular services for making money using social networks.

Prospero is a good service that has tasks in all social networks, simple tasks and writing reviews.

You can earn 1-10 dollars a day on activity in social networks .

3. Earnings on Yandex Toloka

There is a service with tasks from Yandex called Toloka . Something similar to the Seo-sprint service, you also need to perform simple assignments for a small fee, such as comparing the quality of text or images, assessing the site by criteria, moderating content at the time of violations, there are even field assignments in which you need to go to a certain address and photograph something or be a mystery shopper.

Tasks can be taken on the website or through the application on a smartphone.

According to the reviews of those who earn there regularly, they do not get much money, again, just the exchange of your time, the more hours you spend there, the more you earn. One task is paid from 0.02 to 0.10 $

Example tasks:

Money from Yandex Toloka

Yandex. Toloka is a service with tasks from Yandex.

On Yandex Toloka, you can earn $ 1-5 per day . Depends on what orders will come across.

4. Earnings by writing reviews

There are review sites, you probably came across these when you were looking for reviews on a product or service of interest. So, by writing reviews for such sites, you can make money. They will pay for the review itself from 10 kopecks to 1 dollars and for each further viewing (approximately 5 kopecks per 1 viewing).

The method, to be honest, is so-so. It can only be viewed as an additional source of income. If you want to earn more from reviews, then it makes more sense to create your own website and also write reviews on it. The main difference is that you will take 100% of your income from your website. We will talk about making money on the site later.


If you still decide to try yourself in writing reviews, here are some tips:

  1. Write reviews on the products that you really used, then the review will turn out to be real.
  2. Write a detailed review, the larger the volume, the more you will be paid for it.
  3. Add unique photos, preferably that you make yourself.
  4. Write honestly, share the pros and cons.

Review sites

Irecommend is a popular review tool for the EU/US-speaking audience.

Otzovik is another well-known site with a large audience base.

Qcomment is a service with tasks, but there are also tasks for writing reviews.

Work-zilla is a freelance exchange, often there are tasks for reviews and video reviews.

By writing reviews, you can earn from 10 to 3 000 dollars per month (income will depend on the number and quality of reviews and views).

5. Earnings on surveys

There are sites where you can take surveys for money. The earnings scheme looks like this:

  1. Choose a site and register. You can register on several sites at once to get a higher chance of getting a survey.
  2. Fill in the data about yourself. They usually ask for your gender, age, interests, etc. It is better to fill it out honestly, so it will be easier and more interesting for you to fill out the surveys.
  3. You are waiting for an invitation to take a survey, which will come to the mail, or choose from those available on the site (depending on which service).
  4. Take the survey, get paid. The more surveys you fill out, the more often you will receive invitations.


Survey Sites

Youthink – nice design, withdrawal of money from 5 dollars, for filling out a questionnaire about yourself you will be credited with the first 1 dolalrs.

I-say – good reviews, polls come regularly by mail.

Anketka – the service has been operating since 2007, withdrawal from 15 dollars.

For 1 survey, you can earn from 1 to 15 dollars .

General section tips

  1. If you decide to make money using the methods described above, then get yourself a separate mail and accounts in social networks. This is necessary in order not to clog your main accounts, because a lot of letters will come and there will be a lot of extra spam on social networks.
  2. Try several methods and services at once, then analyze which one took less time and where it turned out to earn more, which method you liked the most.

Methods of stable earnings on the Internet from 10 to 10 000 dollars per day

Let’s move on to more interesting, profitable, but also more complex methods of making real money on the Internet.

The methods that we discussed above should be considered as additional income, nothing more. If you want to earn your monthly salary or more on the Internet, then you should take a closer look at more serious options. 

6. Earnings on transcription

Transcription is the manual translation of audio or video into text. The client sends you a video or audio file, you listen to it and simultaneously type text. The output is a text file that you send to the customer. If you additionally clean the text from unnecessary words, arrange it in an article or document, then such a text will cost more.

It takes 3-4 hours of real time to transcribe one hour of video. There are special programs that can help make this process more convenient, such as Express Scribe. I wrote more about transcription in a separate article .

How to make money online

By the way, I started my freelance journey with this method, and my first order was a translation from audio to text for 10 minutes for 100 dollars on Work-Zilla . Joy knew no bounds when I received the first money 🙂

It is also a good method to develop touch typing skills.

Websites where you can find transcription orders

Work-zilla is a freelance exchange where transcription orders come across.

Kwork is a freelance exchange with tasks at a fixed price of 10 dollars.

You can also find sites that provide such services and ask them to work remotely. We’ll talk more about remote control.

On transcription, you can earn 10-15 dollars for 1 hour of audio .

7. Earnings by writing a text

Most of the information on the Internet is text, so this type of earnings will always be relevant.

Even if it seems to you that: “What kind of writer am I?”, Then do not rush to draw conclusions. Everyone succeeds in writing texts. If you haven’t written anything before, it just takes more practice.

At first, in parallel with transcription, I also wrote texts to order, but then I stopped selling them, and began to write on my blog , and I am writing to this day and this article was also written by me 🙂

You can write different texts:

  1. Rewriting is a reprint of other people’s texts. Typically, you are sent one or more sources from which you collect new text. Payment of 10 dollars for 1000 characters .
  2. Copywriting – writing unique texts. This is where you need to show more writing skill. The client can send a wireframe of the article, all the rest of the information you are looking for yourself from various sources. For example, in the top 5 search results, on specialized sites on the topic, on the forums, on Wikipedia, etc. Payment of 10 dollars for 1000 characters .
  3. Selling copy is the highest paying method to make money with text. In addition to literacy, you also need to understand marketing in order to write sales texts. Such text is needed for websites, landing pages, social networks. Payment here is usually not for signs, but for the entire text at once, the price tag can vary from 10 000 to 10 000 dollars for one project .

As we can see, on the Internet, writing texts can be earned in different ways. The ability to master the text is a great skill that will come in handy in your life more than once.

Sites where you can search for writing orders

Work-zilla is a freelance exchange with different tasks and many orders for text of any orientation. To receive orders, you need to pay for a subscription, the price for 1 month is 149 dollars.

Kwork – you can upgrade your profile on the exchange and there will be no end of orders.

Contentmonster.ru is a good exchange for copywriters, I found many candidates for my projects there.

Etxt is also a good exchange.

Advego – here you can search for orders and sell ready-made articles.

Text is a popular service for checking the uniqueness of text; there is also a copywriter exchange.

Textsale – usually there are only cheap texts, if you are a completely newbie, you can start with this exchange.

Workhard is an exchange where you don’t need to look for orders, the service already gives you ready-made tasks.

You can earn on texts: for a beginner 3-5 dollars for 1000 characters, for a professional 10-30 dollars for 1000 characters and above.

8. Freelance income

In a nutshell, freelancing is the provision of digital services on the Internet. Anyone who wants to start making good money, I would recommend starting with freelancing. It can still be fun if you do what you enjoy.

Freelancing allows you to do many things, and unlike the Internet profession (which we will talk about further), freelancing can be engaged in many areas at once.

freelance earnings

I can give my example . I also started with freelancing, at first I did transcription, at the same time I tried myself in writing texts to order, then I was in the role of a site assistant, learned to work in Photoshop, made banners and other work with graphics, then I began to make websites to order, landing pages.

As a result, I stopped at the sites and began to dig deeper into this niche, but at first I tried myself in different directions and no matter what I did, there were always clients and it turned out to make money on it.

Screenshot of my account with Work-zilla , to prove that you can earn money on exchanges


I also advise you not to dwell on simple sites, such as the axle boxes, which I talked about at the beginning, you can’t make serious money there, but it’s real on freelancing.

There are a wide variety of tasks, you can search for them on stock exchanges.

See also a new selection – 20 works on the Internet without attachments (list of 2021)


List of popular freelance exchanges

Work-zilla – many tasks from customers for different services. To receive orders, you need to pay for a subscription, the price for 1 month is 149 dollars.

Kwork is an exchange where you, as a performer, showcase your freelance offers (kwork), and customers buy them.

Fl is one of the first exchanges in the US-speaking segment.

Freelance is the # 1 freelance exchange in Uk.

Freelancer is a freelance exchange in the west, functionality in English.

Upwork is another foreign exchange.

The first two services are better suited for beginners, I advise you to start with them. Work-zilla was my springboard, where I developed a base of first clients and took a lot of orders. Once I even wrote an article for them, you can read it on the Workzilla blog .

Go to these sites right now and see what orders are available.

Examples of quests from Work-zilla


I can talk about freelancing for a long time ? If you have any questions, be sure to ask in the comments.

On freelancing, you can earn at first from 5,000 to 20,000 dollars a month , when you gain experience, then from 30,000 to 100,000 dollars a month .

9. Earning money on online professions

As a shark senses blood in the water and cannot be stopped, so you will smell the first money that you will earn with the help of the Internet. If you take the path of freelancing, then the next logical step is to choose an internet profession.

I already wrote about myself that I chose website creation as my online profession. I make websites to order and at the same time I run a blog that you are reading now.

List of the most popular online professions

  1. Programmer – programming is a very popular area, all top companies need Python specialists, frontend / backend developers, Java, 1C, etc.
  2. Web designer – develops website design, landing pages, banners, business cards, social media covers, etc.
  3. Layout designer – when the website design is ready, it needs to be laid out. This is exactly what the layout designer does.
  4. Copywriter – working with text: articles, landing pages, posts on social networks and everything else where you need a competent text.
  5. Seo-specialist – makes the client’s site appear on the first lines in the search results.
  6. Smm Specialist – Social media advertising specialist.
  7. Directologist is a specialist in setting up contextual advertising.
  8. Internet marketer is a general specialist in Internet advertising.
  9. Video editor – various work with video: editing, effects, sound, etc.

Online profession

How to decide on a profession?

The same principle works here as when choosing an offline profession – until you try, you will not know. I recommend that everyone try doing a little exercise first.

I tried a lot of things in the beginning and the reaction was always different . For example, web design immediately captured me, I could study this direction for hours and understand Photoshop, time flew by imperceptibly, but when I tried to set up Yandex Direct ads, my head could hardly understand everything, simply because I was a creative mindset.

Where to study online professions?

The best way is to go through paid training, where professionals will teach you everything, there is feedback and the possibility of real practice. But you can study it yourself, for any profession there is a lot of information on the Internet, articles and videos.

Schools that teach online professions

Skillbox is a cool school that teaches modern online professions. It is also known for free online training broadcasts on YouTube and a Photoshop battle competition.

Geekbrains.ru is an online platform with courses in many specialties. There is also a section for children and students. Skolkovo participant.

Netology.ru – courses in marketing, design, programming, business and analytics.

Teachline.ru is the brainchild of the Texterra marketing agency. High-quality courses, I advise.

Praktikum.yandex.ru – professional training from Yandex.

With the help of an online profession, you can earn from 2 000 to 30 000 dollars a month .

10. Earnings in offline profession

If you have a skill in real life, then it can also be monetized by looking for clients on the Internet.

It has long been irrelevant to search for clients through advertisements in newspapers and on poles. Instead of this came online message boards and specialized sites, where your potential customers are much more.

If your profession allows you to provide services online, then this is doubly good, you are looking for a client and provide a service without leaving your home.

Examples of professions for working from home

  • teacher, tutor
  • interpreter
  • lawyer
  • accountant
  • doctor

Earning in an offline profession

But there are professions that can only be rendered in person.

  • Repair, construction, husband for an hour, plumber, electrician
  • Beauty services, nails, beautician
  • Auto services
  • Cleaning
  • Nanny
  • Vet clinic
  • Teaching sports, music, drawing
  • Organization of events
  • and many others

You can find clients on the Internet for any profession in the service sector.

There are special sites for searching

Ebay is the most popular classifieds site. Needs no introduction 🙂

OLX is another ad site that has famously burst into the market and became popular.

Hh is a specialized site for job search.

Yandex is a site from Yandex for searching service providers.

Profim is another site that allows you to find clients or performers for various types of work.

Earning in an offline profession depends on many factors: your professionalism, experience, type of profession. Here you do not earn a fixed salary, but get paid for each order.

11. Online assistant

The duties of the online assistant include performing various tasks for which you agree with the employer. Simply put, you take over the entire business routine.

Such tasks can be

  • Sorting mail
  • Moderation of groups in social networks
  • Site Moderation
  • Publishing Posts
  • Planning your calendar
  • Communication with customers
  • other.

online assistant

You can get a job as an assistant to someone whose business or business you are interested in. You will see how everything looks from the inside, you will gain invaluable experience and all this time you will receive payment.

My history

When I was just studying how to make money on the Internet and tried all the methods, I also worked as an online assistant for several months. I then found clients on Work-Zilla and it was my responsibility.

For the first project:

  • Design and publish articles on the site
  • Share them on social media
  • Provide technical support on the site (update plugins, etc.)

I spent 1 hour 4 times a week, the payment was 300 dollars a month.

For the second project:

  • It was necessary to select a picture or news for a post and publish it in a group on Facebook about surfing

I spent 1 hour a week, the payment was 1000 dollars a month.

Clients can also be searched for on freelance exchanges and, as an option, you can work with several at once to earn more.

An online assistant can earn 1,000 – 5,000 dollars a month .

12. Earnings as a call center manager

You can work as a manager on your phone. You will need:

  • or make calls. For example, cold calling with an offer of some services, calls to leads who left an application but did not pay, etc.
  • or receive calls and advise. For example, a food delivery service manager, you take an order and submit it to work at the desired address of the pizzeria.

Call center manager job

Earnings directly depend on your skills, if you just take calls for several hours a day, then earnings will be less, but if you make cold calls and still manage to make sales, then you will earn many times more.

For a call center manager, it is important to be able to speak clearly, in some cases to be stress-resistant.

As a call center manager, you can earn from 2,000 to 6,000 dollars a month .

13. Earnings on your website (webmaster)

My favorite topic 🙂

You can make your website, write articles and make money. The advantage of this method is that there is no earning ceiling, you can earn 10, 100, 500 thousand, a million dollars a month, and yes, there are such sites. The main disadvantage is that the first income will go only after 4-8 months, not everyone has the patience to wait so long.

I recommend starting a website for absolutely everyone. Whatever you do, your site will allow you to get more customers, upgrade your brand, create several sources of income from advertising, affiliate partners and other methods.

Blogging. Money on the site

If you want to learn more about making money on your website , you can subscribe to my newsletter on this page and after subscribing you will have access to the first 10 video lessons from my paid course “Ideal WordPress Site” and plus get a series of 15 letters and bonuses, in which I share various secrets of making money using the site.

To become a successful webmaster and earn good money on the site, you need:

  1. Learn how to make websites and make your first website – follow the link to find a step-by-step instruction on how to create a WordPress website.
  2. Learn how to write articles and write them regularly – follow the link for instructions on how to write SEO articles for a blog.
  3. Study the methods of making money, add advertising and affiliate programs to the site , sell your services .

When your site will bring you regular income, if you want you can sell it. Usually the site is estimated according to the formula: site income per month multiplied by 12/24/36 payback months.

For example, a site brings 50 thousand per month, multiply it by 2 years of payback (24 months) and get the price for such a site 1 million 200 thousand dollars . This is a very real statistic.

On your site, you can earn from 0 to infinity, on average 3,000 – 100,000 dollars per month from one site .

14. Earnings on affiliate programs

The meaning of earning is that you recommend someone’s product, service or service, and if, according to your recommendation, a person makes a payment, then you receive partnership deductions in the amount of 10-60% of the paid amount.

How does a salesperson know that a customer has come from your recommendation? You will be assigned a unique link so that the seller understands that the client came from you.

This is how the affiliate link looks like https://site.com/en/?i=0000 , where the first part of the link is the service itself, in this case hosting https://site.com/en , and the second part /? I = 0000 this is my partner number.

how to make money on affiliate networks

Let’s give real examples right away:

  1. Timeweb hosting – I recommend Timeweb hosting in my articles and courses. he is verified and I trust him. When readers click on my affiliate link and pay for hosting, then I get 40% of the payment, which is equal to 10 dollars from each recommendation.
  2. Templates from ThemeX – I also recommend templates from ThemeX developers and from each sale of a template I get 25%, which is equal to 10-50 dollars from each recommendation.

You can recommend not only web services or products, but also real things, for example, in the online stores Ozon or AliExpress . You will receive a commission on every sale you link. You can recommend training courses and also receive a percentage of sales.

My example . I wrote two articles about WoW and Game of Thrones , where I made a selection of products from Aliexpress that have affiliate links. I earned $ 18 from this + $ 34 more in line .


I wrote articles once, and the income will drip regularly, but what if there are not 2, but 100 such articles? 🙂

And there are thousands of such services, services and goods on the Internet, you just need to find suitable options for your topic and start recommending them.

A quick way to find out if a product has an affiliate program is to go down the site (footer) and find the “Affiliate Program” link. Here is an example from the site WpShop


You can see the list of affiliates that I promote most often on this page .

And an important point . In the end, the end user does not overpay anything, this percentage is paid to you by the seller from his profit. Therefore, advertising of affiliate links does not harm anyone at all, on the contrary, everything wins: the seller received a client, the client received his product / service, you received money for the recommendation.

The best way to promote affiliate networks is to have your own media. It can be a website, blog, YouTube channel, profile on Instagram, VK, TikTok and other social networks, even a promoted profile on the forum can be a source of your referrals.

A referral is a person who followed your affiliate link and made a payment, he is assigned to you and you will receive a percentage of his purchases.

On affiliate programs, you can earn an average of 1,000 – 10,000 dollars per month , depending on your promotion methods, partners, traffic volume.

15. Consulting earnings

If you are a specialist in some niche, you can advise people over the Internet and get paid for it.

The consultation can be paid for every hour or for a specific result.

You can be a consultant absolutely in any niche, the main thing is that you have expert knowledge that would be in demand from other people.

For example, they sometimes write to me with a request to advise on the development of a site and on related topics. I have decided not to conduct paid consultations for now, but I can always tell you for free, you can write your questions in the comments or find me on social networks.

In turn, I once bought a doctor’s consultation on Heliiq , when I urgently needed to find out about my son’s symptoms.

Online consultations

Popular directions in consulting:

  • Business
  • Jurisprudence
  • Accounting services
  • Medicine
  • Relationship
  • Psychology
  • Astrology

On consultations, you can earn in different ways, on average from 500 dollars. in one consultation.

16. Earnings on YouTube channel

Make interesting videos, upload them to YouTube and monetize your views. The more views and subscribers your channel has, the more you will earn.

Income comes from direct YouTube affiliate network, integrations, direct advertising sales, affiliate programs.

I’m sure you know examples of bloggers who are watched by millions and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

An example of a popular channel Revision



You can become a successful blogger in any topic if you bring something new and interesting to your target audience, and you will make videos regularly.

17. Earnings in social networks (Instagram, Vk, Facebook, TikTok)

Surely you are in at least one of the social networks and see how bloggers make money on advertising and integrations. You can do that too, why not.

Money from YouTube

Choose a social network that has more of your target audience and start writing posts, recording videos, and broadcasting live.

I think everyone understands that it is unlikely that you will be able to make money right away on YouTube or social networks. First you need to invest in content, promotion of your brand, and only then the first income will go, a similar approach as we considered when we talked about creating our own website.

The secret of promoting an account on social networks, a YouTube channel or a personal blog

How to create content

Step 1. Choosing a topic

Your media should have a theme. You can’t write about a vegetable garden one day, and about web design the next. If you cannot narrow the topic down, you need to choose at least a direction, for example, fashion, technology, making money on the Internet, cars, etc.

Step 2. Content creation

Invest in content first, then think about income. Depending on the platform, the content will vary. For example, long articles work well on the site (for example, like this one), in social networks such an article simply will not fit, there you need to submit information more locally, and on YouTube it is generally a video format.

Step 3. Promotion

Once you’ve created and published your content, you need to promote it. The main methods of promotion: SEO, buying links to sites or integrating in social networks, retargeting (advertising in social networks), contextual advertising, collaboration, linking between different platforms.

Step 4. Monetization

Have you created content and are able to promote it? Start monetizing it. Sell ​​ads, put affiliate links, sell your products or services.

18. Earnings on the channel in Telegram

Telegram is a messenger, but the principle of work is the same as with social networks, you need to create a channel and make it popular, then you can make money selling advertising or your services.

It is also popular for its functionality, namely the creation of telegram chat bots , on which you can also earn money.


19. Earnings on Yandex Zen

Yandex has its own platform – Yandex Zen , where everyone can blog.

The difference from a personal site is that all you need to do is publish interesting articles or videos, the Zen service will lead your audience to you on its own. Earnings come from ad units that Zen automatically places in articles. Advertising is always on the topic of the article, so readers willingly click on it, you will be charged for this.

Yandex Zen

Popular topics in Zen:

  • Cooking
  • Trips
  • Everyday life
  • Garden
  • Construction
  • Fishing
  • Auto topics
  • Life hacks, do it yourself
  • Cinema
  • Stars

The rules for success are the same here, it is important to regularly publish new unique content.

On Yandex Zen from one channel, you can earn an average of 300 – 5,000 dollars per month from one channel .

20. Streaming

In my youth, I loved online games, but I could not even imagine that you could make good money on it. Streaming is very popular now and is only gaining momentum.

The whole point is that you play a game and broadcast it live, simultaneously comment and answer questions from the chat.

It seems not true, but streams are watched by millions of people, the main audience is of course teenagers.

The most popular streaming platform is Twitch.tv

But it’s not just games that can be streamed. For example, you can show how you are doing some kind of craft, drawing, singing, playing a musical instrument.

Here’s an example, a guy is playing a game and 6600 people are watching this online.

Stream example

But the girl draws with a pencil, there is already a smaller audience, 144 people

Streamer draws

Streamers’ earnings come from several sources:

  • Donations (donations) – regular viewers often send money to streamers, someone for 10-100 dollars, someone sends tens of thousands. Yes, yes, just for the fact that a person is playing a game 🙂
  • Subscription costs $ 5 per month, half of it goes to Twitch, half goes to the streamer. For a subscription, you get a set of emoticons for chat, a special icon next to your nickname and other privileges.
  • Direct advertising – wherever there is an audience, there will be an advertiser. Place banners on the video or in the channel description and get paid for it.

An example where streamer Manurin is sent money to decide which faction he will play for the Alliance or Horde. So far, a total of 13,000 dollars have been sent.


There are many ways to make money streaming, which is difficult to predict.

21. Earnings on games

Games can also be earned in another way, which is called RMT (Real Money Trading), which means the exchange of game currency or services for real money.

I have a friend who makes money just by this. On average, he makes 1000 dollars a day for 4-8 hours of play. Specifically in his case, the essence is that he helps to pump characters of a small level and they pay him virtual money (gold) for this, then he resells this gold to other players who pay him real money 🙂

An example of an online game

The market for gaming services is in great demand and therefore there are special sites that bring sellers and buyers together. One of the most popular is Funpay.ru


Perhaps you also love games, but did not even think that you can make real money on this.

In games you can sell:

  • Help in pumping
  • Dungeon trekking
  • Items
  • Game currency
  • Completing achievements

This is a great way to make money on the Internet for schoolchildren and students.

On online games, you can earn from 20 dollars a day and more.

22. Donates and subscription services

We have already touched upon donations in the paragraph about streaming, but not only streamers can receive such donations.

For example, there is such a service as www.patreon.com , where anyone can support you financially if they subscribe to a paid subscription.

To motivate a person to do this, you can offer something useful in return.


For example, you can be an artist who posts tutorials that are only available by subscription, or a musician who shares his music and creative nuances, a blogger, a photographer. It works for any niche.

Here is a real-life example, Nikita Maklakhov and his podcast “Will Be Done!”, Which I regularly listen to. He is also on Patreon and this is how his page looks like:

Sample Patreon page

Services with a paid subscription

Patreon.com is a popular paid subscription service with an English interface.

Onlyfans is an analogue of the Patreon service, but the interface is in EU/US.

Facebook.com – such an opportunity has also appeared on Facebook, now you can attach the functionality of a paid subscription directly to the social network. I am sure that other social networks will soon make such functionality.

23. Earnings on photos and graphics

There are photo banks (photo stocks) where you can post photos or graphics and get paid for each download. Income directly depends on the number of your materials on the photo bank and the number of downloads.

photo stock

Popular photo banks


If you love taking pictures or drawing, then be sure to try to make money on photo stocks.

This completes the methods of earning money without investment. If you still know real methods of making money on the Internet without investments, then share them in the comments. If you are already making money, share your story, all readers will be interested.

Earnings on the Internet with investments

If you are looking for methods of earning money already with the investment of money, then study in more detail the following 17 methods.

24. Investing in your website

I already wrote about making money on my site, here I want to emphasize that if you start a site with attachments, you will see the result much faster.

For money, you can delegate almost everything related to website promotion. Namely:

  • Collecting the semantic core
  • Writing Articles
  • Promotion. For example, maintaining groups and pages in social networks related to the site, promoting links, ordering advertising, promoting in contextual advertising and much more.

Even if you just invest in writing articles, you can significantly speed up the filling and further promotion of the site.

25. Earnings on the purchase of sites

You do not have to do site promotion from scratch, but buy a ready-made site with a certain traffic and monthly income. A website is an asset that generates regular income. You can buy websites cheaply, maybe add some extras and then get more income from them. Or sell again, but at an order of magnitude more expensive.

This method is more suitable for experienced webmasters who can analyze the site in order to make a profitable purchase.


There is an exchange of sites Telderi.ru , where transactions usually take place. It is better to use such an intermediary so that there is no fraud when buying or selling. Because the sums for the site, as we remember, are in the tens and hundreds of thousands.

26. Resale Domains

You can make money by selling domains.

Domain is the name of the site, in the form of a link, by clicking on which the site is located on the Internet. For example, the domain of my site is investio.pro

How it works?

  1. You can search for interesting domain names
  2. Register them in your name and make a stub where it says that this domain can be bought
  3. Sell ​​them to people who need these domains

There have been cases when domains were sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

For example, the besttraveler.com domain was sold in 2006 for $ 3,000,000 to EU Standard 🙂

This is partly a risky method, because the domains you bought may not be needed by anyone, and you will pay money for their purchase and renewal.

Which domains are in higher demand:

  • Short titles . For example, there used to be Vkontakte.ru, now vk.com. Short domains are easier to remember.
  • Popular words . For example Metro.ru, Money.ru
  • Trending queries . For example, when the whole movement with the coronavirus began, there was a sharp demand for domains with the words “coronavirus”, “covid”, because they began to make thematic sites.

You can check the domain for availability and you can buy them there through the services

Reg.ru is a domain registration service.

Timeweb.ru is a domain registration and hosting service.

27. Your online store

You can create an online store and make money selling goods. The main investments will be in the development of the site itself, the purchase of goods and the promotion of the store. But if all the processes are built correctly, then you can earn good money.

Think, maybe you ever wanted to open your own shop or boutique? Now all this can be done on the Internet. The plus is that there is no need to pay for the rental of premises, sellers, cleaning lady, because the showcase of goods will be on the Internet.

Open an online store

An online store can be done on such platforms

WordPress + WooCommerce store plugin is a pretty popular bundle if you want to create a store on your hosting. The engines themselves are free, but I would recommend choosing a template from the paid options .

OpenCart is a free platform for ecommerce projects.

1C-Bitrix – Bitrix is ​​a popular content management system, this is a whole combine on which you can make a store of any complexity.

Insales is a service for creating online stores, many built-in modules and templates.

28. Earnings on dropshipping

Dropshipping is a light version of the previous version. You can create your own online store, take orders, but the supplier will process the order and issue the goods. Also, you do not need to deal with the storage of goods, the supplier takes care of all this.

Your store will act as an intermediary between the buyer and the supplier. You will sell at the retail price and buy at the wholesale, the percentage of the sale will be your income.

This way of making money is very popular on Instagram.


29. Traffic arbitration

What is traffic arbitrage? In simple terms, you find traffic cheaper and sell it for more.

Let’s give an example right away to make it clearer:

  1. There is a store that sells hoverboards. For the sale of gyro scooters, the store is ready to pay you 3000 dollars for each brought buyer.
  2. You, as an affiliate marketer, start bringing traffic (potential customers who are interested in hoverboards) to the store’s website and you manage to make sales by spending 1,000 dollars per lead (the person who bought). It turns out that your income is 2000 dollars from one client you refer.

That is, you need to look for the cheapest targeted traffic and sell it as profitable as possible to the stores that sell the product.

As a rule, the store already provides a ready-made landing page and processes applications itself, you only need to bring a client in order for him to leave an application.

To engage in arbitration, you need to understand how online advertising works, where it is better to attract traffic, from direct, social networks or teasers. But if you learn to do this, your services will be very popular.

30. Infobusiness

Infobusiness is the sale of information on the Internet. This is mainly training. You can teach anything: how to make a website, how to make more money, how to build family relationships, how to do twine, how to plant tomatoes correctly, and much more. There are many topics and those who want to learn too.

My example . I have a website building course that people buy regularly. I spent time once, in 2 months I recorded and edited the course. Now people go to the blog, buy a course, and I passively earn money from it. And it is good for buyers, they receive unique copyright information and make websites on their own, and I benefit, because I receive passive income.


The course costs 3500 dollars, for 10 sales already 35 thousand. Not bad, right? And if your course will cost more and will have even more sales? And if you do not 1, but 3 courses? The income will be in the hundreds of thousands.

What training format can be sold

  1. Online course – video tutorials on which your screen is recorded, as is the case with my course, or you can record yourself on video if nothing needs to be shown on the screen.
  2. Webinar – you broadcast live to the audience and conduct training.
  3. A series of letters is a series of letters with useful information that are automatically sent to the client.
  4. E-book – You can sell a book electronically.
  5. Consultations – you can call and conduct personal training.
  6. Offline event, training – you can sell tickets online, but assemble the event live.

Money needs to be invested in product packaging, services and promotion. But if everything is adjusted, then you can get a very good income.

31. Producing

If you do not want to be the author of courses, but understand in marketing, then you can become a producer. The bottom line is that you are looking for an author who knows his subject well and can teach it, you help him make his own training product, and you take all the promotion on yourself. Divide the total profit by two.

32. Create a product: application, service, template

You can create a virtual product and make money selling it. It can be anything: an application for a computer, an application or a game for a smartphone, a presentation or website template, a template for photo processing, Instagram masks, VK stickers and much more.

A few examples

  1. In the Themeforest website template store, the top-selling template is Avada . For all the time it has been sold 633,000 times, each copy costs $ 60. If you count, then it turns out that the developers earned $ 38 million from just one template.
    Avada Template
  2. Popular Instagram bloggers who beautifully process their photos sell ready-made photo presets. That is, you have collected a preset once and sell copies of it an infinite number of times. An example of a preset store .
  3. Popular smartphone games like Subway Surfers or Cash of Clans have millions of users. The games themselves are free, but there is the possibility of in-game purchases, on which the developers earn money.

To make decent money on your product, you don’t have to make it top 1. Even those products that are less popular still generate regular income.

Investment of money is needed in product development, promotion and regular improvement.

33. Digital Agency

You can assemble a team of professionals and provide digital services over the Internet.

digital agency

What can a digital agency do?

  1. Creation of sites of different directions: information, online store, landing pages, complex portals, etc.
  2. Various marketing services: SEO promotion, smm, integrated marketing
  3. Graphic services: website design, banners, logos, business cards, etc.
  4. Creating chat bots
  5. Application creation
  6. Video creation
  7. Content creation
  8. and etc.

It is a bit like a freelance service, only on a larger scale. And the earnings are much higher here.

The most striking example of a direct agency in EU/US is the studio of Artem Lebedev. I think you’ve heard of him. You can go to their website and see what services they provide.

34. Buying shares

This is not a new method of making money and has been around since before the internet. I added it to the article because with the advent of the Internet, investing in stocks has become much easier than before. The essence of earning is that you buy shares of different companies and hope that these shares will rise in price, and accordingly, your capital too.

The list of your purchased shares is called an investment portfolio .

Almost every popular bank has its own application where you can buy shares of different companies.

Tinkoff investments

Where can I open an investment account

Tinkoff Investments is an application from Tinkoff Bank.

Sberbank Investor is an application from Sberbank bank.

I think other banks also have their own applications, I just didn’t look.

35. Investing in raw materials

You can invest not only by buying stocks, but also in raw materials such as silver, gold, platinum. This is a more reliable investment method, but the profitability is also lower.


It is best not to store all your eggs in one basket and invest evenly in different sources. You can also invest through your bank’s app.

36. Cryptocurrency

How much noise cryptocurrency made a few years ago. Now the hype around this currency has subsided, but it can also be considered as one of the methods of investing.


Cryptocurrency can not only be bought, but also mined. To do this, you need a powerful computer or a whole network (it is also called a mining farm). But every year it becomes less and less profitable.

Services where you can buy crypto


37. Trading (foreign exchange market)

A complex method of making money, definitely requires knowledge of how to trade correctly in the foreign exchange market. The bottom line is that you buy a currency when it falls in value and sell when it rises in price.

I have a friend who has traded and was generally good at it. But there is always a risk of losing everything, because it is unrealistic to calculate the market 100%.


There are many companies that teach this craft. While you are studying, you can train on a demo account with virtual money, when you feel the strength you can start trading real currency.

38. Notice boards

Every day, thousands of ordinary people buy and sell something on message boards. It turns out that there is good demand, and where there is demand, there you can form a proposal.

The most popular boards are Avito, Yula, Ebay. The essence of making money is on the resale of things. You monitor message boards, buy things that are cheaper than the average market price and then sell them for more.

It is not necessary to buy on message boards either .

I know one case when there was a spontaneous hype on old SEGA consoles like from childhood, and a person just bought them in bulk at some warehouse and sold them at a higher price through message boards.

The income was about 100 thousand dollars in a couple of weeks.


Investments are needed in the purchase of goods, which you will then sell through message boards

39. Network Marketing

Network marketing or MLM is a method of selling goods through distributors to whom the company pays remuneration.

Examples of popular companies that sell their products through network marketing are Oriflame, Avon, Amway, Herbalife and others. You should have heard of at least one.

If you get serious about network marketing, you can make a lot of money. There are many examples of successful people who make money in network companies.

With the help of the Internet, it has become much easier to build a team of networkers in an MLM company. You can advertise your company and conduct interviews without leaving your home.

Earnings per mlm

If you want to try yourself in MLM, then take seriously the choice of the company. Because the most important disappointment is when you try to build your network, advertise the advantages of the chosen company to everyone, and it just goes and closes.

It is better to choose a company that has been on the market for many years and has a physical product.

I have had such a bad experience in the past . There was such a company called Edosh, whose founder eventually threw everyone on money and disappeared. Perhaps you have heard of her? Write in the comments.

40. Cashback

When you buy something online, you can get some of your money back. There are special cashback services for this. To make a return, you need to go to the store you need using a special link through the cashback site.

I use LetyShops.com .

I don’t buy on the Internet often, but even during this time I managed to get back 800+ dollars. As we can see in the screenshot, I mainly order from AliExpress, Mvideo and Eldorado stores.


Not all stores can return cashback, in order to find out for sure, you can install a special extension in the browser and it will show you whether you can use cashback on a certain site or not.

Here’s an example as the extension suggests


41. Investment in training

The best place to invest money is in your education. It always pays off a hundredfold, it has been tested on myself more than once 🙂

And it’s easy to explain why it works like that.

For example, you started with freelancing and write articles to order, it turns out to earn 5-10 thousand a month, but it takes a lot of time, 5-7 hours a day. You can learn how to write more expensive texts to order, during the same time you will receive 20-30 thousand dollars and over time even more when you build up a customer base. Or you decide to write not just texts, but also make prototypes for the site, which is even more expensive.

Online training

As a result, once you pay for training, you regularly start earning more.

Of course, I simplified the scheme, but I think you got the essence.

Schools that teach online professions

Skillbox.ru is a cool school that teaches modern online professions. It is also known for free online training broadcasts on YouTube and a Photoshop battle competition.

Geekbrains.ru is an online platform with courses in many specialties. There is also a section for children and students. Skolkovo participant.

Netology.ru – courses in marketing, design, programming, business and analytics.

Teachline.ru is the brainchild of the Texterra marketing agency. High-quality courses, I advise.

Praktikum.yandex.ru – professional training from Yandex.

In fact, there are many more schools and courses on the Internet, you need to look for the best option for yourself.

Doubtful and risky methods of making money on the Internet

Next, I will describe the dubious, in my opinion, methods. They are dubious because either you can earn scanty money there, spending a lot of time, or there is a high risk of losing money altogether. Use them or not decide for yourself, but it’s definitely worth learning about them in order to have an idea about them.

1. Earnings on viewing ads

There are special sites that offer to install the extension in your browser, it will show commercials or banners and pay money for it. Payment of 1-2 kopecks for each viewing. The earnings are scanty and I would not seriously consider it and waste my time.


Examples of such services


2. Earnings on applications on a smartphone

You can also earn money on your smartphone. Again, there are special sites and applications where you can take tasks that need to be done on your smartphone, for example, install a specific application or download a game and play it for a few minutes, and others. The tasks are not difficult, but the pay is accordingly small.


Links to application sites


I consider such earnings to be dubious, because it turns out to earn very little and it is better not to waste your time.

3. Earnings on captcha input

Captcha is a method of checking whether you are a robot or a human by entering characters or selecting pictures. You can earn money by entering captchas for other people.

You may ask: who needs it anyway? I will answer you what you need 🙂

Most often, these services are needed when using various software. For example, when collecting a semantic core, you need to analyze a lot of queries through Yandex Wordstat and they often ask for a captcha. In order not to enter it yourself, they buy coupons on special sites.

On the same sites, you can work by the person who enters these captchas.


Site where you can work


Earnings on captchas are also scanty, for one captcha they pay from 1 to 10 kopecks. On average, it turns out 30 dollars for 1-2 hours of continuous work. In this regard, transcribing or writing texts will be many times more profitable.

4. Earnings on file hosting

The essence of making money is that you upload some files to a file sharing service, for example a movie, and then promote this link in some way, for example, post it on thematic forums or on your website. And for each download of a file, you get money, from about 20 kopecks to 5 dollars. You pay for the fact that before downloading a person is shown an advertisement and that’s why you get paid for viewing it.

I do not seriously consider this earnings, because there should be a lot of such files or there should be a lot of downloads. That is, you first need to figure out what to upload there, and then figure out how to attract people to this link.

Also, do not forget that uploading files with copyright is prohibited by law. These files include movies, books, songs, etc.

5. Online casino

The casino has been pumping online for a long time. There are many sites where you canto earnleave all your money. Seriously, I don’t know a single person who could make money in a casino. Of course, there are cases of random wins, but as a rule, all the winnings are returned to the casino and lost. There are also stories that say there are people who know how to beat the casino, but I decided for myself that I would not go into this dark topic, I believe that the casino cannot be overplayed.

6. Binary options

Binary options are a mixture of forex and casinos. You are also playing in the foreign exchange market, but you only have 2 choices, you need to determine whether a particular exchange rate will be higher or lower than the original price. On the Internet, there are mostly only negative reviews about this method of earning money, and without knowledge, you shouldn’t go there either.

7. Online poker

Poker, a popular card game that can also be played over the Internet. The rules remain the same as in the offline game, only here each table participant sits at home, you do not need to follow the dress code and monitor your emotions for bluffing, you cannot see this through the screen.

earnings on online poker

I am not saying that playing poker is cheating, compared to the same casino, poker is more likely to win if you are an experienced player. I consider poker to be a high-risk method because it is a gamble and losing all your money in 5 minutes is as easy as shelling pears, especially if you are a beginner.

But if you want to seriously start playing poker, then you better go through the training. Now there are many schools that teach the skills of the correct game.

8. Bets (bookmakers)

Another method of a risky method to make money (and more often to lose money) is betting. You can bet on sports, and there are already sites where you can bet on e-sports (that is, on online games). I myself used to bet a little bit in the hope that I could guess the outcome, but I almost always lost, I know people who still bet 100-500 dollars, but as a rule, they are left with nothing.

Here the rules are the same, it makes sense to place bets only if you are well versed in a particular sport, know the history of the teams, follow each game, know the states of the players, etc. Otherwise, it will be just a lottery for you (guess or not guess).


It seems that it turned out a little negatively about the latest methods, but I’d rather write honestly so that you can approach each option with a sober head and double-check it yourself, than blindly believe some bloggers who praise everything and everyone, if only you would follow their advertising link. and what will happen next with your money is of little concern to them.

But the following methods will be even worse, these are scurrilous scams. Read to know about them and never fall for deception.

Scams on the Internet

1. HYIPs and scams

HYIPs include sites that promise to return a large percentage of your invested money in a short time.

At the beginning of my journey on the Internet, I also fell for such a scam

Then on this project I left 1000 $  and not my own money. Such a project was called WebTransfer, perhaps you know about this? Write in the comments.

At that moment I was very worried, but immediately said for myself that this would be a lesson to me so as not to fall for such projects in the future and never deceive people myself.

And the meaning of the project was simple, you need to invest money, this type of service gives people this money as a microloan at interest and in 2-4 weeks you withdraw them with a large percentage of 50-100% per month. First, I invested $ 50, doubled the amount and withdrew $ 100. At that moment I thought that I had found a gold mine, borrowed $ 1000, also invested and … I did not receive anything back. Because this is what such HYIPs are designed for.

Scams are the same services that eventually close down and deceive their depositors. Now there are more and more such stories on the Internet, for some reason people do not learn from the mistakes of others and climb there themselves.

2. Doubtful games

There are many websites that promise big money just by playing games. This is also a deception. You can earn money on such sites only if you attract other players (referrals) who invest money there and you get a percentage from this money. That is, a simple pyramid dressed in a game.

But the sites themselves do not write about this or write in small print somewhere on the tenth page, where not everyone will reach.

One of such projects is rich-birds.com where supposedly you just need to collect and sell eggs for silver and exchange this currency for real money. People believe in this, in order to make eggs faster, they buy birds for real money, and then they cannot bring anything out.

Cheating site

I wrote a separate article about this method of deception, you can read the link .

3. Bad courses, training

Above, I wrote that one of the methods to invest money on the Internet is in your education. But unscrupulous people are also trying to make money on this. They do this by recording low-quality training or often just nonsense and sell it to gullible people.

Why is it being bought? They make a beautiful description, promise a lot of money, buy video reviews where people say that “yes, I earned 10 thousand dollars for 3 hours of work using this Vasya’s course” (such a review can be bought for 100 dollars on the same Work-Zilla).

Be careful and double-check the training you intend to buy.

My scheme of making money on the Internet

For 6 years of work on the Internet, I have found for myself the most convenient way of earning money.

Step 1: Get Skills

At first, I learned various skills: writing text and SEO articles, processing videos, processing photos / pictures, creating websites, promoting websites.

Step 2: Apply on other people’s projects

I could not do my projects right away, because I needed money for life. Therefore, at first I practiced skills on other people’s projects, that is, I was just a freelancer who does some kind of work on the Internet for money.

Step 3: Your projects

I understood that all my life I didn’t want to work for someone and I needed to do my own business. I analyzed what I like the most and decided that I would make my own sites and earn money on them. This is how my first project investio.pro appeared.

Step 4: Earning from multiple sources

I decided not only to create several sites, but also to receive income from several sources from each site, thereby I diversify income and the risk of losing everything at once becomes less and less. Earnings from sites come from:

  • partners
  • direct advertising
  • contextual advertising
  • mailings
  • courses
  • I also sometimes continue to make websites to order

So far, this scheme suits me completely. Income can be of any scale, it depends on how many sites I have and how well I promote them.

If you also want to learn how to make websites, then I can offer my own course, for more details follow the link .


In conclusion, I have two requests for you:

  1. After reading, try to immediately apply the information received, choose one or several methods that you like the most, and earn your first money today.
  2. If, in your opinion, I missed any of the methods or you need advice, feel free to write in the comments about it.

Thank you for reading to the end, see you in the next articles.

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