3 reasons to skip the quick wash cycle

The quick wash mode can be found in any modern washing machine. At first glance, it is very practical, as it saves both time and energy. In addition, a shorter wash cycle means less wear and tear on internal parts, which can extend the life of the appliance. Unfortunately, this barrel of honey was not without a fly in the ointment, and therefore, when using this mode, you need to keep in mind a few things, which are discussed below.

Not for all fabrics

Quick wash is always an “intensive” mode, and therefore it is not suitable for things made of wool or thin, delicate fabrics. For them, washing machines have separate modes (“delicate wash”, “wool”, etc.), which just do not differ in particular speed.

Not for towels

Towels, bedding and other things that can absorb water well are not recommended to be washed in a fast mode in order to preserve the washing machine itself. Before washing, water is drawn into the m, which towels successfully absorb. This is not a problem for the standard mode, but when you turn on the fast mode, the washing machine does not have enough time to evenly distribute the towels in the m.

As a result, wet towels gather in a lump and turn into a weighty projectile that will beat against the walls of the m with great force. Because of this, the wash cycle will be noisier than usual at best. In the worst case, the washing machine may be damaged. It is especially strating that this may cause water leakage. Thus, if used incorrectly, the quick wash mode does not extend the life of the machine, but has the opposite effect.

Low efficiency

Reducing the time spent on washing inevitably affects efficiency: complex stains simply do not wash out, and repeated washing completely eliminates all the “economics” of the fast mode. However, few people expect that in 15 – 30 minutes they will be able to get rid of difficult stains, but this is not the only problem.

The reduction in the duration of washing in the fast mode is achieved in part by reducing the time to heat the water. Therefore, most washing machines will not allow you to set the temperature above 30°C or 40°C when you select the fast mode. At such low temperatures, tissue is less damaged, but bacteria and dust mites are not destroyed.

If you wash things all the time in a fast mode, then over time an unpleasant musty smell will appear from the washing machine. It occurs due to the accumulation of bacteria on the walls of the m andbber seals. To avoid this, wash at high temperatures at least once every few weeks.

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