10 TWS Earbuds On the Sale 2022

10 Interesting Best Sellers TWS Earbuds On The Sale 2022 From Aliexpress.

The topic contains headphones that will cost less, since the prices of Black Friday are lower (not counting the fact that prices rise before the sale). I am sure that you have heard about most of the models, since the products are extremely popular, because they combine all the best at the lowest cost, so I described the main pros and cons.


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Not to say that it is a very popular, but extremely interesting hybrid model with water protection and good autonomy. What’s interesting is the sound, there are more directions for bassheads. A huge plus, especially considering the cost, is support for APTx, which is rare in budget models (apart from some models from Tronsmart, Ugreen and Haylou). Total: controversial design, protection from water and dust, excellent autonomy and sound, which greatly emphasize the low frequencies

Honor Moecen Earbuds x1 — Honor choice

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An interesting almost novelty that looks very similar to the popular Apple Airpods Pro. What is good about the copy — a nice appearance (purely individual), excellent microphones with noise cancellation, the autonomy of the headphones themselves is about 6 hours without recharging the case (and with it — more than 22), the frequency response, close to the reference (a distinctive feature is not the best mid frequencies )


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Budget headphones from the well-known Chinese company EDIFIER. Successful model. Disadvantages of the model: fit not for all ears, far from the best microphone, charging via micro-usb port. Pros: very high quality sound, Apt-x support, huge autonomy (24 hours with a case), IPх5 protection. At such a modest price — a great choice

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots 2

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Some of the most popular TWS earbuds, if not the most popular, as they successfully came out some time after the Apple Airpods. Not the best ears, especially in sound. But otherwise pretty good — good autonomy, mechanical control. The best part is the extremely low price.

Tronsmart Spunky Beat

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The model that I have been using for over 6 months on a daily basis. An excellent model with excellent sound that “rocks”, a convenient USB cable with which you can always charge the case, with excellent connection (there were no cases when the connection was interrupted) and also an extremely convenient form. Of the minuses of the model, I can note the touch control (to which I could not get used to) and the microphones are not of the best quality, sometimes people complained about the sound when I was outside.


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Another copy of Apple Airpods, but now not the Pro version. Before buying, it is important to understand that in-ear headphones sound different (in most cases not for the better). But this model is extremely highly praised, especially considering that there are practically no normal analogs of wireless headphones from the Cupertin company. Of the advantages — autonomy up to 25 hours, low latency in sound transmission (important in online games), as well as charge indication + charging via type-c

Mifa X8

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The model is very popular, but extremely controversial, since it has many pluses (the sound is very good, it is better when compared with haulou gt2, despite the lack of support for the APTx codec. Extremely convenient form of the case), and minuses (extremely low autonomy (although it will be enough for most, but it should be borne in mind that over time the battery decreases its capacity. Port for charging micro-usb) approximately 3–4 hours on a single charge of the earphone). The model, as for me, is more focused on girls.

Haylou GT1 Plus

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Probably after Xiaomi Redmi Airdots, the most famous Chinese TWS headphones. Unlike Airdots, these have better parameters on all fronts: much better sound, more autonomy, Aptx support, a more ergonomic shape, for a modest $ 5 surcharge. The downside is the outdated micro usb charging port. Definitely my advice to choose these, one of the best (not counting those that are higher) headphones for your $ 20

Baseus WM01 Plus

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Bombshell ears with an incredible amount of pros and 1 minus. A distinctive feature is a huge autonomy (5 hours of headphone charge, with a fantastic 50 case!), An incredibly convenient case — there is both an indication of the charge of the case itself and how many hours the earphone will play. In addition, the advantages include the successful shape of the headphones, namely, their ergonomics, it is great. And finally — the sound, namely that the model sounds decent (the usual V-shaped frequency response for these models), but due to the fact that there is no support for Apt-X, the sound is poor compared to models with the aforementioned codec. In general, the model is wonderful

Best Sellers #1 — Ugreen HiTune

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The best headphones of the entire collection. For this price, they simply have no drawbacks. The model, although a little more expensive than its predecessors, is 3 heads higher than them in all respects: autonomy (the charge of the 1st earphone is enough for an incredible 9 hours of playback, with a case — up to 25), sound (excellent, cast presentation with powerful bass, at the same time, the middle here, surprisingly, is quite flat. The top is a little softened. The result is a cool driving sound that can be compared with models that cost much more), the ergonomics are also good, the case itself is small, like the headphones, are located in the ear extremely comfortable (although it may seem large).

That’s all, happy shopping!

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