10 Cheap Useful Tools For Men From Aliexpress

10 inexpensive but useful tools for men from AliExpress for repair and everyday life, which may be new to you.

Today we will look at an interesting ten inexpensive but useful men’s tools from AliExpress for repair and everyday life that you might not know about. I think that some of the tools will indeed be new to you.

And here you will find a section with cheap tools from AliExpress, where you can buy the necessary device with a good discount.


Tool for stripping and sanding walls


A device for removing old putty from the walls will become an indispensable tool for both cosmetic and overhaul of an apartment or other room. The main working element is a wide rotating reel with cutting elements cutting into the wall. For the convenience of guiding the instrument along the wall, two large handles are provided. An outlet for a vacuum cleaner is also provided, which will minimize the amount of construction dust.

Silicone Sealant Gun Tips


A set of silicone tips that works well with most types of sealants, silicones, resins, mortars and more. It can be widely used to fill joints, seams, crevices and other spaces requiring sealing. The set includes 3 nozzles of different rounding diameters, which makes it possible to work with different seams. The special design ensures that the sealant is smoothed out during
its exit from the tube, which will save you time, since the work will be done twice as fast. The set also includes a special scraper for finishing seams and removing the old coating.

Thermal drills


Unusual drills that have a minimal effect on metal with their cutting properties. The fact is that such drills carry out thermal effects to a greater extent and literally melt the metal at the point of application of force. When the tool is in operation, the metal is displaced and forms an inner flange around the drilled hole, which in turn can be threaded. The drills themselves are made of tungsten carbide and can withstand very high thermal loads.

Spatula with wax composition


If you find damaged areas on the surface of the flooring, you can simply fill them with the wax composition from which these repair pencils are made. With the help of a heating device, wax of various colors is melted and mixed, then smoothly worn to the areas to be repaired. Excess filler is removed with a special spatula. The floor surface is not affected. The presence of pencils of several colors will allow you to most accurately select a shade for repairing coatings of any color.

Drill corkscrews


You can work with cork drills in soft and hard wood, as well as on chipboard, rough plywood and other wood-based materials. The tool allows you to make even identical holes for the screws, as well as get a large number of plugs and plugs. The plugs obtained thanks to the “plug cut” can be used in different ways. For example, for bolts that need to be sunk in wood, ornamental filling of holes or for creating various crafts to decorate the interior.

Find hidden wiring indicator


Devices for detecting hidden wiring are a useful tool for electricians or just home use if you like to do housework yourself. When disassembling or
drilling a hole in the wall, it will be very dangerous to stumble upon a running wire, to prevent this, you can use the indicator to detect hidden wiring from AliExpress. The indicator is suitable for detecting voltages from 90 to 1000 volts. If voltage is present, an audible signal sounds and the LED lights up. The device is powered by two 3A batteries.

Flat self-adhesive copper cable


Conductor made of oxygen-free copper on a flat adhesive base with a cross section of 0.25 square millimeters. The cable can be cut at any place convenient for you. The range of applications is very large. From acoustic systems to the repair and refinement of remote control cars. It is used to power low-voltage devices with amperage up to 3 A. You can order a conductor tape with a length of 2 to 30 meters. Testimonial: “Cool thing, stretched out to the backlight in the kitchen is absolutely not noticeable!”

Manual mechanical pump

The mechanical hand pump is an excellent device for pumping water, fuel oil and other liquid from one container to another. The device consists of a metal housing with an impeller, a pile to give rotation and several extension pipes. The pump is capable of pumping up to 22 liters of liquid per minute. If desired, the pump can be motorized by removing the handle and connecting a screwdriver or electric motor to it.

Compact inclinometer with level


Finally, a compact inclinometer with a built-in bubble level. The dimensions of the device are 100x41x16 millimeters. If necessary, you can even put it in your pocket. The digital angle meter has automatic position orientation. All information is displayed on the display, it also has up and down arrows that reflect the movement of the device relative to the plane. Testimonial: “The product is good, the only drawback is that there is no built-in magnet for fastening to met. surface.

That’s all, happy shopping! 

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