10 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Every Wallet 2022

Choosing a best Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Every Wallet 2022. Review and Compassion. Including speech and robotic vacuum cleaners, which are designed to make our life easier and get rid of cleaning hated by many. In our imagination, we draw a picture of where we lie on the couch while the robot cleans the house for us, first vacuuming it, and then wiping the floor with a damp cloth. This is all true, of course, but it is important to consider a couple of important points. First: sometimes you still have to clean up, because robots are designed to maintain cleanliness, but of course they will not cope with general cleaning. The second point is that a good vacuum cleaner cannot cost less than $150, and I’m talking about Aliexpress, where the equipment is much cheaper than in local electronics supermarkets. No, you can of course buy a robot vacuum cleaner for $100 and even cheaper, only from the robot vacuum cleaner it will be just a shell. But in reality it will be a stupid piece of plastic that blindly pokes around the apartment and is not able to remove anything due to the weak suction power. Today’s selection consists of the most popular and various cost models that have already won the trust of users.

Liectroux C30B

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The model has been on sale for more than 1.5 years and during this time has managed to recommend itself well: thousands of sales and 98% of positive reviews will confirm this. On the one hand, the robot is very simple, on the other — reliable. Of the advantages, I will highlight: 2 types of cleaning (dry and wet), 2 side brushes + turbo brush, suction power 3000 Pa. Also note the intuitive application and cheap consumables.

Liectroux X6

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Since we started talking about the Liectroux brand, I cannot fail to mention their yet another extremely useful robot — Liectroux X6. The robot sticks to the glass and washes windows where you could not physically reach. Those who have large panoramic windows and French balconies will understand what I’m talking about. Risking your life by leaning out of the window is a stupid idea, but ordering a window cleaning is expensive. The robot will wash everything with sufficient quality and most importantly for free. There is manual control and 2 automatic modes. Automatic cleaning speed — 1 square meter in 2.4 minutes.

Xiaomi Mi Mijia 1C


Xiaomi Mi Mijia 1C is perhaps one of the best robots in the middle price segment. The suction power of 2500 Pa ensures good cleaning quality, and the perfectly designed smartphone application puts the model on a par with more expensive models. The application has: virtual walls and restricted areas, you can adjust the suction power and, accordingly, the noise, as well as the intensity of the water supply during wet cleaning. Among other things, the robot is able to store a map of the area in its memory, which improves the quality and increases the speed of subsequent cleaning. In shortcomings, only one side brush is often attributed to him, but the main thing is not the quantity, but the quality of cleaning, and with this Mijia 1C has no problems.


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The real hit of 2021 and in my opinion this is one of the best models without lidar — ABIR X6. Suction power 3200 Pa, wet cleaning with adjustable water supply intensity, spacious container for water and a tank for water. To navigate the robot in the room, a triple system SLAM, VSLAM and a camera are used, which helps the robot to identify objects in space and clean more accurately, without bumping into furniture and obstacles. The application also did not disappoint: storing maps in memory, virtual walls and the allocation of zones for cleaning and its exclusion. The robot’s firmware is constantly being updated, introducing innovations, for example, relatively recently, support for voicing its actions and errors in different languages, including English, has appeared.

MiJia Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Another robot from MiJia, but with a lidar. Lidar is a laser navigation system that allows you to instantly scan the area around and build a route just on the go, avoiding various obstacles and furniture. Robots with lidar make high-quality and conscious cleaning, without missing a centimeter of the floor. One of the advantages is the low noise level, as well as the battery life from one battery charge up to 120 minutes. The robot can be controlled remotely using the proprietary Mi Home application. The disadvantages include the lack of wet cleaning.

Abir X8

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The Abir X8 is the company’s flagship model, whose offline counterparts cost about twice as much. If you want a truly smart, high-quality, but at the same time relatively inexpensive vacuum cleaner, take a closer look at this model. Japanese NIDEC brushless motor with maximum suction power up to 2500Pa, high static pressure air duct, main V-brush and variable speed side brushes. Large 600 ml trash can + 350 ml electric pump water tank. Laser navigation system Lidar + SLAM navigation + TOF boundary sensors + mechanical sensors. Building maps and storing them in memory with subsequent updating when changes are made. It is possible to switch between different maps, i.e. it can be used in houses with more than one floor.


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If you liked the previous model, but think it’s expensive, look at the simpler NEATSVOR X500. There is no lidar here and the initial navigation with building maps takes a little longer, but after the initial rendering of the room, the robot vacuum cleaner feels like a fish in water. The suction power is at the level of 3000 Pa, there is a replaceable water tank (wet cleaning) and control of its supply.

Roborock S5 Max


A premium robot that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding user. On a full charge, it can clean up to 250 square meters. The main feature is that, unlike previous models, the robot can simultaneously vacuum and wash floors. You do not need to change containers and attachments, just indicate in the application where he does not need to wash the floor (for example, so as not to wet the carpets) and he will do the rest himself. You can save multiple maps, as well as enter settings individually for each room, for example, select the water level and suction power. The suction power is 2000 Pa, but in this case you can be sure that the numbers are not taken from the ceiling and correspond to reality. Even if you look at the statistics,

Roborock S6 MaxV


This is a very expensive robot that is the embodiment of the advanced technology used in modern vacuum cleaners. I included it in this selection for fun, because very few people can afford it. What is it good for? Believe it or not, besides the lidar, the robot has a dual front camera, which allows it to recognize objects on the floor and go around them. This solution eliminates unpleasant situations such as entanglement in wires, damage to fragile objects and smearing of pet excrement on the floor. In addition, the robot has become the most powerful in the Roborock line, with a suction power of 2500 Pa. The robot supports dry and wet cleaning at the same time, is able to work with many cards and is suitable for multi-storey buildings (it can determine which floor it is on).

Happy Shopping 2022!

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